How to Install Exodus & New Exodus on Kodi Leia 18 and Krypton 17.6 November 2019 Update

The most popular Exodus Kodi add-on is back and now you can easily install the Exodus V8 Kodi add-on using this guide for streaming all the latest movies and TV shows.


Kodi Exodus Update 2019

Earlier Cold Fire (Developers of Exodus) announced that it would stop releasing any new updates for the add-on. However, the Exodus Kodi add-on is was being updated time to time by independent developers.

In this guide you will learn how to install Exodus Kodi add-on on different versions of Kodi like Leia, Krypton and Jarvis through various repository.


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As such, there is a new release available for the Exodus add-on, which works completely fine with a kodi vpn and tends to be free from any sort of bugs/errors.

If you want to stream movies/TV shows, consider downloading the latest version or checking out these best kodi addons list.


This addon can be installed using any of the follow repositories. Exodus is among some of the addons which works on Xbox One Kodi as well.

  1. Kodil Repository (Kodi Israel)
  2. XvBMC Repository (Not recommended)
  3. Kodi Bae
  4. Lazy Kodi Repository
  5. Tk Norris (Latest For Leia version)


Kodi Exodus installation guide

  1. Exodus Repo for Kodi Leia Version 18
  2. How to Install Exodus Kodi on Leia Version 18 or Lower Using Lazy Repo
  3. Kodi Bae Repository
  4. How to Setup Exodus Add-on on Kodi Version 18 Leia using Kodi Bae Repository
  5. How to Install Exodus Kodi 18 on Leia Beta Version
  6. How to Install New Exodus 8 on Kodi (Tk Repository)
  7. How to Install Exodus on Kodi Leia and Krypton
  8. How to Install Exodus on Kodi Jarvis 16
  9. How to Install Exodus on FireStick
  10. How to Update Exodus
  11. How to Download Exodus
  12. New HD movies on Exodus
  13. Kodi 4k Exodus
  14. Real Debrid Exodus
  15. Exodus Kodi Alternatives
  16. Is Exodus Kodi Legal?
  17. Exodus Kodi Reviews
  18. Exodus Kodi Not working/Errors/Fixes/Down


Exodus Repo for Kodi Leia Version 18

Kodi Leia version 18 features the same interface as that of Kodi Krypton version 17.6. However, the additional features are yet to be discovered but for that, we will have to wait until its stable master release coms out.

The best thing about Kodi Leia version 18 is that all the add-ons that work on Kodi Krypton version 17.6 also works on version 18.

The best Exodus Repo for Kodi Leia version 18 that I would like to recommend to you is Kodi Israel Repository aka Kodi Repo which has returned with a new hosting domain.

As an alternate, you can also use the Kodi Bae repository. You can also use the other repositories mentioned in this guide because they are also functional.


How to Install Exodus Kodi on Leia Version 18 or Lower Using Lazy Repo

Follow these steps to install Exodus add-on on Kodi Leia version 18 :

  1. Open Kodi > Click on Settings.
  2. Click on FileManager > Double click on AddSource.
  3. Click ‘None’ > Type this URL: > Click OK.
  4. Name this URL as ‘LazyKodi’ > Click OK > Click OK again.
  5. Go back to Kodi Home > Head to the Add-ons menu > Click on the Package installer icon.
  6. Select Install from Zip File option.
  7. Click on Lazy Kodi.
  8. Select Repositories.
  9. Click ANDROIDABA.
  10. Click repository.
  11. Select
  12. Now, Click Install from Repository.
  13. Open Kodi Israel Repository.
  14. Go to Video Add-ons.
  15. Select Exodus.
  16. Click Install.

There you have Exodus Kodi add-on installed from lazy Kodi Repo.


Kodi Bae Repository

Kodi Bae is a new repository currently available at GitHub. There are a few issues with the Kodi Bae repository itself, however other add-ons present in this repository work perfectly. Adding exodus to Kodi is a 2 minutes setup.

Installing Exodus Kodi from this repository is very easy and the best thing is that it works very quickly.


How to Setup Exodus Add-on on Kodi Version 18 Leia using Kodi Bae Repository

  1. Download Kodi Bae Zip file
  2. Launch Kodi > Click on the Add-ons tab.
  3. Click on the Box icon from the top left corner > Click Install from Zip File option> Browse and open the zip file you have downloaded.
  4. Wait for the notification stating to appear.
  5. Go to Video add-ons .
  6. Scroll the list and select Exodus.
  7. Click Install and wait for the notification.


How to Install New Exodus 8 on Kodi (Tk Repository)

exodus addon update

The last version available for download by Cold Fire for Exodus was 4.1.07. Though it is still available on the Super and Kodi Israel repos, the add-on would constantly give errors in grabbing streams.

This would hinder the overall streaming experience. However, a new repository labelled “Tknorris” has revived the add-on again by working on an older version i.e.

Here is how you can install it:

  1. Download the TKnorris Repository zip file > Open Kodi > Click Add-ons > Click the Box Icon.
  2. Select Install from Zip File option> Browse and open the downloaded zip file > Wait for the notification.
  3. Now click on Install from Repository > Open tknorris Release Repository > Open Add-on Repository folder > Click on Exodus Repository > Click Install > wait for the notification.


How to Install Exodus Kodi 18 on Leia Beta Version

  1. Open Kodi > Click on Gear (Settings) icon.
  2. Open File Manager > Double click on Add Source
  3. Click where it says ‘None’ > Type this URL > Click OK
  4. Name this media source as Kodil > Click OK > Click Ok again to close the dialog box.
  5. Return to Kodi Home screen > Click on Add-ons tab > Click on the Box icon.
  6. Click on Install from Zip File option > Select Kodil > Click on > Wait for the notification to appear.
  7. Now click on Install from Repository option > Go to Kodil Repository > Open Video Add-ons > Click on Exodus > Click Install > Wait for the Notification.


How to Setup Exodus Addon on Kodi Leia Version 18  and Version 17.6 Krypton Users with Kodil Repo

After the final beta release of Krypton, Kodi’s new user interface. While Krypton makes browsing through and playing media easier, it makes installing repositories and Kodi add-ons a bit confusing. But I got the hang of it after a few tries.

  1. Launch Kodi on your system > Go to Settings icon > Click on File Manager > Double click Add to install exodus on kodi krypton version 17.6
  2. Click on ‘None’ > Type the URL > Click OK > Type the Media Source Name ‘Kodil Repo’ > Click to install exodus on kodi
  3. Hit ‘Backspace’ key on your keypad multiple times until your reach Kodi Main Menu > Now select Addons (located at left side) > Click on Package Installer to add exodus kodi file source
  4. Now select Install from Zip File > Click Kodil Repo > > Now wait for repository to install.exodus addon on kodi setup
  5. Click on Install from Repository > Click Kodil Repository > Go to Video Addons > Exodus > Click on Install > Wait for the add-on to enable.exodus kodi repository
    6.Now go back to Kodi Main Menu > Click on Addons > Video Addons > Exodus > Enjoy


How to Setup Exodus Add-on on Kodi Version 17.6 Krypton using Kodi Bae Repository

  1. Download the Zip file
  2. Open Kodi > Go to Add-ons menu.
  3. Click on the Box icon > Click Install from Zip File > Browse and open the downloaded zip file.
  4. Wait for the notification stating “Add-on Installed”.
  5. Access by going to the Video add-ons section present in Add-ons menu.


How to Install Exodus Kodi on Krypton Version 17.6 or Lower Using Lazy Repo

In order to install Exodus Kodi add-on from Lazy Kodi repo, follow these steps:

  1. Firstly, you need to install Lazy Kodi repo.
  2. Once you have installed the repo, Click on REPOSITORIES.
  3. Click ANDROIDABA.
  4. Click repository.
  5. Select
  6. Now, Click Install from Repository.
  7. Open Kodi Israel Repository.
  8. Go to Video Add-ons.
  9. Select Exodus.
  10. Click Install

There you have Exodus Kodi add-on installed from lazy Kodi Repo.


How to Install Exodus Kodi Add-on on Kodi Version 16 Jarvis using Kodi Bae Repository

  1. Download the Zip file on your device.
  2. Open Kodi > Click System > Click Add-ons > Click the Click on Install from Zip file.
  3. Browse and open the downloaded zip file > Wait for the “add-on installed’ notification.
  4. To access the add-on Return to home screen > Go to Add-ons > Click Video Add-ons > Browse whatever you want to.

Enjoy a quick and easy to install and use experience of Exodus Kodi Add-on.


How to Install Exodus Kodi on Jarvis Version 16 or Higher Using Lazy Repo

  1. Install Lazy Kodi Repo on Kodi Jarvis V.16.
  2. Click on
  4. Select repository.
  5. Click on
  6. Select Install from Repository option.
  7. Open Kodi Israel Repository.
  8. Browse Video Add-ons.
  9. Select Exodus.
  10. Click Install.


How to Install Exodus Kodi Addon on Kodi Version 16 Jarvis Users

Update: This is the newest way to install Exodus after the fall of Fusion Repository. So read on!

how to install and setup exodus addon plugin on kodi version 16 jarvis

  1. Open Kodi > System > File Manager > Double click Add Source > Select None > Type URL > Click Done > Then Press OK > Type Name ‘Kodil Repo’ > Click Done > Press OK.
  2. Go to Kodi Home Screen > System > Addons > Install from Zip File.
  3. Locate and Click ‘Kodil Repo’ >
  4. Install from Repository > Kodil Repository > Video Addons > Exodus > Install > Wait for the Exodus add-on to install. Enjoy streaming your favorite movies and TV shows.


How to Install Exodus Kodi on FireStick Using Kodil Repo

Exodus is a movie streaming add-on that has been a top choice of FireStick users. It has all the updated movies in its library and it provides great streaming quality with and without a vpn for amazon firestick.

Installing Exodus Kodi add-on Fire Stick is similar to installation of other add-ons and Fire TV Stick apps.

Here is a step by step walk through for installing Exodus Kodi add-on on Fire Stick:

  1. Open Fire Stick Home > Then go to Settings > Scroll down to Applications > Choose Manage Installed Applications > Now select Kodi to open the app.How to Install Exodus Kodi on Firestick
  2. Click SETTINGS Icon.exodus kodi firestick setup
  3. Click File Manager.exodus kodi firestick manager
  4. Click Add Source> Click None >Type this URL:> Click OK.exodus kodil
  5. Name this media Source “kodil Repo”> Click OK.exodus url
  6. Go back to your Home Screen.exodus homescreen
  7. Click Add-Ons >Click the Box Icon> Install from Zip File.exodus install from zip file
  8. Click Kodil Repo.exodus kodil file
  9. Select from the list> Wait for the Add-on enabled notification. Click Install from Repository.exodus kodi addon repository
  10. Select –Kodi Israel (Kodil) Repository from the list.exodus update
  11. Select Video Add-ons from the list.exodus kodi video addon
  12. Select Exodus.exodus kodi firestick configuration
  13. Hit Install and wait for the notification.

exodus firestick final step


How to Install Exodus Kodi Fire Stick using Lazy repo

  1. The first thing to do is install Kodi on Fire Stick.
  2. After that, Install Lazy Kodi on Fire Stick.
  3. Now follow the procedure stated above from Kodi Krypton installation because the procedure from here onwards is similar.


How to Update Exodus on Kodi 18 and 17.6

Since a lot of kodi users are already using Exodus as their favorite addon. Therefore for them updating exodus is a must to get most streaming links. The follow steps illustrate how to update exodus on kodi 17.6:

  1. Head over to the Kodi home and Click “Add-ons”, present in the left sidebar menu.
  2. Select “Video Add-ons” and right click on exodus and click “Information”
  3. You can now select “Update” Exodus, and if there is any update on the addon it will be update there and then.


Update Exodus on Fire Stick – Method 1

The procedure to update Exodus Kodi add-on on Fire Stick is very easy; it is similar to the procedure for updating any add-on on Kodi Krypton version 17.6. Follow the steps mentioned below to update Exodus Kodi Add-on:

  1. Go to Kodi Main Menu.
  2. Click on Exodus.
  3. Click on Video Add-ons
  4. Scroll down the list and right-click on Exodus.
  5. Click Information.
  6. From here, choose Update (Manual) option.


Update Exodus on Fire Stick – Method 2

In case you are not a person who prefers following all these steps time to time then you can enable the auto-update feature. Follow all the steps mentioned for updating the Exodus Kodi add-on until step 5. After that, click on the auto-update option available in the window. Once you have enabled auto update, the add-on will update itself from time to time.


Exodus Kodi Download Using Kodil Repo

Exodus is undoubtedly the best add-on for Movie geeks. Exodus Kodi download is easy just like other add-ons. You will find a lot of search results and links to Kodi repositories online but many of them might not run. Reason being that they are blocked or outdated.

Here are the steps to download Exodus:

  1. First, you need to Download Kodil Repository Zip File and save it on your device.
  2. Launch Kodi > Go to Addons section > Click on Boxshaped icon on top-left corner.
  3. Select Install from Zip File > Here you need to Upload or Navigate the downloaded Zip File > It will take some time to install.
  4. Go to Install from Repository > Kodil Repository > Video Add-ons > Find and click on Exodus > Tap Install.


Exodus Kodi Download Using XvBMC Repo

  1. Download XvBMC Repository Zip file on your device.
  2. Open Kodi.
  3. Open the Add-ons menu > Click Package Installer Icon.
  4. Click Install from Zip File > Browse and open XvBMC Repository Zip file that was downloaded earlier.
  5. Click Install from Repository > Open XvBMC (Add-ons) Repository > Go to Videos Add-ons > Select Exodus > Click Install> Wait for the notification.


Exodus Kodi Download Using Lazy Repo

  1. Install Lazy Kodi repo.
  2. Click on REPOSITORIES > Select ANDROIDABA > Open repository folder > Click on
  3. Click Install from Repository > Open Kodi Israel Repository > Go to Video Add-ons > Select Exodus.
  4. Click Install.


How to Download Exodus on Android Box

Once you have installed Kodi on your Android Box, install the Exodus Kodi add-on by following the procedures that are defined above for Kodi Krypton version 17.6. The interface of Kodi on all platforms is the same that is why the installation procedure will remain the same.


New HD Movies on Exodus

What makes Exodus better than other Kodi add-ons is the up to date library it has with all the new movies. And that’s not all, it provides HD quality streams unlike other Kodi add-ons. Imagine new movies and that too in HD, great isn’t it? So install it now and watch new HD movies on Exodus.

You can stream all the new HD movies on Kodi Exodus like:

  1. Joker
  2. Rambo: Last Blood
  3. El Camino
  4. Avengers: Endgame
  5. Wonder Woman: Bloodlines
  6. Gemini Man
  7. Hustlers
  8. Spider Man: Far from Home

There are many more movies available than these, as the library keeps on updating time to time. That is why everyone prefers Exodus for new HD movies.


Kodi 4k Exodus

Using Exodus and not familiar with the 4K streams is like going to a pool and not diving in!

Streaming 4K quality movies free, no one could imagine that until Exodus started offering it. Exodus has 4K streams as well to take your Kodi experience to a completely new level. There is a reason why every Kodi user loves Exodus.

There are only a few add-ons available right now that provide a 4K stream, and even those streams are not reliable. Exodus in this case is very reliable with respect to its streams and their quality.

The only issue that occurred with Exodus was that its updates stopped. Otherwise, there would have been no add-on parallel to Exodus. Exodus has always preferred user satisfaction and it always provided high quality streams.

Here is a Reddit thread to prove it:

exodus review


Real Debrid Exodus

Exodus Kodi addon supports Real Debrid on Kodi. This utility allows enhanced streaming experience by fixing buffering issues. Not many Kodi add-ons have support for this service, which is why Exodus has an edge over others.


Exodus Kodi Alternatives

Exodus by far is irreplaceable, however some addons are doing exceptionally well and can be used to stream free content same like on Exodus or used as a replacement to this addon.

  1. Covenant Kodi Addon
  2. Neptune Rising Kodi Addon 
  3. Poseidon Kodi Addon
  4. Ultimate IPTV Kodi Addon


Is Kodi Exodus legal or not is a question that a lot of users have asked. Exodus is a third party add-on for Kodi and is banned in many countries like UK, USA, Australia, France, Canada and Germany. Using such add-ons in these countries can put you behind bars. The main reason behind is that the streams this add-on provides are pirated. If you are using Exodus then we’d suggest you to use a Kodi VPN service to protect your privacy.


Exodus Kodi Reviews

Exodus has been a highly preferred Kodi add-on. People using Kodi for streaming TV shows and Movies have been using and recommending it to others. Take a look at these tweets:


Exodus Reddit

Head over to Reddit and you’ll find users praising and discussing about Exodus and its features in depth. Here’s an excerpt for you:


exodus reddit review

Judging from these threads, we can understand that Exodus has really amazed its users.


Exodus Kodi Not working/Errors/Fixes

If your Exodus on Kodi is not working or down then it might be because of obsolete repositories. By obsolete we mean that support and updates for Exodus are no longer available.


  1. Reinstall Kodi software
  2. Install Exodus Kodi add-on with the Smash Repository (as mentioned in our guide)

Can’t find Exodus on Fire Stick

Not being able to find Exodus on fire stick is a rare thing to happen. If you have installed Kodi properly and have installed the repository then there might be something seriously wrong.

Fix Exodus on FireStick

Install a reliable repository that has the working Exodus Kodi add-on version. Repositories mentioned in the guide above are all working and have the Exodus Kodi add-on. Install them and you will be able to find Exodus on Fire Stick.

Exodus Kodi ‘No Stream Available’ in 2019

No streams available error occurs when there are no providers available for the content you are trying to stream because it might be either new or too old.

This error means that your Exodus is unable to grab any stream for your desired content. This usually happens when there’s a, issue with Kodi Exodus add-on system or Kodi itself. However, there is an easy fix for this.

Fix Exodus No Stream Available

Fix this error by keeping your add-on up to date as well as your add-on’s library.

Kodi Exodus Error Script Failed

This error occurs due to the bulged up Cache of Kodi. If you have been using Kodi Exodus add-on frequently, then this error might pop-up many times.

Fix Exodus Error Script Failed

To fix this error,

  1. Go to the Main Menu > Click on Add-ons > Then Video Add-ons.
  2. Open Exodus > Here you will see a list of option, so click on Tools.
  3. Now click on Clear Cache> Click Yes > A notification stating “Process complete” will pop-up.

That’s it! Now your exodus should work just fine.

Exodus Error Check Log

Installing Kodi Exodus add-on from an old repository or an unreliable source causes this issue. These repositories keep getting blocked, removed or they are sometimes moved to different domains.

Fix Error Check Log

To resolve this error, use the repository that has been presented in our installation guide. Refrain from using any other repositories to stay away from such errors.

Kodi Exodus Failed to Install a Dependency

The reason why Exodus for Kodi add-on fails to install a dependency is because you have not been installing Exodus from a correct repository. Exodus is available in many repositories including SuperRepo alongside its original repository. However, whenever downloaded from these two repositories it produces an error.

Fix Exodus Failed to Install Dependency 

To solve this issue, consider installing Exodus from other repositories i.e. Simply Caz or Kdil repository. These repositories include Exodus add-on that has been updated by COLD FIRE that regularly updates Exodus. The previous Exodus add-on was managed by Fusion TV Addons which is now dead.

See You Again Soon!

The New Exodus is back!! And gone were the days when people used find tutorials on how to install exodus on  Kodi Krypton 17.6, 17.3 or Kodi 17. Now you can enjoy Exodus V8 on Kodi Leia version 18, which is the benchmark for Kodi users now.

Exodus is currently the leading add-on available on Kodi to stream movies, TV shows, cartoon & anime, sports, documentaries plus listen to music & radio amongst many other features.

Hope you will find our step by step guide both useful and easy to follow. If you face any issues drop us a comment in the section below, until then happy streaming.

Arsalan Rathore
Arsalan Rathore

Arsalan Saif Uddin Rathore is a business graduate and an experienced marketing professional. He has worked with multiple research think-tanks, NGOs and global organizations. Arsalan has been writing on technology and miscellaneous topics since 2013 and likes to provide a neutral and worthy insight to his readers. Besides being a writer, Arsalan is a Football player, Hunting & Trekking lover and Online Streaming Geek.
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    • admin says:

      Hello Dani, the Fusion repository no longer works as it has been shut down. We will update this on our page very soon. For now, you can install exodus from another repository called When double clicking on Add Source you can paste this link and add a media source name SC. Now follow the similar procedure as you do for Fusion, but in this case you need to consider Simply Caz repository. You will see Exodus add-on inside its repository. Hope this will resolve your problem.

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      Hello John, Fusion Repository does not work anymore as it has been shut down. You can get the Exodus add-on from Simply Caz Repo:

  3. David says:

    Fusion isn’t working for me either. Says it cannot find the network. Is Fusion “dead”? I just installed Ares without a problem.

  4. David says:

    Fusion isn’t working for me either. Says it cannot find the network. Is Fusion “dead”? I just installed Ares without a problem. This was attempted on my Firestick with Jarvis 16.1

    • admin says:

      Yes, David. Fusion Repository is dead unfortunately. However, you can still get Exodus add-on from Simply Caz Repo:

  5. Rob says:

    It says unable to connect? Couldn’t retrieve directory info

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      Hello Rob, Fusion Repository does not work anymore as it has been shut down. You can get the Exodus add-on from Simply Caz Repo:

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    Ive followed ur steps using but nuthin happened after i clicked install. Any idea guys?

    • admin says:

      Hello Deck, when you have clicked on Install, it will take some time to install Exodus. An icon will appear on top right corner that will tell you if the add-on is installed. Now, you need to go back to Kodi main menu by pressing ‘Esc’ button on your keypads multiple times, and click on Add-ons > Video Add-ons > Exodus. Hope this resolves your problem now. Do let us know.

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      put another/ after sc

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        Hello Thomas, Thankyou for the suggestion.

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    • admin says:

      Hello Leonard, not to worry, we’ll sort this out together. When you click on Add Source you need to put this link > Click OK > and then type the Media Source name ‘SC’. Now when you go to Install from Zip File > You need to scroll down and see if there is a file called SC (which you created just now through the link). You need to click that > Then Repository > > Now wait for the repository to install > Now go to Install from repository > Simply Caz Repository > Video Add-ons > Exodus > Click on Install. Now go to Kodi Home > Add-ons > Video Add-ons > Exodus. Hope we are good enough to guide you. But still if you have any problems, you can write to us. We will help you until you get this done.

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      Hey leonard… there’s a simple youtube tutorial you can look up. Search
      “How To Install Exodus Addon Using Ares Wizard” over YouTube and you’ll get a bunch of videos on how exodus or covenant can be installed without taking tvaddons route.

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      No worries, You’re Welcome

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    Just wanted to give a heads up that loading may not work the first time. I had to uninstall and reinstall kodi app twice before exodus download worked properly. So keep that in mind in case your download freezes or doesn’t start.

    • admin says:

      Hello Randy, thanks for providing us with the exodus update on Kodi app.

  10. Redwrex says:

    I can’t get past step 3! I can’t find “Click on Package Installer icon.” Buggered if I can find the icon!
    This new system is very user un-friendly!

    • admin says:

      Hello Redwrex, the reason why you cannot get pass Step 3and wouldn’t find package installer icon is because you might be using Kodi Jarvis version 16. For step 3 you have to consider going to Kodi Home Screen > System > Add-ons > Install from Zip File. And follow the rest of the procedure as described for Kodi Jarvis in this blog. Let us know if you need any help, we’re here to help.

  11. Lava says:

    After install from zip it isn’t installing

    • admin says:

      Hello Lava, after installing from zip you need to wait for a while for the repository to install. Although you can tell us if you see ‘Add-on’ installed icon at the top right corner. If it does, then it means it is installed and you need to move to the next step ‘Install from Repo’.

  12. Sam says:

    I downloades exodus however nothing in comes up when I search a TV show or anything else.

    • admin says:

      Hello Sam, Exodus is currently working for us. There must be a step that you may be missing here. Did you use Simply Cazwell repository or some other repository? Exodus sometimes do not work when installed from other repositories. Let us know if going through the entire installation process again so it works for you.

  13. Kmm says:

    I went through all the steps but when I click on exodus and click install nothing happens at all I wanted 30 mins and nothing happened so I tried again and it said failed to install dependency and then again won’t do anything…. what do I do?

    • Nick Michaelson says:

      Hey Kmm, Exodus is going to bid us farewell anytime soon. It has been replaced by Covenant, or you can see Covenant is the new Exodus. You can check out the installation of Covenant here.

  14. Marietjie says:

    Hi at file manager, add soures. When is put my link in, name it and say ok. It say he cant, due to the network not being connected.
    My network data and wifi is on.
    Please can jou help me

    • Nick Michaelson says:

      Hello Marietjie, Exodus will soon shut down its operations. Covenant has taken its place. Here is the link. Follow the steps and watch movies and TV shows all day long

  15. Donzzy says:

    Where to find HBO channel (GoT addict here)?

    • Nick Michaelson says:

      Hey Donzzy, if you’re really a GOT addict you might want to install Covenant (Exodus Replacement).. Works extremely well. Here it the Link.

  16. Sasha says:

    Also if u have Jarvis 16.1 u can try the media source then go to collosus in the zip.wait for it to enable then install covenant…works for me

    • Nick Michaelson says:

      Thanks for the info Sasha.

  17. pooja mehra says:

    Try to name it as Cazwall repo as sc will some time give error
    “Couldn’t retrieve directory information. This could be due to network not being connected. But when i change the name it will start working

    • admin says:

      Hello Pooja, Thanks for sharing your experience with us 🙂

  18. Lucian says:

    Hi. I installed the Simply Caz Repo but when I reach at step 4, I can’t see anything but just the left arrow (I don’t see “ What can I do?

    • admin says:

      Hi Lucian,
      If you are not seeing the repository under step 4 then it means the source might have incurred some error while adding. To overcome this, we would suggest that you delete the source, restart Kodi, and try reinstalling the source. Do remember the name (SC) you give to the source. Do let us know if this works.

  19. Vez says:

    Hi guys , I tried ,but after I put and OK I got message:
    can’t retrieve directory ……
    after then I try install I got path no found or invalid
    Can you say anything?

    • admin says:

      Hi Vez, Thanks for reaching out to us. The error of ‘can’t retrieve directory’ usually occurs when Kodi fails to pick up source location or is having internet connectivity issues. This s a common problem so no need to fret. All you have to do is remove the source from Kodi. Then restart Kodi and reinstall the source again. I hope it works, do let us know if you need anything else.

      • Vez says:

        It’s big question , how to remove source , I tried but could not. May be you can show?

  20. Taylurrr says:

    Hi! After Install from Repository > Simply Caz Repository > .. it just keeps showing the blue loading circle and its never got to the part where it should say Video Add-ons > Exodus > Install..

    What am I missing?

    • Nick Michaelson says:

      Hey Taylurr..You might want to restart your Kodi. If it still doesn’t work, then visit this Covenant Kodi Guide. It is bigger and better than Exodus. You may also install Exodus from the Kodil repository as mentioned in Covenant blog.

  21. Little One says:

    Oh my gosh thank you so much Nick. I really mean it. It worked for me and I tried other people ways it didn’t work. Thank you for posting and updating.

    • Nick Michaelson says:

      No worries, Little One. We are here to help. Glad you liked our post!!!

  22. Cyril Guerra says:

    Good morning:

    I followed all of the instructions, but Exodus does not show up when I go into the “Install from Repository” menu. What can I do? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    • Nick Michaelson says:

      Yes, Cyril. we have updated the Exodus guide just now. You can refresh this pages, follow the guide, and enjoy!

  23. Sevins says:

    Installing n FireTV, Kodisuff repos doesn’t show the zip files, nothing there. Double checking everything. I Kodistuff dead?

    • Nick Michaelson says:

      Hey Sevins, KodiStuff is dead. We have updated the Exodus guide. so you can refresh this page, follow the installation guide, and enjoy!

  24. Chiv says:

    Exodus doesn’t exist on simplycaz anymore either. 🙁

    • admin says:

      Hello Chiv, You may also install Exodus from XvMBC Repo or Kodil repository as mentioned in Covenant blog. We need to update this blog, Sorry for inconvenience.

  25. Dennis says:

    I can click on #8 Kodistuff but after that. Nothing appears on #9 looking for

    • Nick Michaelson says:

      Hey Dennis, try downloading Exodus from Kodil Repository as it has been discussed in the Krypton section of this guide. Form there you will be able to find Exodus. You are right Smash Repo is dead.

  26. Alexandra says:

    Still unable to install on my kodi….. have re tired it 3x and nothing… also deleted kodi 2x and still unable to install exodus.

  27. Gabriel says:

    Exodus doesn’t show up into Videos addon after repos installations. Any tips?

    • admin says:

      Hey Gabriel,
      Exodus doesn’t appear right away in the add-ons meu after installation because its a heavy add-on due to its library. Wait for a few minutes, the add-on will surely appear if you’ve installed it from the repository we have mentioned in our blog. The add-on can only be downloaded from the repository mentioned in our blog. We have re-installed the add-on and attached a snippet to show you that it is working perfectly. Please see these attached snapshots.

      • Skywardoddworld says:

        I had the same problem found it in ADD ON REPOSITRY then EXIDOUS REPOSITORY and install from that. Hope it helps you out

  28. Heather Renee says:

    This makes me mad!! Obv I shlda looked at the date this was written bc it’s Obv outdated..I’m getting the same someone else said in a previous comment..after i click on the zip file it doesn’t have anything for me to choose from &I’ve got3 diff addresses i put in it in the http://repository……..yada.yada i just changed the name of it each time by making a diff letter do i go back and delete these?

    • admin says:

      Hello Heather,
      Which repository are you trying to install Exodus from, kindly let me know.

  29. Amonte says:

    Hello, will this work on Jarvis?

  30. Phoebe says:


    I’ve tried this process for the fire stick exodus add on
    As well as a few other link suggested on this article, but none seem to work? When I go to install from zip file and cluck “kodistuff” there’s nothing there? I also tried the repositary.xvbmc which installs fine but there is no Exodus in the video Addons?

    • admin says:

      Dear Phoebe,
      We have updated the repository for installing Exodus on Fire Stick. You can take a look and install Exodus easily now.

  31. Rebecca says:

    Help I have followed every step but exodos is not showing up in the list, every other million downloads are except that 🙁 help me

    • admin says:

      Hey Rebecca,
      We took a look into it and we have updated the procedure. Kindly take a look at it and follow all the steps. We assure you that you will not have any issue with the installation now.

  32. Stacianne says:

    Hi there trying to install Exodus for Kodi Jarvis as I’m not able to update to Kodi Krypton and I followed all the steps above but Exodus is not on the list of video addon,,can you help me please
    Thank you in advance

    • admin says:

      Hi Stacianne,
      Well, I would like to know which repository you are using? Chances are that it might not have Exodus in it.
      Try using Kodi Israel repository, it has the updated version of Exodus.

  33. John says:

    After step 16 when I click on tknorris repository it says that it could not connect to repository. Please help. Thanks

    • admin says:

      Hi John,
      I’ve looked into your concern and went though the installation procedure once again and the repository is working fine. The error might have popped up because the repository might be under an updating process.
      Try installing now, hopefully you won’t face this error again.

  34. Rod says:

    I have Zapptv which uses Aptoide Tv.
    Zapp doesn’t have the latest kodi. It has kodi 16 and 16.1 version. I downloaded kodil from the zip file. I can find Exodus but it won’t download due to the dependency on xbmc.python version 2.25.0 could not be found. Any help will be appreciated

    • admin says:

      Hi Rod,
      The dependency error means that the repository you are trying to install Exodus from is either not updated, has some files missing or it has become obsolete. Try using the repositories that we have mentioned in our blog, it is an updated repository and has all the updated add-ons.

  35. Tasha says:

    Hi admin,
    I am using a old kidi box version 16. Was able to install respro and also exodus, convenant and open them ok but whenever I click on a film or program is says no streams available.

    Is there an easy fix to this so I can see providers?

    Any help mich aprecated 🙂

    • Tasha says:

      Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I tried updating my add-on and cleared the cache but still no streams pulling through.

      How do I go about updating my kodi version? I’m not sure on the process/steps required to do so.

      Thanks for your help with this.

  36. admin says:

    Hi Tasha,
    Yo need to update your add-on and clear your cache, then you will get the streams. If it still does not help, then update your Kodi version.

    • Tasha says:

      Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I tried updating my add-on and cleared the cache but still no streams pulling through.

      How do I go about updating my kodi version? I’m not sure on the process/steps required to do so.

      Thanks for your help with this.

  37. Maria says:

    I need a repo for exodus. The one listed in the top doesn’t work. Can you help me?

  38. Makk1 says:

    Its been a while I have been using exodus for streaming. But exodus update 2018 has totally crashed my Kodi. I keep on getting exodus no stream available error along with that exodus failed to install a dependency. What is the way forward to fix it ?? Please need some easy and working solution rather than going here and there.

    • admin says:

      Hello Makk,

      Exodus no stream available error has been coming up for quite a while for so many users. Therefore you can fix kodi no stream available error by following easy steps.

  39. Betsie says:

    Hi Admin
    We have tried most of the addons but we still get no stream available under our error log we get the following message in short global name ‘root’ is not defined. How do we fix it?

    • admin says:

      Hello Betsie,

      These days getting no stream available error is quite common. However you can fix exodus no stream available error by reading our guide on exodus no stream available.

  40. admin says:

    Hello Betsie,

    These days getting no stream available error is quite common. However you can fix exodus no stream available error by reading our guide on exodus no stream available.

  41. Joe says:

    Hi ,

    I have a Fire Stick 1st generation. I have the latest updates on exodus (and its forks Yoda, Magicality, Placenta, Neptune Rising, Incursion) for months.

    A month ago, I started to have the same problem on exodus and all its forks that I use….

    It crashes Kodi when browsing the listing “New Episodes” after about 30 seconds. It looks like that something is happening in the background once the list of “New Episodes” is populated.

    It doesn’t matter what addon I use, it is always the same.

    I can browse the list “new Episodes for about 30 seconds then it locks up and crashes.

    I can browse “New Movies” and settings etc… and nothing happens, only on “New Episodes” in the Exodus forks.

    Kodi totally crashes. I have looked in the logs and there is nothing in there of note, I have done the usual, fresh install of Kodi, cleared the cache and providers etc but it still happens on all Exodus forks.
    I have even uninstalled most add ons and just left exodus and it still happens.

    I have the same Kodi install on Windows where this doesn’t happen.

    I have searched everywhere and cannot find anything about this issue.

    I hope I can find a solution for this.


    • admin says:

      Hi Joe.
      Such issues are being reported daily by many FireStick users. If it is happening with all addons, then this seems to be the issue with your FireStick. FireStick Generation 1 is now too old and the addons might not be running properly due to updates that might have brought in some incompatibilities.
      An honest advice would be to buy an up to date FireStick device.

  42. Isabella says:

    I am stuck on step 4 of downloading exodus to 17.6 Krypton. I followed every step exactly, but when I get to install from zip file and select kodil repo, it does not display as an option.

    • admin says:

      Hi Isabella,
      Yes, this would have happened because the repository has been shifted to a new domain.
      Kindly add “” as the source link instead of the link mentioned above.
      You will be able to install the Exodus Kodi add-on through this new link very easily without any hassle.

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