Is it not funny how life loves playing silly games with everyone. Just when you get time to relax and chill, a new problem comes knocking the door, every single time.

After the Covid-19 crisis, the last thing anybody wants is to face Kodi streaming problems.

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What Causes Kodi No Stream Available Error?

Well, there are actually a number of reasons why the open-source, multi-platform software will show the shitty “No Stream Available” error.

Literally, it is hard to figure out just one cause, as every add-on works in its own way.

Therefore, they may have different fixes, but if we talk about the most common, seasoned users know this error only shows up, if the episode/movie does not contain any source links.

You could also be using an outdated add-on, which does not have an updated source of links. Regardless, of the reason, it is imperative to find a solution.

kodi no stream available error

6 Ways to Fix Kodi No Stream Available Issue

It is a different thing overall when your video stops while watching it, or plays but buffers periodically, hindering the entire entertainment experience.

However, this is nothing as compared to dealing with the Kodi “No Stream Available” error message when trying to play a source link.

So, below is a detailed guide on the various problems that cause the issue, and how to fix them.

1. Check If You Are Using an Abandoned Add-on

If you are one of the oldies, still using the Genesis add-on, you should know it was long replaced by a counterpart called ““Exodus”. If you are using Exodus, then it is vital to know that Covenant has taken its place.

If you are still using Covenant, it already has plenty of replacements in different forks. Point being, Kodi has been in a game of “whack-a-mole” over the past few years, thanks to pressure from copyright infringement hunters.

Developers launch add-ons, they become popular, and then disappear. Though you can still use Genesis, Exodus, and Covenant, they may not have the relevant support as they did initially, unless of course they are being managed by an active-developer.

That is a different story altogether, but if you are using an abandoned/outdated add-ons for streaming movies/TV shows, it might be time for something new to get around the “No Stream Available” error.

2. Clear the Providers & Cache in the Add-on

We have encountered this issue a number of times before, where none of the links for an episode/movie would work, and would constantly display the Kodi No Stream Available error.

An easy fix to the problem is to clear the providers and cache in the add-on. You can do so by using the “Indigo” extension, which helps in managing and maintaining the Kodi platform.

You can download the Indigo add-on from Kodi Israel ( repo. Once done, simply click on the “Clear Cache” in the maintenance tools menu.

This ought to fix the problem, but if it still persists, you may have to try some of the other methods mentioned below.

3. Ensure Your Internet Speed is Fast Enough

Yeah, sounds a bit cliché, but when life gives you lemons especially while streaming, 9 times out of 10 – the problem is with the internet connection.

It is a rather common point of failure for Kodi streaming playback, hence leading to the No Stream Available error. This is why it is imperative to be certain your device has a strong connection to the Wi-Fi network.

At the very minimum, you need a 10mbps connection. However, 25-50mbps is much more preferred, as you get to stream seamlessly, without experiencing any buffering issues.

You can check your internet speed at If you already have a fast network, but suffer from a poor Wi-Fi connection, get the WiFi Repeater that costs no more than $20, allowing for better internet performance.

4. Troubleshoot the Kodi Application on Your Device

This has happened to us quite a few times. After using Kodi for a long time and installing new add-ons regularly, the application bogged down drastically.

Pretty soon, almost all extensions were giving trouble and it was hard to figure out why we were receiving so many errors, particularly the “No Stream Available” and other playback issues when watching live events and movies/TV shows.

Troubleshooting would mean that you need to assess the health of the application. Typically, when the Kodi app starts giving trouble, all add-ons will start acting out.

There could be files conflicting one another, and regular lagging. In such circumstances, the easiest route to take is factor reset and bring the app to brand new condition for installing the latest add-ons!

5. Try Using Different Sources and See if They Work

The Kodi add-ons responsible for streaming movies/TV shows use a variety of channels for providing you sources for viewing content at the utmost level of convenience.

Depending on which TV add-on you are using, you will have plenty of source options for each TV show/movie.

If you encounter the Kodi No Stream Available error on the first, consider trying the second or third.

If several sources are not working, then a good way to check if the problem is with the add-on and not the sources is to watch a different movie.

If this still does not fix the “No Stream Available” error, then as mentioned above, you will have to reinstall the add-on, or worst case scenario the entire Kodi application.

6. Check If You are Getting Throttled, Filtered, or Geo-Blocked by Your ISP

Many Kodi add-ons aggregate content from a variety of sources for offering smooth streams of your favorite movie/TV shows. This may include accessing services from other countries.

However, if your ISP has enabled content filtering on your router, then there is a high chance, you will not be able to establish a connection with these sources – hence displaying the Kodi “No Stream Available” error.

Geo-blocking is typically when servers restrict access to the content in certain countries only. To bypass this and the throttling imposes on your internet usage, consider using ExpressVPN.

You can also choose from the list of best VPN for Kodi. If you install VPN on Kodi , you will be able to shift your location and mask your IP address.

These online privacy/security tools prove handy in exploring an unrestricted internet. However, be advised that if you are using free Kodi VPN then you might not get the results that you want.

Add-ons that Encountered No Stream Available Kodi Error

When it comes to streaming movies/TV shows, some of the most popular add-ons used worldwide include Covenant, Exodus, Genesis Reborn, Neptune Rising, and Placenta.

As mentioned earlier, since these forks constantly shut down and reopen, they may lead to playback issues, particularly the Kodi “No Stream Available”. To fix them, follow the steps below.

How to Fix Exodus Redux No Stream Available Error

If you are using Exodus Redux and facing this error, then follow these steps to resolve it within a minute:

  1. Open Exodus Redux Kodi Add-on
  2. Click on Tools from its main menu
  3. Scroll down the list and click on EXODUS REDUX: Clear providers > Click Yes > A notification will pop-up stating “Process Complete”
  4. After that, Click EXODUS REDUX: Clear cache > Click Yes > you will be notified when it is done.

Now you can try streaming again and you will not face this issue again.

How to Fix Exodus No Stream Available 2021 Error

Developed by Cold Fire, the Exodus add-on is undoubtedly one of the best options for streaming your favorite movies/TV shows online, without any hassle.

Despite being shut down plenty of times, the add-on keeps making its way back in the market, is available on a variety of repositories, which include TKNorris, Kodi Israel, XvBMC, Kodi Bae, and Lazy Kodi.

If you encounter the no stream available error on the extension, follow the steps below:

Solution 1: Clear Providers and Cache

  1.  Launch the Exodus add-on in Kodi
  2. Go to the “Tools” menu for clearing providers and cache
  3. Scroll down and tap the “Exodus: Clear Providers” option
  4. Then tap the “Exodus: Clear Cache” option

Solution 2: Change the Set Providers Timeout

  1. Open the Exodus Kodi add-on
  2. Select “Tools” from the menu
  3. Click on “Settings: General” the very first option
  4. A pop-up box will appear. Select “General” again
  5. Change the “Providers Timeout” to 20-30

How to Fix Covenant No Stream Available Error

Launched as a replacement for the Exodus add-on, upon its shutting down, the Covenant extension is an upgraded and improved version of the previous fork.

It offers plenty of diversity and functionality to users, along with a streamlined appearance, picking up where the old add-on left off.

It is available on a variety of repositories including the Kodi Israel and SuperRepo but may give the Kodi this error on regular basis. Follow the steps below for fixing the issue:

Solution 1: Clear Cache on Covenant

  1. Launch the Covenant Kodi Add-on
  2. Scroll down and select “Tools” from the menu
  3. Select “Covenant: Clear Providers” and tap on the “Yes” button
  4. Now select “Covenant: Clear Cache” option and hit the “Yes” button again

Solution 2: Change the Default Action

  1. Open the Covenant Kodi add-on on your Kodi
  2. Scroll down and click on the “Tools” option
  3. Select “Settings: Playback” from the list
  4. Change the “Default Action” option to “Directory”

How to Fix Genesis Reborn No Stream Available In 2021

The Genesis Reborn, as the name implies, is the reincarnated version of the good ol’ Genesis extension, which first introduced the most convenient way of watching movies/TV shows via its amazing fork design and appearance, setting it apart from the competition.

However, just like its counterparts, Exodus and Covenant, the Genesis Reborn extension does have its own set of playback issues.

To fix the Kodi streaming error specifically, follow the same steps above as mentioned in Exodus.

Kodi No Stream Available Reddit Reviews

Reddit has developed into quite the huge community for finding information about almost anything in the world, be it technology, healthcare, lifestyle, shopping, automobiles, etc – you get the drift.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Redditors have their own Kodi discussion threads, where you find people from all over the world sharing issues they experience with the platform.

Below you can see a Redditor providing a detailed fix (which we provided too above):

Here’s the fix for Covenant “No Stream Available”. from Addons4Kodi

Wrapping Things Up

We hope this guide helps users understand how to fix the Kodi No Stream Available error. Nevertheless, if you encounter any issues/problems, do not hesitate to drop a comment below.

We will be more than happy to help you out if you are stuck in any step. Feel free to share the article with your friends and family members, experiencing the same error.

I hope you have a great day, and an amazing binging session, with the Kodi error, gone.