How to Install Netflix on Kodi in 8 Steps

Netflix & Chill has become a legendary phase especially for those captivated by the VoD streaming giant’s massive entertainment library. But, did you know that Netflix is also available over the global phenomenon we all call “Kodi”.

Yes, an unofficial NetfliXBMC add-on is available over the PC, mobile &OpenElec versions of Kodi Media Player.To begin downloading Netflix for Kodi, let’s get the “alelec repository” zip file first. Download this repository zip file and save in a folder that you prefer.

Warning! You should use a VPN to remain anonymous while using NetfliXBMC as it will safeguard your privacy. Avail 73% off on PureVPN and stream unlimited content on NetfliXBMC.


How to Install Netflix on Kodi in 8 Easy Steps (NetfliXBMC)

Once you have the alelecrepository zip file ready &downloaded, we will now proceed to installNetflix on Kodi for Windows.

  1. From the Kodi Home Screen go toSystem> Settings >ClickAdd-Ons
  2. Click “Install from Zip File”
  3. Choose the location of the alelec repository zip file we saved earlier and let it install


how to install netflix on kodi

5. Once the alelec repository is installed, choose Install from Repository>alelec Kodi repo> Program Add-Ons>Chrome Launcher, now wait for the Add-on enabled message.

6. In the Add-Ons menu,click Install from Repository>alelec Kodi repo >VideoAdd-Ons>NetfliXBMC, and let the add-on install.

7. Once the add-on has been installed a notification will appear on your screen

8. Go to Home Screen >Videos> Video Add-ons >NetfliXBMC

9. A new window will pop open, fill in your Netflix account information here in the email& Password fields

Not from the Editor: NetfliXBMC is an unofficial add-on and is not supported by the creators of Netflix. The add-on is known to misbehave with all Kodi media center versions and does not work at all in some cases.

We are not responsible for any damage that you may cause to your system while installing and using this add-on. There is also no guarantee from Kodi developers that the add-on will function properly, for more info join the official Kodi forum for NetfliXBMC.


How to Get Access US(American) Netflix on Kodi Xmbc


Now that you have NetfliXBMC on your Kodi media center, most people ask me just how to get the US Netflix portal on Kodi. This one is simple to get done!

To get the US version of Netflix playing on Kodi you will require a Kodi VPN service with servers in the US to change your IP address & location. So, to use US Netflix on Kodi here is what to do:

  1. Before launching NetfliXBMC, connect your Kodi VPN service to a US VPN server
  2. Go to or
  3. Query your IP address and make sure it appears in the US
  4. Now launch Kodi and access NetfliXBMC from Videos


Warning: There is no guarantee that NetfliXBMC will work let alone work properly on your Kodi media center. The unofficial add-on is not supported by the official Netflix website and the Kodi add-on may fail to execute altogether.


How to Install Netflix on Kodi for Ubuntu/MAC Operating System


Ubuntu users can also install Netflix on Kodi in 8 easy steps but remember that the compatibility issue of NetfliXBMC will still persist. Let’s begin setting up Kodi, then proceed with installing Netflix for Kodi (XBMC):


  1. Begin by, downloadingthe Setup Files for Kodi on Ubuntu
  2. Go to the Terminal Window and type,“Sudo apt-get install software-properties-common”
  3. Add XBMC app Repository by typing the command,“Sudo add-apt-repository ppa: team-xbmc/ppa”
  4. Next, you will have to update your System for Compatibility so type in,“Sudo apt-get update”
  5. Finally, install Kodi on Ubuntu“Sudo apt-get installs Kodi”
  6. Wait for Kodi to complete downloading files and installation, Kodi should be ready to launch in 5 minutes depending on your device speed.


Now you can install Netflix on Kodi Ubuntu by following the guide above.


See You Again Soon!


I hope my guide was helpful in installing NetfliXBMC on your Kodi Ubuntu media center. In case you are face issues check out the official Kodi community for troubleshooting issues with NetfliXBMC from the link above.

Remember to share our guide with Kodi fans and do leave your feedback for improvement. Drop a comment below in case you need to contact us and comeback again for more guides, top Kodi add-on lists and how to install subtitles on kodi.

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  1. Alisha says:

    love this addon please let me know which vpn is best for netflix.
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  2. jason scott says:

    not working no netflix just sbs on demand which wont install waste of time !!!!

    • admin says:

      Hello Jason, we have just tried to install Netflix on Kodi and its working. There are two options in the video add-ons section i.e. Netflix XMBC and SBS on Demand. Please let us know which steps are you undertaking to oversee the installation of the add-on.
      See the snapshot here.

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