This add-on is a complete package for all the users who love streaming TV shows, Movies, Sports events, Kids cartoons etc.

While streaming online with Kodi, make sure you are protected with a reliable VPN for Kodi. It will encrypt your traffic and bypass geo-restrictions, allowing you to stream whatever you wish, from anywhere in the world.

This guide will provide you a walk through on how to install Pyramid on Kodi Leia version 18, Krytpon version 17.6 and Kodi Jarvis version 16. You will also get to learn how to resolve the errors that you might face with this Kodi add-on.


How to Install The Pyramid on Kodi Leia and Krypton versions

  1. Lunch Kodi > Click the Settings Icon > Open File to install the pyramid on kodi
  2. Select Add Source > Click None > Enter this URL: > Click to install the pyramid on kodi krypton version 17 or higher
  3. Name this source ‘Zero’ > Click OK > Return to the Home Screen by pressing backspace key.the pyramid kodi addon
  4. Go to Add-ons Menu > Click on the Box shaped icon > Select Install from Zip File > Select Zero > Click on Repo.ziphow to add the pyramid on kodi
  5. Now go to Install from Repository > Select Zero Tolerance Repository > Open Video Addons > Click on The Pyramid > Click Install > The add-on will be installed!the pyramid kodi setup
  6. Now you can easily access this add-on from the addons menu and enjoy your favorite content.


How to Install the Pyramid on Kodi Jarvis version 16 or Below

  1. Go to System > Open File Manager.
  2. Click Add Source > Enter the link: > Give name ‘Zero’ to this source > Click OK.
  3. Return to Home screen > Go to System > Click Addons > Click Install from Zip >Select Zero > Click on > Wait for the notification to appear.
  4. Click Install from Repository > Select Zero Tolerance Repository > Go to Video add-ons > Select The Pyramid > Click Install > Wait for the add-on to be installed.

Installing Pyramid Kodi isn’t that complex, right?


The Pyramid Kodi Repo Add-on Zip Download

  1. Download the Zip File on your Device > Click Add-ons > Click the Box icon from the top left corner > Click Install from Zip File > Provide system the path of the downloaded file > Select
  2. Click Install from Repository > Click Zero Tolerance Repository > Go to Video Addons > Select The Pyramid> Click Install > Wait till the add-on is installed.
  3. After installation you can use this add-on from the Add-on menu present on the home screen.


The Pyramid Kodi Down/Not Working/Errors/Issues


Pyramid Kodi Not Working/ Down:

Users have complained a lot about Pyramid Kodi not working or being down.  Normally, every third party add-ons face this error. This particular error prompts because of the repository shut down or when the repository is migrated to any other domain.



The only fix for this error is to use a reliable and updated source link for downloading and installing the repository. Here’s the updated repository link for Pyramid.


Pyramid Kodi Playback Failed (Check Log Information)

Playback Failed error is commonly reported by users using Pyramid Kodi 17.4 on a PC or android device. However, this issue didn’t persist in the later versions of Pyramid Kodi 2017.



This error can easily be fixed for Pyramid Kodi 17.4 or lower versions by deleting the outdated database files. Follow these steps for clearing the database:

  1. Open Settings of Kodi.
  2. Go to File Manager.
  3. Now select Profile directory from the left hand column.
  4. Click on Database.
  5. Now Right click Addons27.db > Click Delete.

Problem Solved!

But for the other versions of Pyramid Kodi 2017, the simplest solution other than this one is to use a Kodi VPN service. The main reason behind is that there are some geo-restricted sites which are inaccessible by Kodi without a VPN.


The Pyramid Kodi Dependency

This error pops up when you’re installing the repository. The main reason behind this dependency error is that the host repository might be out-of-date or updating.



The solution to this dependency error is just to wait for an update. As soon as the repository is updated, this error will not appear anymore. Other than that many forums prefer clearing cache as well, but that’s not a solution for this error.


The Pyramid Kodi Reviews

This add-on started as a small one but now it has earned a reputation amongst Kodi users. Pyramid Kodi is developed by Tomb Raider Movies, and is a complete package for all the streaming lovers.

Pyramid Kodi is often recommended by Kodi users to other Kodi beginners due to its user-friendly interface. This can be seen through the discussion threads of Reddit over favorite Kodi add-ons for streaming. One user didn’t just name this add-on but listed its variety of library too, take a look:
pyramid review

This is what contented users are like, expressive!


Pyramid Kodi Twitter Reviews

Pyramid Kodi’s return surely made geeks happy. One of the twitter user tweeted this about the return of The Pyramid:


There were also a “Long Time User” of Pyramid, expressing his joy:



Final Words

Every third-party Kodi add-on is unique and enables users to witness things beyond their imagination. The Pyramid’s return is obviously appreciated by the users as there are only a few reliable add-ons having such capabilities and features. Pyramid Kodi is surely a beauty as in good.