Maverick TV Repo is no longer available. We will keep you updated. Meanwhile, check our Best Working Kodi Addons from different repositories

Maverick TV Kodi is one of the most popular Kodi add-on for stream movies, TV shows, and Live TV. However, the add-on developer decided to quit the game following the arrest of a Kodi add-on developer made by the officers at North West Regional Organised Crime Unit, UK. The developer was tracked down from his IP address as it was left vulnerable and was not protected at all. This is why using the best VPN for Kodi is always recommended when opting for such add-ons.

Soon after this arrest, several Kodi add-on developers received legal notices and they were forced to shut down their respective Kodi add-ons. Maverick TV Kodi add-on developer is among these Kodi developers. Since then, numerous Kodi users have reported Maverick TV Kodi not working issues.

Maverick TV Shutdown

The developer of Maverick TV Kodi add-on announced its shut down through his Twitter account:

Maverick repo shutdown

Since then, the developer has changed the name of his account as well as its nature. A twitter user recently tweeted asking the developer about his add-on being online and he replied like this:

Maverick Kodi not working

Such crackdowns have increased over the past few months and it seems like that the anti-piracy trolls are on some serious hunt. Many third-party Kodi add-on developers are being cautious, as the tides are high right now.

Maverick TV Repo Not working

Soon after the announcement made by Maverick addon Kodi developer, the add-on service was terminated. Even the Maverick repository was taken down and its source URL is no longer accessible.

Reports are that some of the Kodi users are still able to access this add-on (users that had it installed already). However, the add-on and its repository are no longer available for downloading and installation.

Kodi Maverick Failed to install Dependency

Kodi Maverick Failed to install a Dependency error is something that many Kodi users trying to install this add-on will be facing now. The main reason behind this error is a problem with the repository, as Kodi installer fails to detect or download the repository from the specified source URL or if the repository downloaded, has become obsolete.

The best way to get rid of this error is to use an updated repository but in this case, Maverick repo has been shut down. Therefore, it is better to choose a different repository or wait and see if the Maverick repo and Maverick TV add-on reappears. It has been noticed in the past that many add-ons and repositories shut down but the they reemerge through different URLs or through different repositories.

Maverick TV Kodi Failed to Install

If you had the Maverick Kodi repository installed already and you try installing the Kodi Maverick addon, it will not install. An error stating “Failed to install” will pop-up because the add-on has become obsolete now.

Therefore, I’d recommend you to opt for an alternative add-on from the best Kodi add-ons for streaming movies and TV shows.

Maverick TV Alternatives

These are my top 1o alternative recommendations for Maverick TV:

  1. Exodus 8.0 (New Exodus add-on)
  2. Placenta
  3. Yoda
  4. Neptune Rising
  5. The Magic Dragon
  6. DeathStar
  7. GAIA
  8. Uranus
  9. Gurzil
  10. Scrubs V2


Maverick TV Kodi addon has served well in the Kodi community for a few years but its certain demise is surely shocking. The add-on had high potential and many Kodi users who love binge watching loved this add-on because it had the latest content and a vast library.

Kodi community has been facing a lot of heat lately and there is no doubt that such crackdown will increase in time. That is because the anti-piracy authorities are now much more serious in shutting such illicit activities for good. Not just the developers but also the users who are using such third-party Kodi add-ons are also at risk.

The risk stands because people do not consider taking necessary steps to protect their privacy from the authorities as well as the hackers. Leaving themselves vulnerable is why such crackdowns have risen in the first place. This is why I recommend users to use the best VPN for Kodi and stream without any fear or hassle.