How to Install Alluc on Kodi in Less Than 7 Minutes

**Update 2017 – At the time of writing this review, the Alluc add-on was operational. However, for unknown reasons, the extension is no longer working. If you want to use the add-on, keep following this blog for further updates. We will provide tips as soon as we work for a solution to get the extension working again to enjoy streaming movies/TV shows!


Alluc Kodi Repository Installation Guide

  1. What is Alluc Repository?
  2. How to Install Alluc on Kodi 17
  3. How to Install Alluc on Kodi 16
  4. Alluc vs Exodus
  5. Alluc Not Working/Issues/Fixes
  6. Alluc Kodi Reviews


What is Alluc Repository?

If you want to stream the latest TV shows/movies via Kodi, then you might want to consider using Alluc. Though you have to sign up for an account, the interface is simple and easy to navigation. The extension boasts a huge database of content available for streaming. This way, you can keep up-to-date with the latest episodes of your TV series, along with new/classic movies. Read this systematic guide below for information on how to install Alluc on Kodi.


How to Install Alluc on Kodi Krypton Version 17 or Higher

  1. Launch the Kodi V17 Krypton application and click on the “Gear” icon.How to install Alluc on Kodi
  2. You will see a list of options. Select the last one labelled “File Manager”.how to install alluc on kodi krypton version 17 or higher
  3. Here you will find sources for Kodi Repositories. Click on “Add Source” to enter URL.alluc kodi
  4. Double-click on “None” and enter the following URL: on kodi setup
  5. Name the media source “SuperRepo” and hit the OK button.alluc on kodi settings
  6. Return to the main menu, click on “Add-ons”, and then the “Package” symbol on the top-left corner.alluc on kodi configuration
  7. From the list of options, select the one titled “Install from Zip File”.alluc kodi zip file download url
  8. Find and click on the Media Source you added and named earlier i.e. “SuperRepo”.alluc kodi tutorial
  9. Select Krypton > All > “”.alluc superrepo
  10. Wait for the installation to complete, return to add-on browser, and select “Install from Repository”.alluc kodi guide
  11. Click on “SuperRepo Repositories [Krypton] [v7]” and install the “SuperRepo Category Video [Krypton] [v7]”.alluc superrepo category video
  12. Open “SuperRepo Category Video [Krypton] [v7]” and select “Video Add-ons”.alluc video addon
  13. Scroll down until you find the Alluc add-on by “DudeHere – 1.2.10”alluc
  14. Hit the install button and enjoy using Alluc for streaming movies/TV shows!

alluc kodi errors


How to Install Alluc on Kodi Jarvis Version 16 or Below

  1. Open Kodi V16 Jarvis and click on the “System” option.
  2. Navigate and select “File Manager” tab.
  3. Choose the “Add Source” option.
  4. Double-click on “None” to enter URL.
  5. Copy/Paste http://nu/
  6. Give a name to the source, such as “SuperRepo”.
  7. Click on System > Add-ons > Install from Zip File.
  8. Select the Kodi Version “Jarvis” from the list of options.
  9. Click on the “All” button, if you want the complete Repo.
  10. Select “”
  11. Wait for the Add-on enabled notification.
  12. Return to the home screen and select “Programs”.
  13. Select the SuperRepo Category Video [Jarvis] [v6] from the list.
  14. Install Category Video and then find Alluc.
  15. Press the Install button!.


Alluc vs Exodus

Exodus exists as one of the best kodi addons for streaming documentaries, sports, cartoons, anime, TV shows, and movies. However, the alluc addon will not stay for long, considering the developers officially introduced a last update. According to an announcement, Covenant is the official replacement for the add-on. This means, Alluc definitely has an upper hand on Exodus for now. There are no threats of the extension shutting down and you technically have similar access to a huge database of content.


Alluc Not Working/Issues/Fixes


Alluc Login Error

You have installed the Alluc add-on, seen the popup welcoming you, and accepted the disclaimer provided. However, when you choose to run Alluc in Basic or Advanced mode, you cannot pass the login screen and receive an error.



This could be possible, due to your account not registered successfully. Visit to sign up and make sure to click the confirmation link you receive via email. Mostly, login errors arise due to not confirming your address.


Alluc Failed to Install a Dependency

This error is the most common on Kodi when installing different add-ons from varied kodi repositories. There could be many reasons as to why you may be seeing this, but there is no need to panic. Follow the steps bellow to fix the error.



If you want to get rid of the failed to install a dependency error, consider deactivating repos that are no longer operation. Oftentimes, Kodi tries grabbing information from broken repos. This results in failure of installation. Another solution is to rejuvenate Kodi via the Indigo extension.


Alluc No Results Found

This error mostly shows up when you search for a particular show. Mostly, you will see a list of results that match your query. However, there are some days, that you may receive a “no results found” error. Learn why you see this error below:



Alluc has a huge database of content that allows users to watch their favorite movies/TV series at the utmost convenience. However, the error does not signify that there is a problem with the add-on. Sometimes, there might not be any results for the search provided. To double check your search query, visit


Alluc Kodi Reviews

The Alluc Kodi addon has managed to amass huge reputation in the third-party add-ons marketplace. You can find many users praising the extension for its straightforward interface and ability to provide high-quality streams for a variety of TV shows/movies.

However, sometimes users do experience trouble when trying to view their favorite content. Below you can see a user displaying frustration on not being able to find streams for Stranger Things from the other addon.



Wrapping Things Up

We hope this guide helps you understand how to install Alluc on Kodi, while also troubleshooting common issues with the extension. Enjoy watching movies/TV shows on the add-on, without hassle. However, if you encounter any troubles with the add-on, feel free to drop a comment below. Also, do not hesitate on sharing the article with your friends/family members. Have a nice day! 🙂

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