Frequent Kodi users face certain issues and errors time to time, which can be easily resolved.We have discussed 6 common errors in this guide along with their fixes, enabling you to enjoy midstream without any hassle. Nevertheless, having a VPN for Kodi should be your first priority to protect your online presence and to enjoy seamless Kodi streaming.



6 Common Kodi Problems With Fixes

With something great, comes something disturbing and in this case with Kodi, it’s the errors that Kodi bring with itself. These Kodi errors are not a big deal to resolve and so we have lined up a round up of fixes for you:

#1. Kodi Crashes or Has Strange Bugs

The usual problem with such streaming software is that they always have a few bugs and issues that are left un-noticed by developers before releasing.

These bugs and glitches leave users with Kodi not working, as the software hangs during the operation, becomes irresponsive or sometimes crashes. The development and support teams keep a weather eye online and keep collecting user feedback.

Every new update of the software has some bug fixes and tweaking made by software development team. These updates are made by keeping the previous version’s issues and feedbacks in consideration.


Therefore, if you are facing any issue like irresponsiveness to commands, constant crashing, and problems with starting resulting in kodi not working, then you should update your Kodi version.

Simply install the latest version of Kodi available online on its official site, as it will have the bug fixed. Refer to our How to Update Kodi guide and you will have the complete picture in focus.


#2. Kodi Is Too Slow

Speed is the first and foremost requirement of every streaming geek, as nobody likes sluggish software and streaming. Many Kodi users all over the world have reported that their Kodi used to be all-good in the beginning but ultimately it has started working too slow.

The main issue with this slow-ness of Kodi is because of the amount of Kodi add-ons and repositories that users install on daily basis.

There are hundreds of Kodi add-on and repositories and users keep on browsing and experimenting something new every day. Excessive load on Kodi library causes the application to slow down.


Uninstall all the unnecessary Kodi add-ons and keep only those add-ons that you need for streaming. Another better way to maintain your Kodi add-on is to try installing one-for-all or multi-purpose Kodi add-ons, this will help you surf variety of content at fast speed.

However, one more thing that needs to be kept into consideration is to install reliable and safe Kodi add-on that works fine and are up-to-date. To uninstall any Kodi add-on, follow these steps:

  1. Open Kodi > Click on the Add-ons
  2. Click on the Box icon from the top left corner > Click on My add-ons
  3. Click “All” to see all the installed Kodi add-ons that you have.
  4. Hover over the add-on that you want to delete and rightclick on it.
  5. Click Information > A new window will open
  6. Click Uninstall and then click Yes > The add-on will be uninstalled.

In order to uninstall any Kodi repository, follow these steps:

  1. Open Kodi and head to Add-ons menu.
  2. Click on the Box icon and then click on My Add-ons.
  3. Now click Add-on repository and you will see all the repositories that you have on your Kodi in a form of list.
  4. Right click in the respective repository that you want to uninstall and click Information.
  5. Now click Uninstall and then click Yes.
  6. The repository will be uninstalled in a few seconds.


#3. Kodi Takes up Too Much Hard Drive Space

Not every Kodi add-on is light and covers a small amount of system memory, some Kodi add-ons are heavy due to the backend plug-ins that are installed with them.

Such add-ons cover a lot of system drive space and hence they create a storage issue for the user. Some users install Kodi skins as well which helps them make Kodi interface smoother, what they do not realize is that these skins are heavy and they consume a lot of memory.


If you are facing any issues regarding memory and storage, but you believe that Kodi is taking a lot of device storage then you can do a simple trick to maintain the balance. Simply clear your Kodi cache and thumbnails to clear up your drive storage and fix kodi not working.

But you cannot do it without the Indigo Kodi add-on that is actually a maintenance Kodi add-on and has all the useful tools that you need for Kodi tweaking. Follow these steps to install the Indigo Kodi add-on and to clear your cache and thumbnails:

  1. Open Kodi.
  2. Click the Gear (Settings) icon > Open File Manager.
  3. Double click on Add source and then Click where it says <None>.
  4. Now type this URL: http://fusion.tvaddons.co/ and Click Ok.
  5. Name this media source as fusion and Click Ok.
  6. Click OK again to close the dialogue box.
  7. Return to your main menu and click on Add-ons tab.
  8. Click on the Box icon and a new window will open.
  9. Now select Install from zip file option.
  10. From the available options, select fusion > Open Kodi-repos > Then click English and select xmbchub-3.0.0.zip > Wait for the notification.
  11. Now select Install from repository option > OpenCO Add-on Repository.
  12. Go to Program add-ons and Click on Indigo.
  13. Click Install > wait for the notification.
  14. Once the notification appears, return to the Kodi main menu.
  15. Go to Add-ons menu and head to Program add-ons.
  16. Select Indigo > Click Maintenance Tools > Click Clear Cache > Clear Once > Click OK.
  17. Now click Delete Thumbnails > Hit Yes.

There you have your backend cache and thumbnails removed and now you will have a lot of storage cleaned up on your drive.


#4. Build Stops Working

Kodi builds are highly preferred by users because they have many add-ons pre-installed, and the users only have to go through the installation procedure once for installing all those add-ons and enjoy free streaming.

However, as these builds have pre-installed add-ons and skins, they are quite heavy. An average Kodi build is around 350mb.

Being heavy in size causes an issue for the system to load all the features, interface and then run the add-ons smoothly.

Many a times, these builds crash or the add-ons in these builds stop working. This is why, users keep reporting about the issues they experience while using these builds.


The best way to fix this issue is to stop using any build and remove all the builds that you have already installed on your Kodi. In this way, you will be able to save your system’s storage space.

The best way to use Kodi is by installing add-ons manually, though it would take some time and you will have to face some repetitive procedures but it is the optimal option.


#5. If Nothing Else Works

Sometimes, Kodi stops working, leaving you clueless that what might have went wrong and why is it not starting or plying any streams or opening any add-ons. Many users have reported this issue and it is nothing new. What happens is that sometimes a bug or a missing run-file causes the application to freeze its functions. Hence Kodi does not work.


To fix this error, perform a factory restore and your Kodi will have all the data wiped off. Once your Kodi is restored, it will start running just fine, as this is the ultimate step for resolving an issue. You can perform factory restore by using the Indigo Kodi add-on that was mentioned earlier in this guide.


#6. Kodi No streams Available

One of the most common error with Kodi is the No streams available error and the users have had enough of it. Many newbies to Kodi think that this error has to do something with the Kodi software. However, contradictory to this belief, this is an issue with the Kodi add-on because of obsolete streams and outdated providers.

The Kodi add-ons used for streaming fetch streams from providers available online, and if there are no providers or providers that are not updated, this error pops-up.


To fix this No streams available error, update your Kodi version by downloading the latest Kodi version from the official site.


#7. Kodi Repositories Not Working

Kodi repositories are the actually a complete package that contain the Kodi addons. In order to install the addon, you have to install its repository first. A repository may contain a single addon or numerous addons, varies from repository to repository.

Possibilities are that you might encounter issues while trying to install from a repository. This is a common issue with third-party repositories as they keep on shutting down or switching domains.

other than that, there are a few other reasons as well like using an incorrect URL or using an obsolete link. Similarly, many a times a repository stops working when it is undergoing an update and users think that it has been shut down thus creating a bullwhip effect.


If you are having Kodi repository not working issues then you can follow these steps to resolve them:

First of all check the repository URL by accessing it in your browser. If its working then head to the File Manager in Kodi and open the specified URL. Remove the URL you have added earlier, copy the URL from the browser and paste it in the field. Make sure there are no spaces in between or at the end.

Click OK and head back to the main menu. Now try accessing the repository again from the add-ons menu.

If the problem persist then I would recommend you to clear your system cache because if the repository is accessible through the browser, then it should definitely run on Kodi.

In case you are unable to access the repository through the web, then you will have to look for alternate Kodi repositories. Before you opt for the alternate Kodi repositories, try looking for the same repository though google search or over GitHub.

Chances are that you might find an alternate or updated source of the  repository because many a times these repositories migrate from one source to another.


Kodi Not Working On Amazon FireStick

FireStick for Kodi is an amazing device for all the streaming lovers around the globe as it allows users the ease and convenience to stream their favorite content.

However, a large number of binge watchers prefer accessing free streams as they are do not consider paying any fee. That is why many streaming geeks use Kodi on FireStick by installing Kodi through Jailbreak method.

However, you might face an issue while installing Kodi on FireStick if the setup files you download are outdated or if it does not download properly.

Usually installing Kodi on FireStick does not trigger any errors but while installing a certain Kodi add-on, users might face some issues. That is because the add-ons have dependency issues and bugs, which directly affects its installation.

In case you face any issues in installing or using any Kodi add-on on FireStick, reinstall the add-on from an up to date repository to fix the issue. However, if you face any problems related to Kodi then the best practice would be to uninstall Kodi and install it again.


Kodi Live Streams Not Working On FireStick

Running live streams on Kodi is the best experience any streaming geek would love to have. Sometimes, users face issues while trying to access live streams on Kodi and complain that Kodi live streams are not working on FireStick.

This is not an issue with the device or the software, it is actually an issue with the add-on. With proper update or tweaking, you can resolve this error.

Popular Kodi Addons Not Working

1.     Covenant Not Working

Covenant kodi addon

Covenant Kodi addon is a fork of the famous Exodus Kodi add-on and it came to life when Exodus was shut down for a brief period.

Covenant Kodi add-on itself is a highly popular Kodi add-on because of the streams that it provides and the variety of content it has.

However, Covenant Kodi add-on has similar issues that you can see with every third-party Kodi add-on. To learn more about these issue and see their fixes, refer to our Covenant Kodi guide.


2.     Kodi Exodus Not Working

exodus kodi addon

Exodus being the prime choice of every binge watcher has some bugs and Kodi errors that were left unresolved.

As the development team of Exodus Kodi add-on announced that they will no longer be updating it, users were left aside to face the persisting issues.

However, our Exodus Kodi  addon guide has the fixes for all the possible errors and we recommend you to look at it.


3.     Genesis Reborn Not Working

how to install genesis reborn on kodi

Third-party Kodi add-ons have been a top choice of every binge watcher because of the free content in HD quality. The problems that come with it are something that creates a hassle for the users.

Users tend to avoid such Kodi add-ons despite their positive attributes, but we recommend you to solve these issues by going through our Genesis Reborn guide and we hope that you will not be discouraged anymore.


4.     Neptune Rising Not Working

Neptune Rising Kodi Addon

Who has not heard of the famous Neptune Rising Kodi add-on that has been one of the top choice of Kodi users who love watching Movies and Sports.

Neptune Rising does have some issues with it like No streams and Dependency failures, but all of these errors can be easily fixed. Simply refer to our Neptune Rising guide.


Final Remarks For Kodi Not Working

Kodi has been an excellent choice for all streaming lovers over the years. The problems that this software has discourages users to try it. However, every issue that Kodi users have reported or have faced can be resolved by following the procedures mentioned in our guide.