A Sneak Peak in the Life of a third-party Kodi Developer

There are always two sides of a picture; the ugly and the beautiful, and two sides of a story; the truth and the lie. Every side has some value to it that cannot be neglected at any point. There are always some trends coming in and creating a hype and then a time comes when

PureVPN Brings Amazing 3 Years Subscription Plan for Kodi Users

With the holiday season upon us, there are many VPN deals and discounts up for grabs, especially if you’re a Kodi user. Amongst these deals is PureVPN, which is offering a 3-year subscription plan. Is the deal worth it? We decided to take a closer look and review every aspect of the subscription plan.  

10 Christmas/Xmas VPN Deals Are Cheaper Than Your Morning Coffee

Christmas is just around the corner and all eyes are looking for the best Christmas VPN deals. Our Kodi VPN Team decided to present you with the best VPN deals in terms of price and features! Here are the top 10 Christmas VPN deals 2017 that we found most suitable for our viewers:   1.

Win an iPhone X And Apple Watch Free Giveaway With PureVPN

End this year with a bang! Win an iPhone X and Apple watches with PureVPN! Yes! You read it right. PureVPN is here with the biggest giveaway of the year. It is giving away ‘13’ iPhone X and ‘9’ Apple watches.   How Can You Win iPhone X/Apple Watch Free Giveaway From PureVPN? Register yourself

Why Kodi Users Should Worry About Net Neutrality Rule Roll Back

Update: Net Neutrality down! I repeat, Net Neutrality down!   Kodi Net Neutrality Research Guide Net Neutrality Kodi Trend in 2017 Free Data Plans Internet Fast Lanes Increase in Challenges for Small Companies New Regulation for Telecom Companies Can a VPN Get Around Net Neutrality on Kodi? How To Bypass Net Neutrality Using TOR Tor or

SuperRepo Kodi Repository Shutdown, Jump to SuperRepo Alternatives

It has only been a few days since Colossus Repo and Ares Wizard went down. We might witness another setback in form of SuperRepo going down. For the past few hours users have started to report errors while loading the website and also while installing the repository itself. The SuperRepo dependency error could be a

Ares Wizard Shut Down – Best Ares Wizard Alternatives

Kodi third party developers under serious crisis; no more Ares Repository and no more Colossus Repository, looks like MPA-led anti-piracy coalition Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment are on the hunt this weekend.  Unfortunately Ares Wizard has gone down today leaving behind some popular Ares Wizard Alternatives. But Don`t panic, we have covered some awesome best

Thank You PureVPN for Covering the Journey of KodiVPN.co

It’s not every day that one of the most popular VPN services comes knocking on your (virtual) door, asking for an interview, unless it’s PureVPN. I sat down with PureVPN team and we had a great time covering the journey of how KodiVPN.co came into existence.   Check out the full interview right here: https://www.purevpn.com/blog/how-i-made-1000-dollars-by-becoming-a-vpn-affiliate/

Covenant Shut down – Covenant Alternatives Are Here

Covenant has created frenzy among the users and it is irreplaceable in terms of its content and availability of streams after Exodus. What is happening today in UK is something striking. The best Colossus Repository is down as the developers have stepped down and will be no more delivering development of urlresolver and metahandler. Colossus Repo

The New ‘Digital Economy Act’ Could Get Kodi Box Users to 10 Years Imprisonment

The crackdown against copyright infringement took a new toll when the UK government introduced ‘Digital Economy Act’ which restricts internet users to share illegal files and leads up to 10 years imprisonment. The new bill is aimed at stopping the distribution of illegal content resulting in an increased jail term from 2 years to a