Best Kodi VPN That Actually Works ***Updated April 2017 Setup Guides***

Kodi has fast become the leading online streaming solution for millions of streaming fanatics around the world. Attributed to the massive number of video add-ons available to watch movies, TV shows, live TV, sports, documentaries, news etc. Kodi has become a one stop solution for binge watchers.

best kodi vpn

Although Kodi offers a massive library of add-ons to stream media & live TV on, a huge number of add-ons are geo-restricted and cannot be accessed outside their respective regions. But, you can easily unblock all such geo-restricted add-ons with a Kodi VPN.

For those of us who are new to Kodi or the concept of geo-restrictions, a Kodi VPN service is software that allows you to change your IP address to unblock geo-restricted Kodi add-ons. For instance, you cannot watch ABC, USTVNow, SportsNet, CBS and many other channels outside the US.

A VPN for Kodi allows you to instantly replace your IP Address with one from the US and access all geo-restricted Kodi channels restricted to US viewers. VPN are not just unblockers meant to unblock geo-restricted websites, they are also capable to secure your devices & network by hiding your online activities while encrypting the data passing through your devices.

My reasons to use a Kodi VPN include:

  • Securing all video & music streaming activities from the ISP
  • Securing torrent streaming & sharing on Kodi
  • Unblocking geo-restricted live TV from US, UK, Canada, Spain, Germany, Australia etc.
  • Kodi administrators have also established that the project does not participate in copyright infringement may it be through flash streaming or torrent streaming. In case Kodi users are identified by the ISP & copyright trolls, a big fat notice is sent to them with a hefty penalty.

    The Best VPN for Kodi Media Player –Features to look out for

    While there are countless Xbmc VPN services available to subscribe to online, fans will need proper testing & review to find the best Kodi VPN provider to unblock their favorite add-ons. There are certain aspects that you must consider before choosing the best VPN service for Kodi.

    Server Network

    Your Vpn for Kodi should have a variety of servers to choose from, this will allow unblocking channels from all over the world. Usually the best way to discover the best VPN for Kodi is by going over different editorial reviews of providers. Here is a list of the leading VPN usable on Kodi with the highest number of servers:

    Rank VPN Providers Price Website
    Visit Provider
    Visit Provider

    Coupon: 50off

    Visit Provider

    PureVPN offers one of the largest server network across the world establishing locations in USA, UK, Germany, Italy, France, Canada, Australia, Japan and many other countries.

    Similarly, NordVPN is powered by a massive network across the USA, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, France, and Australia among its huge server arsenal.

    Last but not least, Express VPN for XBMC offers its brilliant turbo speed server network in over 90 countries. ExpressVPN is renowned for its superb HD streaming, live TV watching and high speed torrent downloads.


    Tunneling Protocols

    Tunneling protocols are an essential for a VPN on Kodi to deliver high speed streaming. Tunneling protocols establish the security & data encryption rules for a Kodi VPN. This means the speed of data transfers, how strong the encryption will be and what route the data will take to reach its destination are all dependent on this feature.

    VPN tunneling protocols are categorized by their pros & cons, and have varying uses. For instance, OpenVPN is a secure tunneling protocol known for high speed connectivity but is also known to be hard to configure. Here is a comparison of the top 4 tunneling protocols:


    protocol comparisons

    Although not listed in the table above, PPTP or Point to Point Tunneling Protocol is another great choice when it comes to unblocking geo-restrictions. There is the one fact however that the PPTP protocol has now been compromised by the NSA, but as long as you are using it for streaming it should be fine.

    OpenVPN is a great choice for unblocking streaming geo-restrictions. Although a bit hard to setup, OpenVPN is by far the best kodi VPN protocol to use for Kodi based on testing speeds and availability. Since it is easily customizable, you will find modified OpenVPN clients offered by most VPN providers.

    IKEv2 is one of the fastest tunneling techs to use when unblocking channels on Kodi. Apart from being really fast compared to many of its counterparts, IKEv2 is also very easy to setup & use. IKEv2 also pairs with 4 different ciphering standards (AES128, AES 192, AES 256 & 3DES), letting you choose the mix of speed & security that you require.


    Apps & Software

    The best VPN built for Kodi usually offer leading edge desktop software & mobile apps to easily configure VPN on all your devices. Currently, most providers offer state of the art software for Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux and Android. The ease of use that apps provide is a great opportunity for beginners&intermediate Kodi VPN users to test out unblocking their favorite channels on both PC & mobile.

    I tested 3 top VPN providers on Kodi using their apps over Windows & Android. Have a look through the descriptions for the 3 Kodi VPN apps.



    PureVPN offers a superb lineup of apps for all major operating systems including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. The brand also provides guides to configure its service over routers and more than 30 other devices.


    purevpn apps



    Express VPN also offers a complete line of VPN apps to use with Kodi. Apps are available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, routers in addition to illustrated guides available to help installation on all other devices.


    expressvpn apps

    ExpressVPN is also renowned for its superb high speed servers in USA, UK, Netherlands and Canada. But, do keep in mind ExpressVPN offers only four tunneling protocols including OpenVPN, L2TP-IPsec, SSTP, and PPTP protocols. You can only use OpenVPN with iOS and Android mobile apps.



    Panama based NordVPN offers apps for all OS including Windows, iOS, Android & Mac, plus the service can be configured on 20 other devices. Usually, the apps are all you need with NordVPN as they offer one click connectivity and very few settings that you need to tweak.


    Kodi XBMC VPN Service Add-ons

    1. Ivacy VPN

    There are however 2 working Kodi VPN add-ons available for the XBMC OpenElec box. Currently, only Ivacy VPN and Datho VPN offer dedicated add-ons that can be installed & used with Kodi-XBMC.


    ivacy kodi xbmc vpn addon


    Ivacy VPN is currently offering its service with a super discount offer of 86% when you sign up for 2 years with the brand. Checkout out Ivacy VPN’s complete service bundle here. To install IvacyVPN on your OpenElecbox, you can check out the provider’s official guide here.

    2) Datho VPN

    If you are looking for a VPN add-on for Kodi on PC, DathoVPN is the only brand that offers a dedicated program add-on that actually installs and works on Kodi. To install DathoVPN on Kodi for PC, first download the DathoVPN add-on repository here and save this file to a preferred folder.

    1. From your Kodi Home Screen click onSYSTEM>Add-ons>Install from Zip File
    2. Browse to the folder you saved the DathoVPN repository zip file, select it and let it unzip
    3. Once the repository has been installed, click Install from Repository>Datho Add-OnRepository>Program Add-Ons >DathoVPN>Install
    4. Go back to your Kodi Home Screen >PROGRAMS>Program Add-Ons > DathoVPN

    The first time you activate DathoVPN for Kodi you will have to configure the add-on for the following settings:

    1. Username
    2. Password
    3. Operating system–change to Windows


    datho xbmc vpn addon


    Kodi fans will be delighted to know that downloading torrents is a thing of the past. Kodi offers streaming fans a great option to stream torrents directly to their XBMC media center. Many of the add-ons that you may be using already use torrent sources to stream media. However, you can also allow your Kodi media center to share and stream torrents at the same time.

    Selected add-ons are designed to help you stream torrent directly on Kodi while they are being shared. Some of these brilliant add-ons include:

  • Quasar
  • Torrenter Version 2
  • Pulsar
    • Available with Fusion Repository
  • Magnetic
  • Fast-Torrent
  • Yify Movies HD
  • KMedia Torrent
  • XBMC Torrent
  • Do remember that while you are streaming media through torrents always use a VPN. Kodi administrators officially discourage & denounce piracy hence a penalty or MPAA notice may greet you one morning. Consider your online privacy sacred,always have a VPN activated before downloading torrents & watching movies on Kodi.

    It is suggested to use a Kodi VPN when accessing torrent sources on Kodi media player. There is a very thin chance that you will get a DMCA or MPAA notice when streaming torrents on Kodi. Copyright infringement usually targets users who download and share media through torrents.

    When streaming torrents on Kodi you are basically streaming the file as it is downloaded, sharing is not involved unless in the case of certain Kodi torrent add-ons. If you want downloading & sharing torrents though consider using a VPN with Kodi.

    Unblocking geo-restricted content on Kodi is exactly like bypassing restrictions on your web browser. The only difference is that you will use Kodi instead of your browser. As we showed you in the beginning of the article how the BBC iPlayer Add-On failed to play displaying the routine geo-restriction message.

    Since BBC iPlayer is a UK based network a Kodi VPN with a United Kingdom server will unblock the iPlayer streaming service instantly. The service changes your IP address and location to that of its UK server hence allowing you to securely stream videos & music from the United Kingdom

    kodi geo restricted streaming addons


    It is recommended to use either PPTP tunneling protocol or IKEv2 to unblock channels on Kodi.

    Here is how to unblock & watch geo-restricted channels on Kodi (same for all versions):

  • Subscribe to a XBMC VPN service
  • Download the VPN app for your device or Configure manually (recommended)
  • Connect the VPN to a required VPN server (I connected to a UK VPN Server)
  • Ensure you are connected through PPTP or IKEv2 protocols
  • Launch Kodi
  • Go to Videos or Music (I have used NBCSN in the example)
  • You should now be able to stream your favorite geo-restricted channel
  • *Remember that a VPN with Kodi will slow down you internet speed. Usually up to 45% bandwidth is lost while streaming with VPN, there is a major dependency on which Kodi VPN provider you are using.

    Let’s put this guide to the test with US based channel NBCSN (NBC Sports Network). I already have a VPN service, IVACY VPN, particularly because they offer a dedicated Add-On for Kodi OpenElec, speeds depends on the time and server you connect with.

    First I tried NBCSN without a Kodi VPN service. The channel refused to let me stream any of the categories including highlights.

    kodi nbc sports addon

    I have configured IVACY VPN manually on windows and connected to a US New York server using PPTP tunnel protocol.


    ivacy kodi

    But, as soon as the XBMC VPN was up and running NBCSN unblocked and all categories were playing including the Live Golf Channel

    kodi golf channel

    There aren’t many free Kodi VPN services available for free that will let you stream with full speed and without buffering. Since these free providers are limited by infrastructure and human resources there isn’t much they can do for you if you are based far from its servers. For instance, not all VPN services work the same for me in my region, sometimes I have to use a premium service for a HD video to stream properly.

    Recently, I experimented with 4 free VPN for Kodi, trying to get videosto playback without buffering a lot. The results were not attractive at all and I had to go back to using my premium Kodi VPN provider. Here are the ones I tested with my Kodi Krypton:

  • BetterNet
    • Available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android
    • Chrome & Firefox extensions available
    • Good video streaming results
    • Automatic server selection, Switzerland server only
    • 1 simultaneous login
    • Unlimited bandwidth, data& server switching
    • US Based Service
  • ZPN
    • Available over Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, Linux
    • 6 servers to connect with
    • OpenVPN & L2TP tunneling protocols
    • 10 GB monthly limited data
    • 1 simultaneous login
    • Ras Al Khaymah (UAE) based company

    After being hooked to a premium VPN for over 5 years, the results with the free providers were truly appalling. I could have streamed better video with a mule tied to a carriage. Betternet turned out good when peak usage time was over, but videos tend to buffer every 2 or so minutes. I had only one server to test Kodi with and that was a Switzerland server.

    ZPN was actually working fine until I played a 1080p HD video and then all went to south. Constant buffering and sometimesKrypton wouldn’t even load the playlist to choose sources from.

  • ZoogVPN
    • Available over Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, Routers & Chromebook
    • Unlimited server switching
    • 2GB+ Data
    • 3 servers to choose from
    • 1 Simultaneous login
    • Low tier bandwidth during peak times

    As countries begin cracking down on Kodi devices and servers that host its content, the need for an add-on to manage VPN within Kodi is becoming imminent. A dedicated Kodi VPN manager add-on is currently available for:

  • OpenElec (v5 onwards)
  • LibreElec (v7 onwards)
  • Linux (OSMC, Raspbian etc.)
  • Windows 7 & above
  • This is great news for Kodi users in the UK who have had a very bad time after fully loaded Kodi boxes and servers that host football streams for Kodi channels were banned by copyright owners. Now fans can easily configure &connect their favorite VPN service through the dedicated Kodi VPN Manager, available from the Zomboided Repository.

    kodi vpn manager setup

    To install Kodi VPN Manager, follow these simple steps for Kodi Krypton

  • Download the Zomboided Zip File (link above)
  • From your Home Screen click Add-ons >then click the icon on the top left of the menu
  • Click Install from Zip File >Select the Zomboided Repository Zip File, let the repo install
  • Next, click Install from Repository>Zomboided Add-on Repository >Services>VPN Manager for OpenVPN, wait for add-on to complete installation
  • To use VPN Manager, click Add-ons > Program Add-ons>VPN Manager for OpenVPN
  • Do remember here that the Kodi VPN Manager only works with the OpenVPN protocol and SmartDNS services, so be sure your VPN provider offers either the OpenVPN tunneling protocol or SmartDNS. VPN Manager for OpenVPN is already built to configure a large selection of VPN providers including ExpressVPN, PIA VPN, IPVanish, PureVPN, NordVPN, and TORGuard to name a few.

    vpn manager for openvpn

    The Amazon Fire TV Stick is famed for its ease of use and small size amongst Amazon users. It has been one of the best ways to stream latest TV shows and movies through the Amazon Instant service, and now allows easy installation of Kodi. But once installed there are several geo-restriction issues surrounding the Kodi Fire TV app.

    This calls for a Kodi VPN on the Amazon Fire TV stick. The real issue is that the Amazon app store does not offer the app and requires installing through the Google Play Store. There are several techniques you can use to make your Amazon Fire TV stick Google Play Store compatible, we will go with the Apps2Fire technique.

    Using the Side-loading technique Apps2Fire installs any Google Play app directly to the Amazon Fire TV Stick. Apps2Fire is an ADB (Android Debug Bridge) interface that works through your Android smartphone or tablet.The technique requires no root or mods to the Fire TV device itself. Follow the steps below to use VPN on Kodi in the Amazon Fire TV Stick:

  • Activate ADB Debugging & Installation from Unknown Sources
  • From your Home Screen go to Settings >System > Developer Options
  • Click On Installation of Apps from Unknown Sources, and ADB Debugging
  • Go to Settings > System >About > Networkand write down your Fire TV Stick’s IP Address
  • Download OpenVPN app APK file on your Android phone
  • Go to the Apps2Fire app and click OpenVPN
  • The app will begin installing on the FireTV Stick automatically
  • If you are looking to secure your entire network traffic, then it’s best to setup a VPN on router. Here we are going to show you how to setup Kodi VPN through routers. For our demonstration, we will use Tomato routers and setup PPTP protocol, as it is excellent for streaming.

  • Login to your Tomato router control panel
  • From the left panel, go to ‘Basic’ and then ‘Network’
  • Select the connection ‘Type’ from the dropdown menu
  • Enter the username and password provided by your VPN service
  • Make sure that you have checks on ‘Use DCHP’ and ‘Use Default Gateway on Remote Network’
  • Under PPTP Gateway, enter the server address to which you want to connect
  • Leave the ‘Subnet Mask’ and ‘Options’ field alone, unless instructed by your VPN provider
  • For ‘Connection Mode’ select ‘Keep Alive’ from the dropdown menu
  • Check if MTU is set to default
  • Also make sure your LAN or Wireless Settings are set to default
  • Now scroll down to the page and hit ‘Save’ and that’s it, you’re done
  • You can check the connection status by going to Status > Logs > Last 25 lines
  • Once you have Kodi installed on your device, the next step is to setup a VPN service. For beginners, that could be a taxing task. However, with numerous setup guides available for various operating systems, you can glide through the configuration process with ease. You can refer to our Setup Guide section to find detailed articles on how to setup Kodi in multiple platforms.

    Furthermore, the official Kodi Forum contains different threads on VPN setup. You can find guides pertaining to VPN configuration on routers, Windows, Android, and other operating in this form. For instance, you will find numerous setup guides of VPN on Raspberry Pi. When you explore the Kodi Forum, you will also come across threads for resolving VPN related issues. Some users are looking for ways to launch the VPN service automatically when different add-ons start.

    On the other hand, you can refer to Kodi VPN install guides on other tech websites. How-To Geek is a popular website that writes about numerous topics. You can check out their Kodi VPN installation guide for Amazon Fire TV.

    All Android devices including USB pocket PC’s, Android Streaming boxes and mobile devices allow installing Kodi and VPN for Kodi on it. Since all Android devices use the same Google Play Store to install apps you can install Kodi VPN apps on them. Since Android boxes use the same operating systems as smartphones & tablets you can also manually setup VPN on these devices.


    kodi vpn supported android boxes


    As a personal recommendation if you wish to watch media using Kodi, an Android TV box is the ideal device compared to a smartphone, tablet or Android TV stick. This is majorly due to the Ethernet cable option available in these devices. The cable connection allows for faster connectivity compared to wireless devices, even allowing streams to be played in 4K Ultra quality where available.

    Private Internet Access is a USA based VPN provider offering its services for well over a decade now. Although the provider does not offer any dedicated services for Kodi, it is one of the ideal services to use with geo-restricted Kodi add-ons on PC, Amazon Fire devices, Android devices and smartphones.

    PIA VPN offers some great features including:

  • OpenVPN & PPTP protocols for HDKodi video
  • Servers across 24 countries including USA, Canada, UK and EU
  • Apps for Windows, iOS, Mac and Android devices
  • Multi user support for up to 5 devices on one account
  • There are some connectivity issues reported by PIA users on the official forum, plus the Android app has poor performance reviews so do consider that before signing up to PIA.

    Visit for a proper breakdown of the latest Android TV boxes for Kodi and which models work best for Kodi with VPN.

    Going through more than 50 sub-reddits on the fame social forum, I was amazed to see a major bias on Reddit.

    Most Reddit members either pointed towards or claimed PIA was the best service to use with Kodi for some reason.So I dwelled deep to find out and I noticed that PIA neither is the fastest nor the best VPN service for Kodi. PIA is US based so connectivity will be a problem if you are using the service from Europe or Asia. Features include:

  • Over 3500 servers in 25 countries
  • Apps for PC and Mobile
  • Router support
  • Streaming optimized servers
  • kodi vpn reddit reviews

    If you ask me I will claim ExpressVPN as the best Kodi VPN to use with since I have had a brilliant streaming experience with the provider unblocking & watching Kodi, BBC iPlayer, HBO Now, Netflix and NowTV UK. Express VPN offers brilliant features including:

  • Servers across 97 countries,
  • SmartDNS support,
  • Dedicated HD streaming servers,
  • Torrent servers (also important for Kodi Quasar & Pulsar),
  • 5 simultaneous logins,
  • Router support,
  • PC & mobile apps, plus many more features to get the best performance from your Kodi app or box.
  • TORGuard VPN has also gotten good mentions from Kodi users’ on Reddit with one user mentioning converting from PIA to TORGuard and it turned out to be good for him. TORGuard offers a range of features including:

  • More than 1600 servers across 55 countries
  • 6 tunneling protocols including OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, SSTP, iKEV2
  • Choice to use 128bit& 256bitencryption or no encryption
  • HTTPS, SSL and SOCKS5 Proxy servers available (good for Kodi streaming users)
  • OpenConnect SSL based VPN for faster streaming on Kodi
  • Support for a huge range of devices including PC, mobile, streaming boxes, routers, streaming sticks, Chromebook, Apple, gaming consoles and many others
  • Webstore for VPN routers
  • ivacy vpn for kodi reddit review

    IvacyVPN is a smaller player of the VPN industry but has a lot of mentions on Reddit. This is mainly due to the fact that Ivacy VPN offers a dedicated add-on for Kodi OpenElec boxes, I tried on PC but it didn’t work. IvacyVPN is a very good service to have if you are a. downloading torrents and b. streaming video from the USA & UK. What I have noticed is that the provider has cut down on the number of servers it offers in the UK now.

    However, IvacyVPN was a great experience using with my uTorrent app both on PC & mobile. I got good (not excellent) speeds while streaming over BBC iPlayer, HBO, ABC, and SportsDevil add-ons. The stream would buffer after every few minutes or so I kept changing the servers and found that their New Jersey server is very good to unblock geo-restricted US Kodi add-ons.

    To be honest with my reader it is very important to understand that no VPN service is good for Kodi. There is no provider that will work the same for any two people, since there are multiple factors involved in delivering data over a VPN service. Since you can’t influence all these factors it is best to test out a few different services before settling with one particular option. Here are the leading VPN services trending on Kodi forums on Reddit:

  • ExpressVPN (Excellent high speed servers with speed promise)
  • PureVPN (very good streaming servers/affordable)
  • TORGuard (Good server network/Decent streaming speeds/Proxy servers available)
  • PIA VPN (Improved server infrastructure/ affordable/ speeds fall during peak hours)
  • IPVanish(Good for streaming on Kodi/very good server backbone/ dedicated streaming servers)
  • Exodus is not a geo-restricted Kodi add-on and the only time you will ever require a VPN for Exodus is if you are on an ISP like Comcast. Comcast complies with all US copyright infringement laws is also quite cozy with some leading MPAA members. If you do ever use a VPN for Exodus you will notice that it works much better off without a VPN service.

    A better option to use with Exodus if you require privacy would be a SmartDNS other than your ISP’s or proxy server without encryption.

    In a Nutshell

    Hope you found our blog helpful in understanding Best Kodi VPN services better. Have a go and unblock your favorite channels with the best VPN providers for Kodi. In case you are having issues using VPN on Kodi do let us know in the comments section below and we will try to sort it out for you.

    If you would like to see something added to our Best Kodi VPN page simply leave your recommendations in the section below. Do let us know which Kodi add-ons are your favorite and which ones annoy you the most.Let’s get this Kodi roller coaster moving!

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