The New ‘Digital Economy Act’ Could Get Kodi Box Users to 10 Years Imprisonment

The crackdown against copyright infringement took a new toll when the UK government introduced ‘Digital Economy Act’ which restricts internet users to share illegal files and leads up to 10 years imprisonment. The new bill is aimed at stopping the distribution of illegal content resulting in an increased jail term from 2 years to a

10 Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives to Replace Largest Torrent Website

The torrent website industry may want to dig another hole in the torrent site graveyard beside the likes of KickAss Torrent and others, as ExtraTorrent goes offline. The shutdown of ExtraTorrent is a mystery at this point. However, a message posted by ExtraTorrent confirms that it is a permanent shutdown, and all its data is

Kodi Leia Version 18 And First Look

The long wait is over as Kodi finally launched its version 18 known by the codename ‘Leia’. Kodi management decided on the name ‘Kodi Leia’ on 9th of January and with that it described on how the company came about in naming its newer version. Kodi Leia has been named after Princess Leia of Star

How Kodi Users Are Affected By Ransomware WanaCry Hacking Attack

The largest ransomware attack was recorded on Friday 12th May where it affected at least 57,000 computers in 100+ countries. The cyber-attack was believed to have used hacking tools stolen from US National Security Agency (NSA) that infected the computers. The WannaCry Ransomware is a malicious software that gets access to your computer, encrypts your

Why Kodi Users Should Worry About Net Neutrality Rule Roll Back

Obama-era net neutrality rule is under inspection by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai who wants to roll back the net neutrality rule and to replace with a new rule instead. The net neutrality rule prevents Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to prioritize web traffic and slowing down content. The supporters of net neutrality

Kodi Krypton is Now Mandatory for Streaming

Kodi fans still using older versions of the famed Open Source media center due to Krypton v.17’s many redundancies, will be saddened to know that updating to the final release of the latest version just became a necessity. As more and more websites move to HTTPS (something versions below Kodi v.17 Krypton don’t support) users

Is Kodi Illegal? UK Court Slams Kodi Boxes, Sides with Copyright Owners

Is Kodi Illegal?   On March 18th 2017, a UK court deemed fully loaded Kodi boxes illegal in the UK based on incidents of massive copyright infringement. The controversy kicked off when Malcolm Mayes of Hartlepool was discovered selling fully loaded Kodi boxes for £1000 each, also claiming that the boxes were “100% legal”. Mayes

Beta 7 of Kodi Krypton is Here & It Brings Cool New Features

As the festive period goes in full swing, Kodi has finally released its last beta version for the new v.17 Krypton with the Estuary Interface. The update brings major bug fixes, menus, navigational aspects and other amazing additional features that will enhance your Kodi experience. According to the team behind Kodi, this seventh and last