Ever since the release of v.13 Gotham the development team built subtitles into Kodi media center settings rather users’downloading additional add-ons to get subtitles. You can turn on subtitle services by simply turning them on in the System Settings menu of all Kodi versions 13 and above.

To enable subtitle services in Kodi follow our step by step tutorial below for Kodi v.16 Jarvis:

  1. From the Kodi Home Screen click System> Video > Subtitles


subtitles on kodi


2.  In the Subtitle menu click ‘Preferred subtitle language


preferred subtitle language setup


3. From the new list scroll down and select ‘English’ or the language you want your subtitles to appear in


how to add subtitles on kodi


4. From the subtitles menu you can choose the

  • Position where subtitles appear on the screen (I prefer at the bottom of the video)
  • 3D effects in subtitles (keep this off for sake of buffering)
  • Font to use for subtitles(use default or simpler fonts)
  • Subtitle font size, style and color(use default)

5. Leave all other subtitle settings untouched

6. Scroll to the end of subtitle service settings you will see two “Default TV Show service”&“Default movie service”

7. Click ‘Default TV show service’, a new box will open up, click Get More


install subtitles on kodi


8. From the list of subtitle services you can install the following (you can install others in case you can’t find subtitles in your language):

  • Opensubtitles.org by Opensubtitles


opensubtitles.org kodi


9. Next click ‘Default movie service’, a similar box will open up, add the same subtitle services again

10. Your subtitles should now be configured and ready, it’s time to test if they worklets head over to Video Add-Ons

11. I installed, launched Exodus and chose the TV Show Narcos. From the video control panel click the subtitles button and then click Download


Netflix subtitles on kodi


12. You will see a list of available subtitles for the video. Select the one you want and subtitles should begin displaying. (In case subtitles don’t appear, pause video and play again)

opensubtitles.org by opensubtitles


See You Again Soon!


I hope you found our guide to setup subtitles on Kodi useful and it helped you sort out that annoying language barrier. Download subtitles in your own language to enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, documentaries, Japanese Anime and lots of other foreign entertainment with subtitles. Dont forget to add kodi vpn before downloading torrents from quasar.

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