How to Install Kodi on Amazon Fire TV/FireStick – Easy Guide

Kodi being the free open source software can be installed on Amazon Fire TV/Fire Stick. Upon the installation of Kodi on Fire TV/Fire Stick, you will be able to stream tons of movies and TV shows directly on to your Amazon Fire TV/Fire Stick. We provide step-by step guide on how to install Kodi on Fire TV/Fire Stick.

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How to Install Kodi Krypton Version 17 on Amazon Fire TV/ Fire Stick

Before installing Kodi Fire TV 2017 on Amazon Fire TV/ Fire Stick, you need to create your Amazon account and connect to a Wi-Fi. The entire list of steps have been provided below:

  1. Enable apps from unknown sources. Settings > Device > Developer Options > Apps from unknown to install kodi on amazon fire tv
  2. Download ES File Explorer. Got to Home Screen > Search > Type ES (Space) Explore > Click on the ES Explore > Download > to install kodi on amazon firestick
  3. Expand Favorites at the left hand side > Click on Add > A box will pop up > Type > Press Next > Type the Name e.g. ‘New Kodi’ > Press Next > Press to setup kodi krypton version 17 on amazon fire tv
  4. Got to Favorites again > scroll down and click ‘New Kodi’ > Click on ‘More’ icon located at the bottom of the screen > Click ‘Open in Browser’ > A pop-up box will open that will read ‘Open with ES Downloader’ > Press Just Once > It will start to setup kodi krypton version 17 on amazon firestick
  5. Open Downloaded File > Click Install > Press Open

kodi final step fire tv


How to Install Kodi Jarvis Version 16 on Amazon Fire TV/Fire Stick

  1. Launch Fire TV/Fire Stick > Go to Settings > System > Scroll down to Developer Options > ‘Turn ON’ ADB to install kodi jarvis version 16 on amazon fire tv
  2. Go back to Home Screen > Click on Search > Type ‘ES (Space) Explorer > Click Download > Click to install kodi jarvis version 16 on amazon firestickOpen Es Explorer > Click ‘Favorites’ present at the left side of your screen > Click Add>  Pop-up box will appear type > Type the name e.g. Kodi16 > Click Add > Scroll down and click ‘Kodi16’> It will start to setup kodi jarvis version 16 on amazon fire tv
  3. Open File > Install > Open Kodi and Enjoy!

kodi firestarter


Kodi Fire TV/ Fire Stick Add-Ons

Amongst the pile of various Kodi Fire TV add-ons, some stands as the most popular while others remain to be highly relevant to potential Kodi users. Kodi Fire TV add-ons are in a state of constant change where old ones are replaced with the new.

To consider all-time popular Kodi Fire TV add-ons, we discuss Xstream Kodi Fire TV add-on and Kodi Fire TV Exodus add-on (Check out the 23 best kodi krypton addons). Each of their install guides are provided below:


How To Install Xstream on Kodi Fire TV

Xstreme Kodi is a Kodi Fire TV/Fire Stick add-on which has a unique set of characteristics and features than other Kodi add-ons for fire tv. With Xstream Kodi Fire stick add-on, you can watch movies, TV shows, and other entertainment packages from 9 different websites on your Amazon device.

Here is the guide to install Xstream Kodi add-on on Fire TV/Fire Stick:

  1. Launch Fire TV/Fire Stick > Click Kodi to install x-stream on kodi fire tv
  2. Click on Setting on the Home Screen > File Manager > Double click Add Source > Type URL from this link > Click OK > Type the name repository.xstream > Click Done.x-stream on kodi fire stick add file source
  3. Go back to Home Screen > Click Add-ons > Click on the box icon on top left of the screen > Install from zip > Fusion > Kodi Repos > English >Download Thisx-stream zip file
  4. Now select Install from repository >  The Mister Repository > Video Add-ons > Xtream > Install.x-stream on kodi we are gone forever
  5. Go to Home Screen > Add-ons > Video Add-ons > Xtream.x-stream setup kodi fire tv


How To Install Exodus on Kodi Fire TV

Exodus is probably the most popular Kodi add-on for Fire TV/Fire Stick that shows a variety of movies and TV programs. Users prefers Kodi Fire TV Exodus add-on on above all the others offered played on amazon devices.

If you need to install Kodi Fire TV Stick Exodus add-on, follow the first two initial steps as described in the above Xstream Kodi Fire TV setup.  While the remaining steps are provided below:

  1. Home Screen > Add-ons > Click on the box icon on top left of the screen > Install from zip > Fusion > Kodi Repos > English > repository.exodus-1.0.1.ziphow to install exodus addon on kodi amazon fire tv
  2. Install from Exodus > Exodus Repository > Video Add-ons > Exodus > Installhow to install exodus addon on kodi amazon fire stick
  3. Home Screen > Add-ons > Video Add-ons > Exodusexodus addon setup on kodi amazon fire tv
  4. Enjoy movies, TV shows, and channels for absolutely Free!!

exodus setup kodi addon on amazon firestick


Kodi Fire TV vs Kodi Fire Stick

Although both devices have similar features , but when Kodi is installed in either the Fire TV or Fire Stick there is a slight difference.

In that regard, Kodi Fire TV have a slight upper hand over Kodi Fire Stick. It takes fewer seconds for Kodi Krypton version 17 to install on Fire TV, whereas, in the case in the case of downloading Kodi on Fire Stick it can take about a minute to complete installation.

amazon kodi firetv vs kodi firestick

The same case occurs when downloading Kodi add-ons on either the Fire TV or Fire Stick. While comparing the features between Fire TV vs Fire Stick, Fire TV is a 4.5*4.5 inch square device, whereas, Fire Stick is a vertical tiny little stick.

Both devices have the capacity to access a variety of channels and keeps the same track for your video quality. However, Fire TV is a versatile devise as compared to Fire Stick because it has HDMI, power ports, Ethernet port, digital audio port, and a memory slot. In that case Fire Stick only have HDMI and USB port.

Being a versatile device, Kodi Fire TV is the best choice over Fire TV Stick.


How to Update Kodi on FireStick and Fire TV

With quick developments in Kodi and Firestick there needs to be an urgency to update kodi on FireStick or Fire TV. With different versions from 15 to the latest Kodi 18 Leia version, you will need to update your device. You can easily learn how to update kodi on firestick with our extensive guide with 3 different methods.


Fire TV Kodi YouTube Guides

There are tons of YouTube videos available showing the guide for Fire TV/Fire Stick Kodi. YouTube guides on the internet can help beginners on how to install Kodi on Fire TV. A step-by-step guide on YouTube is often a better choice for rookies.


How to Install Kodi Fire TV Guru Build

  1. Launch Kodi Krypton version 17 > Settings > File to install kodi fire tv guru build
  2. Double click on Add Source > Enter the link where it says <None> Click OK > Type the name ‘ftg’ > Hit to install kodi firestick guru build
  3. Home Screen > Add-ons > Click the box icon above > Install from zip file > ftg > guru build on kodi fire tv
  4. Install from repository > Fire TV Guru Repo > Program Add-ons > Fire TV Wizard > Install.setup guru build on amazon fire stick wizard
  5. Go to Home Screen > Add-ons > Program Add-ons > Fire TV Wizard > Click on Builds that you want to install > Enjoy.


Best Kodi Fire TV Stick Builds

Kodi fans may be familiar with all of its popular Builds, but they are less familiar with the Kodi Builds that are specifically for Fire TV Stick. The best Kodi Fire TV Stick builds are discussed below:


No Limits Magic Build

It hasn’t taken so much time for this Build to become popular in the midst of Kodi fans. It has a dedicated Fire Stick Build, which has a nice layout, and even better kodi fire tv add-ons that are installed and ready for use.

best kodi amazon fire tv stick builds

Asection is designated for movies, TV shows, and music for kids. So, everything you need is at your arm’s length with this Kodi Fire TV Stick Builds.


Wookie Lite

Wookie Lite Kodi Fire TV Stick never fails to disappoint its fans due to its fast and smooth running on the Fire TV Stick. This Build has so much to offer to its fans because it contains popular fire tv kodi add-ons such as Sports Devil, BB football scores, UFC Finest, Teevie, UK Turk, and many more.

wookie lite amazon fire stick kodi build


Hyper TT Fire Stick

Another Kodi Fire TV Stick Build that wouldn’t fail to spoil the fun for Kodi fans who likes to watch movies and TV shows non-stop. You can binge-watch an entire episode of TV shows with ease due to its easy navigation and layout. Through various genres, movies and TV shows can be located at ease.

hyper tt amazon firestick kodi build

Another Kodi Fire TV Stick Build that wouldn’t fail to spoil the fun for Kodi fans who likes to watch movies and TV shows non-stop. You can binge-watch an entire episode of TV shows with ease due to its easy navigation and layout. Through various genres, movies and TV shows can be located at ease.


How to Use Keymaps and Fire TV Remote on Kodi

Kodi Fire TV remote is easier to use than it may seem. There are fewer buttons installed in the Kodi Fire TV remote with clear indications and logos embedded on top of those buttons. The new Fire TV remote contains 6 buttons and 1 circular button.

How to Use Keymaps and Fire TV Remote on kodi

The circular button contains 4 keys i.e. Up, Down, Left, Right. The other six button present at the bottom includes from top left to right, ‘back’ button, ‘home’ button, ‘main menu’ button, ‘rewind’ button, ‘play and pause’ button, and ‘fast forward’ button.


How to Update Kodi Fire TV

In order to download latest Kodi add-ons and to work smoothly on a Fire TV device, Kodi Fire TV update is necessary. For installing update, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Open Fire TV > Click on Device > Developer Options > Turn ON apps from unknown to update kodi on fire tv
  2. Go to Fire TV Home Screen > Click Search tab > Type ‘Downloader’ to find a downloader application > Download > to upgrade amazon fire tv on kodi
  3. Type the URL > Click Download > A box will pop-up that will ask for your response on downloading new Kodi version. Move your cursor down and click Install >You will have the following screen.

how to get new fire tv version on kodi


How to Speed Up Kodi Fire TV Buffering

Kodi Fire TV users often questions regarding buffering problems in their Amazon device. Most buffering problems go away when you upgrade to the latest version of Fire TV. However, despite this fact, we have provided two ways where you can speed up Kodi Fire TV buffering. One is the easy while the other is a bit complicated way. Try both to speed up the buffering.


Process 1: Enable Hardware Acceleration

This is an easy way of speeding up Kodi Fire TV buffering.

  1. Launch Kodi on Fire TV > Settings > Player to speed up kodi fire tv buffering
  2. Click on the bottom left icon and change it to ‘Expert’ > Now place your mouse over Videos > Change Enable HQ scalers for scaling above option from 20% to 0% > Enable ‘Allow Hardware Acceleration option.

how to fix kodi fire tv slow streaming


Process 2: Installing Ares Project

Now coming to a complicated process, you have to install Ares Project on Kodi for boosting up your Kodi Fire TV buffering. Here are the steps:

  1. Launch Kodi > Settings > File Manager > Double click ‘Add Source’ >Type the link it says <None> Type the name ‘Magic’ and hit OK tv kodi ares project
  2. Go back to Kodi Home Screen > Click Add-ons > Click on the small box icon on the top left > Install from zip file > Click on Magic >repository.aresproject and press OK,while the installation will begin.ares project addon kodi fire tv
  3. Install from repository > Ares Project > Program Add-ons> Ares Wizard > Install.ares wizard on kodi fire tv
  4. Go back to Home Screen > Add-ons > Program Add-ons > When you click on Ares Wizard, another download will start > A screen will appear.ares wizard tweaks
  5. Click ‘Tweaks’ in the upper tabs > Click on Advanced Settings > Click Next > Generate Settings > Recommended Settings > Apply These Settings.ares wizard buffer mode
  6. Ares Wizard has the ability to recommend you the Buffer Mode settings that is appropriate for your Fire TV device. It will resolve any of your buffering issues and speed up your buffering. If ares wizard wont work for you, we have another best kodi wizards solution.


Best Kodi Fire TV 4K AddOns and Channels

When you opt for streaming movies, there is no better quality for movie streaming than 4K. With bigger screen and better quality video, you can never miss a day without Kodi Fire TV. Some of the Kodi Fire TV 4K add-ons and channels are provided below:

1) SkyNet

SkyNet is the newest Fire TV Kodi add-on in town. It is at the top of the ladder amongst the best Kodi Fire TV add-on for 4K video content. While downloading this, you can watch Maverick, Silent Hunter, and other channels in ultra HD.

best kodi fire tv 4k addons


2) UK Turk Playlists

If you’re finding a more reliable Kodi add-on for Fire TV that shall offer you 4K quality movies, then this is the right place. It is without a doubt an oldest fire tv Kodi add-on and vehemently the greatest.

uk turk playlist addon on kodi fire tv

You can not only watch movies, but you can also watch sports, cartoons, documentaries, and other related media content all in 4K video quality.


3) Easynews

Easynews is another Kodi Fire TV 4K add-on that offers enormous database of the latest movies, TV shows, and sports with 4K video quality, but with a price. It is a premium usenet service and has plenty of 4K content to offer its Kodi Fire TV fans.

easynews kodi fire tv addon


Best Kodi Fire TV Skins

New version of Kodi means different Kodi Fire TV Skins. Currently, Kodi Krypton version 17 is the newest version of Kodi that is available on Fire TV. We have outlined below 3 of the very best skins for Kodi Fire tv Krypton installed on fire tv:


1) Estuary Mod

Estuary Mod is an updated version of the default skin for Kodi Krypton version 17 on fire tv. The skin gives a soothing look to your eyes, which is easy to navigate because of the large icons, and therefore reflects an exclusive touch to its design.

best kodi fire tv skins

Because it has more options, it is easy to customize upon the users request. Kodi users can add shortcuts to many different places and change the color scheme according to their taste.


2) Arctic: Zephyr

Arctic: Zephyr is favorite to many Kodi users for Fire TV Kodi Skins 2017. The menu system is at the bottom of your screen and leaves a lot of space elsewhere as a result. Even when you open media libraries, 2/3 of the space on your screen is covered with image or information. Minimal navigation makes your life hassle-free.

arctic zephyr kodi fire tv skin


3) Titan

There is no better option if you want quick and easy access to the media content without being bombarded with various options. Titan Kodi Skin for fire tv have a similar touch to that of Windows 10, which is a genius, yet effective move. You can get to your favorite media content within seconds.

titan kodi fire tv skin


Wrapping it Up

For streaming movies and shows, watching sports and entertainment content, or viewing cartoons and documentaries, there is no better option than to install Kodi on Fire TV/Fire Stick. With few easy steps to follow, you can have Kodi Fire TV installed that will give you a lifetime experience.

If you have any questions regarding the installation process, please post a comment and we will reply you back.

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