Kodi repositories are the collection of channels that fascinates its users with hours of entertainment and online streaming. Some of the best Kodi repositories may contain a large database while others may be comprised of one or two channels.

There are certain repositories which are restricted in a particular which might require you to use a paid VPN on Kodi or even the best free VPN for Kodi. Read on to view our list of best Kodi repositories!


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Best Kodi repositories are the ones that not only contains a large database of channels, but also the ones that have huge popularity amongst Kodi users.

10 Latest Kodi Repositories – Updated April 2020

1. Kodi Israel Repositorykodi israel top kodi repository

Kodi Israel is like a grand library where you can find all the popular and best Kodi add-ons for streaming movies, TV shows, cartoons, anime, live sports, news, IPTV, music, adult content and much more. Some of the best Kodi add-ons available in Kodi Israel repository are Exodus, Covenant, Poseidon, Live Hub, Kick-off, Gurzil, Sports World, Incursion, iPlayer WWW, IPTV Bonanza, Kids Tube, Kiss Anime, USTVnow, DeathStar, FireCat etc.

Kodi Israel recently went down but it soon remerged with a new URL and it is now working great. It has all the add-ons up to date and a few more great add-ons have been added to its library.


2. Maverick Repository for Kodimaverick kodi repository

Maverick repository mainly hosts its own Maverick Kodi add-on that enables users to stream movies and TV shows. However, it also has some other popular names like Joker Sports, The Magic dragon Kodi add-on etc. Maverick repo has been tested and recommended by many users all around the world.


3. All Eyez On Me Kodi Repositoryall eyez on me kodi repository

All Eyez on Me repository became popular because of its All Eyez on me Kodi add-on that allows streaming for live TV, TV Shows, movies, documentaries, kids content, music, sports, and much more. Other than this, this repository also has some of the best Kodi add-ons like Indigo, Genesis Reborn, FilmON, UKTV Play, YouTube, Disney junior etc.


4. Kodi BaeKodi bae repository 2018

KodiBae repository earned a sweet spot in the Kodi industry soon after its release because eof the mainstream Kodi add-ons that it hosts. It has a limited amount of Kodi add-ons in its library but all of them are great Kodi add-ons that many users like to use like Ultimate IPTV,PrimeWire, 9Anime, Sportie, Sports365, cCloud TV etc.

Kodi Bae repository keeps updating its add-ons time to time, making it a reliable repository to have.


5. Supremacy Kodi Repositorybest supremacy kodi repo

Supremacy Kodi repository started hosting its own add-on but it has gradually become the home of some great Kodi add-ons. Supremacy Kodi repository has some of the best Kodi add-ons like Plane MMA, SportsDevil, Night Terrors, Aspis, Atriox etc. that allow users to watch movies, Sports, IPTV and much more.


6. Simply Caz Repo Simply-Caz-kodi-repository

Within months of its launch, Simply Caz Repo has taken the Kodi world with a storm. The reason Simply Caz Repo has become the best Kodi repository is due to its collection of big channels that are widely used by Kodi users. For example, you may find Exodus, Castaway, SportsDevil, and other best add-ons in its repository.


7. DK-XBMC RepositoryDK_XBMC

DK-XBMC Repository is a great new repository that has a variety of language absed add-ons. You can access add-ons providing content of different languages like English, Thai, Indian, Cantonese etc. These add-ons are somewhat rare too but they are surely fun to have. These add-ons include animego, animehere, AsianHorror, bharatmovies, cartoongo, Dkevents, DramaCrazy, Drama Go, Filipino On Demand v3, vidics etc.


8. Zomboided Repository Zomboided kodi repository

Zomboided Repository has also been recently added to the new Kodi repository that has a single, yet useful channel that is worth installing this repository. OpenVPN Kodi manager is in this Kodi repository where it provides a platform for Kodi users to install a VPN service on its Kodi software where they could use illegal add-ons with ease.


9. Perflix TVPerflix TV Kodi Repository

Perflix TV is also the new Kodi repository that only contains video channels. This repository wouldn’t have anything to show live, but it does entertain its users with some best clips around the world from the boxing arena, paranormal activities, comedy circuits, and YouTube.


10. Bubbles Repository stream bubbles addon on kodi

Bubbles Repository is the new Kodi repository in town that has the potential to replace Exodus. It streams TV shows and movies alongside provides a few list of program channels for Kodi software and boxes.


6 Old and The Best Kodi Repositories

1. Super RepoBest Kodi Repositories

There is no Kodi repository that could beat the unbeatable Super Repo. It is the world’s largest Kodi repository with over 3,000 channels. From live sports to movies, playing games to watching cartoons, Super Repo has it all. It would take Kodi fanatics over 6 months to surf all its channels and still be left perplexed.


2. Noobs and NerdsNoobs and Nerds kodi repository

Noobs and Nerds is the best Kodi repository after Super Repo that will surely put a smile on your face with its loads of channels. It is a stable repository, although it has recently undergone a change in its URL for unknown reasons, but this doesn’t change the fact that it is a complete entertainment package for your family. The repository also contains some channels for children where they could enjoy their favorite shows.


3. Kodi Official RepositoryKodi Add-on Repository

Kodi has its own official repository which can be found within Kodi and can be easily retrieved. Since it is an official repository, you may not found any channel that would stream movies or TV shows. However, it does show a large database of online channels where you can watch news, live sports, play games, listen to music, and many great things to spend quality time.


4. Bass Fox RepositoryBass Fox Kodi Repository

Bass Fox Repository will give you the access to channels where you can stream movies and TV shows with ease. It also offers its users with streaming of live sports which many popular channel would fail to provide. Its without a doubt one of the best Kodi repository for family entertainment.


5. Genie TV RepositoryGenie Talk TV Kodi Repository

Genie TV has been around for some years now but its often been unheard by even some serious Kodi fans. This Kodi repository is worth telling of because of its channels that offers TV shows, movies, documentaries, and so much more.


6. K3l3vra RepositoryK3l3vra kodi repository

This repository might have the smallest database from amongst the best Kodi repository list, but it is also the most effective. It contains some of the most classic channel that is worth shedding the lights. It streams movies, TV shows, and Sports.


Kodi Repositories Zip Files Download

The links for Kodi repositories zip file downloads have been provided below:

  • Super Repo Download Link: http://srp.nu
  • Noobs and Nerds Download Link: Download Zip File
  • Xunity Talk Repository Download Link: http://bit.ly/2z2xvuG
  • Dandy Media Download Link: http://bit.ly/2xA4JOu
  • Bass Fox : http://bit.ly/2wyMZWu
  • Genie TV Download Link: http://genietv.co.uk/repo/
  • K3l3vra Repository Download Link: http://bit.ly/2xdZXKv
  • Kodi Tips Repository Download Link: http://repo.koditips.com/
  • Good Fellas Repository Download Link: http://bit.ly/2dRJk9D
  • Ares: Download Zip File
  • Simply Caz Repository Download Link: Download Zip File
  • Zomboided: http://bit.ly/2czmHFu
  • Merlin Download Link: http://bit.ly/2z2OHA9
  • Perflix TV Download Link: http://perflix.16mb.com/repo/
  • Bubbles Download Link: https://bubbles4kodi.com/


To Wrap Things Up

It is easier to find best Kodi repositories from this piece of article where we screened all the major Kodi repositories and hand-picked the best of them. Due to recent crackdown on Kodi, there is no guarantee that these repositories will work in future. Some of the best Kodi repositories have mysteriously disappeared in the last few weeks, and there is no denying the facts that there could be more to follow.