20 Best Kodi Repositories of October 2018 ***Top List***

Kodi repositories are the collection of channels that fascinates its users with hours of entertainment and online streaming. Some of the best Kodi repositories may contain a large database while others may be comprised of one or two channels.
Best Kodi repositories are the ones that not only contains a large database of channels, but also the ones that have huge popularity amongst Kodi users. Kodi is the future of television and it is here to stay. To view our list of best Kodi repositories, then read on!

Kodi News
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  1. Best Kodi Repositories
  2. Best Ares Repositories
  3. New Kodi Repositories


10 Best Kodi Repositories

1. Super Repo: There is no Kodi repository that could beat the unbeatable Super Repo. It is the world’s largest Kodi repository with over 3,000 channels. From live sports to movies, playing games to watching cartoons, Super Repo has it all. It would take Kodi fanatics over 6 months to surf all its channels and still be left perplexed.best kodi repositories

2. Noobs and Nerds: Noobs and Nerds is the best Kodi repository after Super Repo that will surely put a smile on your face with its loads of channels. It is a stable repository, although it has recently undergone a change in its URL for unknown reasons, but this doesn’t change the fact that it is a complete entertainment package for your family. The repository also contains some channels for children where they could enjoy their favorite shows.Noobs and Nerds kodi repository

3. Xunity Talk Repo: Xunity Talk Repository was once a hub for various channels that hosted movies, TV shows, maintenance tool, and many more. Currently, you may only find a Stream Box channel that will show you movies and TV shows on demand.
Xunity Talk kodi repository

4. Kodi Offical Repository: Kodi has its own official repository which can be found within Kodi and can be easily retrieved. Since it is an official repository, you may not found any channel that would stream movies or TV shows. However, it does show a large database of online channels where you can watch news, live sports, play games, listen to music, and many great things to spend quality time.Kodi Add-on Repository

5. Dandy Media: Dandy Media is a fine collection of channels where you can watch movies, TV shows, cartoon, random funny videos that will let you laugh out loud, and top 40 charts where you can listen to favorite songs that tops the list.It is the best Kodi repository in terms of entertaining its audience with laughter, while it still doesn’t fail to amuse its fans with its large movie database.
Dandy Media kodi repository

6. Bass Fox Repository: Bass Fox Repository will give you the access to channels where you can stream movies and TV shows with ease. It also offers its users with streaming of live sports which many popular channel would fail to provide. Its without a doubt one of the best Kodi repository for family entertainment.Bass Fox Kodi Repository

7. Genie TV Repository: Genie TV has been around for some years now but its often been unheard by even some serious Kodi fans. This Kodi repository is worth telling of because of its channels that offers TV shows, movies, documentaries, and so much more.Genie Talk TV Kodi Repository

8. K3l3vra Repository: This repository might have the smallest database from amongst the best Kodi repository list, but it is also the most effective. It contains some of the most classic channel that is worth shedding the lights. It streams movies, TV shows, and Sports.K3l3vra kodi repository

9. Kodi Tips Repository: This repository contains only one channel i.e. Made in Canada which brings IPTV channels from Canada, Europe, and from many different countries. These channels are related to entertainment, news, and sports.Kodi Tips Repository

10. Good Fellas Repository: Good Fellas Repository possesses an extensive media library for those who desires a love for streaming movies, TV shows, and sports. It possibly has the potential to draw a large number of Kodi users with its enthralling database.Good fellas Kodi repository


5 Best Ares Repositories

best ares repositories

Ares Repository is operated under Ares Project which contains a collection of Ares add-ons and other best kodi wizards. This repository is an important addition to Kodi because you can also gain access to Ares builds where you could find tons of ares add-ons. Following are the five best Ares Repository: (Dont forget to check how to install ares wizard on kodi)

  1. Ares Football
    Ares Football contains all the latest videos and highlights of football match that are played around the world. It shows full matches including the pre and post-match highlights that football fanatics are enthralled to watch.
  2. Ares AnimeAres Anime contains all the anime content there is on the internet. This contains a collection of Anime movies, TV shows, games, funny clips. Anime fans are sure to love this Kodi repository due to its large variety of content.
  3. Ares WorldAres World is a repository that contains a large database for documentaries about the planet earth and everything that revolves around the planet. It includes documentaries and videos related to world pollution, nature, and science behind our planet.
  4. Ares MusicWhen you have the desire to listen all the songs that have ever existed in this universe, then this Kodi repository may be the right choice for you. It has a collection of various music genres including Jazz, Pop, Rock, and many others.
  5. Ares SportsAres Sports contains the world of sports with this repository and has the ability to entertain sports fanatics. From hockey to motor sports, basketball to baseball, Ares Sports has it all.


5 New Kodi Repositories

  1. Simply Caz RepoWithin months of its launch, Simply Caz Repo has taken the Kodi world with a storm. The reason Simply Caz Repo has become the best Kodi repository is due to its collection of big channels that are widely used by Kodi users. For example, you may find Exodus, Castaway, SportsDevil, and other best add-ons in its repository.Simply Caz kodi repository
  2. Merlin RepoMerlin Repository is famous for its sports collection, live TV, and music channels. It is a useful Kodi repository but not as entertaining as others. However, it does compensate its users with a music channels that has a large following amongst Kodi users. Its also provides maintenance tools for your Kodi box to fasten its streaming.Merlin Kodi Repository
  3. Zomboided RepositoryZomboided Repository has also been recently added to the new Kodi repository that has a single, yet useful channel that is worth installing this repository. VPN Manager for OpenVPN is the manager in this Kodi repository where it provides a platform for Kodi users to install a VPN service on its Kodi software where they could use illegal add-ons with ease.Zomboided kodi repository
  4. Perflix TVPerflix TV is also the new Kodi repository that only contains video channels. This repository wouldn’t have anything to show live, but it does entertain its users with some best clips around the world from the boxing arena, paranormal activities, comedy circuits, and YouTube.Perflix TV Kodi Repository
  5. Bubbles RepositoryBubbles Repository is the new Kodi repository in town that has the potential to replace Exodus. It streams TV shows and movies alongside provides a few list of program channels for Kodi software and boxes.Bubbles kodi repository



Kodi Repositories Zip Files Download

The links for Kodi repositories zip file downloads have been provided below:

  • Super Repo Download Link: http://srp.nu
  • Noobs and Nerds Download Link: Download Zip File
  • Xunity Talk Repository Download Link: http://bit.ly/2z2xvuG
  • Dandy Media Download Link: http://bit.ly/2xA4JOu
  • Bass Fox : http://bit.ly/2wyMZWu
  • Genie TV Download Link: http://genietv.co.uk/repo/
  • K3l3vra Repository Download Link: http://bit.ly/2xdZXKv
  • Kodi Tips Repository Download Link: http://repo.koditips.com/
  • Good Fellas Repository Download Link: http://bit.ly/2dRJk9D
  • Ares: Download Zip File
  • Simply Caz Repository Download Link: Download Zip File
  • Zomboided: http://bit.ly/2czmHFu
  • Merlin Download Link: http://bit.ly/2z2OHA9
  • Perflix TV Download Link: http://perflix.16mb.com/repo/
  • Bubbles Download Link: https://bubbles4kodi.com/


To Wrap Things Up

It is easier to find best Kodi repositories from this piece of article where we screened all the major Kodi repositories and hand-picked the best of them. Due to recent crackdown on Kodi, there is no guarantee that these repositories will work in future. Some of the best Kodi repositories have mysteriously disappeared in the last few weeks, and there is no denying the facts that there could be more to follow.

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  1. Michalis says:

    I am interestin all about kodi addons

  2. wilby says:

    Hi this is Wilby I just got the 17.3 kroyon an can use all the help I can get Thanks Wilby

  3. Nick Michaelson says:

    Hello again Wilby, which repository or add-on you need to install so I can guide you accordingly.

  4. Zimiso Mathwasa says:

    I have downloaded the Ares zip file but when I open the repository I get an error. Is there an update on the file.
    I will appreciate your assistance

  5. Hasan says:

    some of the repos does not work please check again

    • admin says:

      Hey Hasan,
      Yeah, we are looking in to it as many repositories have been shut down a few days ago. We’ll update it soon. In the mean time we can help you with the repository and Add-on that you are looking for, kindly let us know.

  6. Mike says:

    Do you know of any repos that still work for Kodi Jarvis?

    • admin says:

      Hi Mike,
      Almost all of the repositories still work for Jarvis. Are you having any trouble installing the repositories? Let us know if you do.

  7. Pat M says:

    Is Perflix.tv done?

  8. slopfish says:

    why are you relisting all these long dead repos? it is irresponsible and just plain ridiculous….and you are claiming to be an authority? Please let this un-needed stroll down Kodi memory lane be just that….a memory, and stop clogging the internet info sites with this waste of space….thank you.

    • admin says:

      Hi Slopfish,
      The problem is that we do not own these repos and they were all working at the time we wrote about them. Repositories keep on going and re-appearing. We will surely update this guide as soon as we have an updated link or an alternative to these repositories. Thanks for your feedback in this matter, we really appreciate it. We will surely update the guide soon.

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