How to Install Exodus Redux on Kodi Krypton 17.6 and Jarvis

If you are a regular Kodi user than you might have come across many Exodus Kodi forks by now as there’s a new Exodus fork coming up almost every day. Exodus Kodi add-on has been a popular player in the best Kodi addons industry but many new add-ons have surpassed the benchmark of quality set by it. However, the interface and features that Exodus had were a class apart and many Kodi users still crave for those things.

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Exodus Redux is another Exodus Kodi fork that made entry into the industry some time ago. However, unlike other Kodi add-ons, it needs to be set-up properly with lambda scrappers, so that it can work well. I have provided a complete installation procedure in this guide; make sure you do not miss any step.


Exodus Redux Kodi Add-on Repository

Exodus Redux Kodi add-on can be installed through Lazy Kodi Repository, which is known as a complete package for having numerous other repositories within itself.


How to Install Exodus Redux on Kodi Krypton Version 17.6 or Lower

Follow these steps for installing Exodus Redux Kodi add-on on your Kodi Krypton version 17.6:

  1. Open Kodi.
  2. Click on the Settings icon > Open File Manager > Double click on Add Source.
  3. Click ‘None’ and enter the URL: > Click Ok. Now name this source as ‘lazy’ > Click Ok > Click Ok again to close the dialog box.
  4. Head back to Main Menu > Click Add-ons.
  5. Click on the Box icon (Package installer icon) from the top left corner.
  6. Click on Install from Zip file option > Scroll the list of available options and select “Lazy”.
  7. Click on ZIPS folder > Click > Wait for the notification.
  8. Now, Click Install from repository option > Click on Exodus Redux Repo > Open Video Add-ons folder.
  9. Click on Exodus Redux > Hit Install.

Now you will have to enable Lambda Scrappers, follow these steps:

  1. After installation, open the Add-on form Add-ons menu..
  2. Click Tools.
  3. Click Settings: Providers.
  4. Hover over Providers > Click Choose Module Providers Source.
  5. Change Default to Lambda Scrapers and click


Exodus Redux Kodi Download

  1. Download Exodus Redux Zip file.
  2. Launch Kodi > Click Add-ons.
  3. Click the Box icon > Select Install from Zip File > Browse and open downloaded zip file.
  4. Select Install from Repository > Click on Exodus Redux Repo.
  5. Video Add-ons > Click Exodus Redux > Click Install > Wait for the notification.


Exodus Redux Down/Not Working/Errors/Fixes

Here are the top two errors with fixes usually faced by Exodus Redux Kodi add-on users.

Check Log Error

Sometimes when you download a repository, a few files do not download; causing issues later on while installation of the add-on. Check Log error is the error that will be displayed if there is a problem with repository files. Another reason for Check log error is the system cache, if it is full.


Simply, clear out all your background data and cache and then try again. If the error persists, re-download and install the repository.

Could Not Connect to Repository

Sometimes the repository sources shut down or become obsolete, causing issues for the user. When Kodi is unable to connect to the repository source, this error is displayed.


If you see this error, check the URL and make sure that the link is active. If the UR is active, then check, the URL address you have added in the File Manager, you might have misspelled the address, make sure it is correct. If the error still stands, try a different repository.



Numerous Exodus Kodi forks are available online and it is obviously hard to say which of them is the best but one thing I experienced with Exodus Redux is that the streaming links provided by it work great. Exodus Redux has the same interface as that of the legendary Exodus Kodi add-on and the functionalities are replicated.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that it is a third-party add-on and you should be using it with the best VPN for Kodi to protect yourself from privacy infringement issues.

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2 Responses to How to Install Exodus Redux on Kodi Krypton 17.6 and Jarvis

  1. Ted says:

    Tried to get Exodus Redux working Tried watching a show it said no streaming available. Tried several other shows and movies all said the same No streaming available. How do I fix it? Please help Thank you

    • admin says:

      Hi Ted,
      No Streams Available error is quite common in third-party add-ons. We have covered this issue in a detailed No Stream Available guide. Refer to this guide and you will be able to resolve this issue.

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