How To Install Ares Wizard on Kodi Krypton And Jarvis Tutorial

Ares Project Repo

Update: Ares Wizard was previously said to be shut down. However Ares Wizard is back with a new URL and a lot of new builds.

Ares Project is the repository for Ares Wizard that contains tons of media content including third-party kodi addons and its Ares’ own add-ons. The wizard is in its program add-ons and by downloading the Wizard, you get various add-ons and repositories for your Kodi. In this guide we will provide instructions on how to install Ares Wizard on Kodi in simple steps. So, read on!

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how to install new ares wizard

  1. New Ares Wizard Repo URL
  2. How to Install Ares Wizard on Kodi Krypton Version 17.6 or Lower?
  3. How To Install Ares Wizard on Kodi – Video Guide (Updated 2018)
  4. How To Install Ares on Kodi Krypton Version 17 or Higher
  5. How To Install Ares Wizard on Kodi Jarvis Version 16 or Below
  6. How to Install Ares Wizard on FireStick
  7. Ares Wizard Download
  8. New Ares Features
  9. Ares Not Working
  10. Ares Best Builds
  11. Ares Wizard Alternatives


New Ares Wizard Repo URL

This Wizard was shut down last year and the whole Kodi community was shocked to hear the saddening news. The wizard has been a key Kodi component for every Kodi geek and when it went out of the game, users were left clueless as to how to replace it.

However, ever since it has returned, the Kodi community has welcomed it with open arms. The Wizard has returned with a new URL i.e. “ “. Users can easily access this URL to use their favorite wizard that has solutions for all Kodi user needs.


How to Install Ares Wizard on Kodi Krypton Version 17.6 or Lower

  1. Open Kodi > Click on the Gear Icon > Click on the File Manager > Double click on Add Source.
  2. Click <None> > Type this URL > Click Ok > Name this URL as AresBuild > Click OK > Double check the name and URL and then click OK to close the dialogue box.
  3. Return to your Kodi Home Screen > Click on Add-ons > Click on the box icon > Select the Install from Zip file option > Click on AresBuild and wait for the notification.
  4. Now return to Home Screen and click on the Addons tab > Click on Program Addons and select Ares Wizard.

It is that simple!

How To Install New Ares Wizard on Kodi – Video Guide


How To Install Ares Wizard on Kodi Krypton Version 17 or Higher

  1. Open Kodi from your system > Click on Settings icon > Select File Manager > Now double click on Add to install ares wizard on kodi
  2. Here you will see a box appear so click on where it says ‘None’ > Now it will ask for the URL so type and click OK > Now type the name of media source ‘Ares’ and Click OK > Click OK to install ares wizard on kodi krypton version 17
  3. Now go back to Kodi Main Menu by pressing on ‘Backspace’ key > Click on Add-ons > Then Package Installer icon.ares wizard on kodi
  4. Now you need to click on Install from Zip File Option > Then click on Ares > respository.aresproject > repository.aresproject-0.0.8 > Now wait for it to to add ares wizard on kodi
  5. Once it is installed you need to click on Install from Repository option > Then find and click on Ares Project > Go to Program Add-ons > Ares Wizard > Install > It will take few minutes to install.ares wizard kodi setup
  6. Go back to Kodi Main Menu again > Click on Add-ons > Program Add-ons > Then click on Ares Wizard > It will automatically install and load the Wizard which will take few minutes.ares wizard kodi settings
  7. Once it is done, it will re-direct Kodi users to its Wizard where you can choose add-ons and Builds. So enjoy!

ares kodi configuration wizard


How To Install Ares Wizard on Kodi Jarvis Version 16 or Below

  1. Launch Kodi Jarvis > System > File Manager > Double click Add Source > Click on None and type the URL and click Done > Type Name ‘Ares’ and click Done > Now click OK.
  2. Go back to Kodi Home Screen where you need to click on System > Then Add-ons > Install from Zip File option > Ares > repository.aresproject > > Wait for it to install.
  3. Now select Install from Repository option > Go to Ares Project > Click on Program Add-ons > Now click on Ares Wizard > Install > Wait for it to complete.
  4. Now go back to Kodi Home Screen > Click on System > Program > Add-ons > Ares Wizard > It will start installing Ares Wizard on your Kodi > Once installed you can use Ares Wizard.


How to Install Ares Wizard on FireStick

  1. Simply, Install Kodi on your Fire Stick device.
  2. Go to Developer Options > Turn ON ADB Debugging and Apps from Unknown Sources.

From here onwards, follow the steps that are mentioned above for installation of Ares Wizard on Kodi Krypton. The procedure will remain exactly similar to that.


Ares Wizard Download

To directly download the wizard on Kodi, you need to click on this link which will ask for your permission to download a zip file on your system. This is a direct zip download method where you can skip the initial 3 steps as described for the wizard for Kodi Krypton section. After you have downloaded the zip file on your system, you need to follow below steps:

Click on Install from Zip File > Now navigate the zip file which you just downloaded on your system > Now wait for Installation.

Now follow the same procedure from Step 5 that were highlighted in the above section.


New Ares Wizard Features

The latest version of Ares Wizard has some value added features that will help every Kodi user. Following are the newly added features to the wizard:


Now users can easily create a backup of their Trakt and Real Debrid accounts via backup feature. This will help them retain their data if they re-install the add-on or update Kodi/add-on.


The settings menu has been made more comprehensive allowing users to filter the content as well as check for build updates and make changes in the device configurations.


The new tweaks feature allows users to clear their cache more instantly and patch their provider URLs. URL patching and cache clears helps in improving the streaming quality and speed of Kodi.


All of this and many other new tools have been added in the maintenance menu to help you stream with this wizard seamlessly without having to worry about the quality and storage issues. Options like thumbnail clearing, Cache clearing and account managing have also been added to this section. A pop-up regarding configuration of the build has been introduced as well.


Ares Wizard Not Working

While using this wizard you might face common problems such as appearing of the black screen where the Ares Wizard failing to load Builds. The reason why you face these issues is due to the fact that you might be using the older version of Kodi. The latest version of Kodi is Krypton version 17.3.



You can either find a new Kodi to install on your system or a latest version. It can be found in different kodi repositories including its own repository. It is recommended that you download it from its own repository so that you receive a latest version.


Ares Wizard Best Builds

Kodi Builds contains channels that are automatically downloaded on your Kodi once you download the wizard. Some of the best Ares Wizard builds are provided in the list below:

  1. Pulse
  2. Apollo
  3. CosmicSaints
  4. Brians Kodi
  5. CHAPPiE
  6. Durex
  7. Duggz Build
  8. Biagio Build
  9. Kryptonite
  10. Titan


Ares Wizard Alternatives

  1. SuperRepo Repository (Installation Guide)
  2. Noobs & Nerds Repository (Installation Guide)
  3. SportsDevil Repository (Installation Guide)
  4. Kodil Repository (Installation Guide with Covenant Addon)


Ares Forum

To participate or to gain insight of the wizard, you can visit the  Forum. Ares users and Ares officials participate heavily to entertain people with queries or suggestions. There are always new threads on the forum where users could benefit them by reading into various trends and suggestions.


Final Words

Ares lets you download various add-ons all in one place and without breaking a sweat. Ares  is unlike any other Wizard that has its own add-ons for fitness, sports, and so much more. You can stream live sports and highlights on your fingertips. So try installing Ares Wizard on Kodi and enjoy every entertainment package it offers.

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Nick Michaelson

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27 Responses to How To Install Ares Wizard on Kodi Krypton And Jarvis Tutorial

  1. Cornelis H. says:

    The URL has not been working for the past couple of days.

    • Nick Michaelson says:

      Hello Cornelis, the repository URL for Ares Wizard has been changed. Please refresh this page to find a new method we have updated to install Ares Wizard. Here is the URL just in case: If it doesn’t work let us know.

      • Sharon says:

        Hi the is not working either.

        • admin says:

          Hello Sharon, unfortunately the repository has shut down and does not work any more.

  2. Cornelis H. says:

    Thanks, Nick. It works again.

    • Nick Michaelson says:

      Great! Glad to be of any help!!!

  3. Ruelena says:

    I already have ares wizard installed. I just want to know how to go back and add new add ons?

    • Nick Michaelson says:

      If you have Ares Wizard installed and you need to add new add-ons then Open Kodi > Go to Add-ons > Program Add-ons > Ares Wizard. A box will open > Go to Browse add-ons on top menu and select add-on.

      If you have Ares Project. Then open Kodi > Add-ons > Package Installer Box icon > Install from Repo > Ares Project > Video Add-ons > select add-ons from the list. Hope this helps.

  4. Tony says:

    I have ares project and ares wizard installed. When I went back to use the wizard keeps telling me its not installed . I’ve redone the ares install over and over again still saying its not installed. After it says ares project installed . What gives been messing with this shit for days man . I give tf up

    • Dave says:

      Tony, I feel your pain man. This has been driving me nuts! Like you I’ve uninstalled, re-installed, tried every source available all to no avail. At least now I know it’s not just me. It was suggested that I update to the latest version of Kodi to fix it but doing so will wipe out my build and I don’t have it backed up. If you or anyone else come up with a soloution please post it here.

    • Nick Michaelson says:

      Hello Tony, you might want to upgrade your Kodi to 17.3 or 17.4. This would help you install Ares Project and Ares Wizard correctly. You can easily install Kodi Krypton 17.4 without losing your Builds and add-ons. When installing the new Kodi, it asks for your permission that it will overwrite your existing Kodi but your settings and library data will remain intact. So, technically you won’t lose any data. This has been tried and tested.

      • André says:

        I’m having that same problem.
        I have the latest build on kodi, and unistalled/installed ares several times still can’t solve the problem.
        I even tried this a solution previously available on ares-project forum. Didn’t work for me either.
        Rebooted router and the system, according to a suggestion from a Ares staff member. Didn’t work either.
        They told me to check Firewall/Anti-virus, everything was well configured.
        Still haven’t found a solution. Waiting for the Ares staff members to help me on this one.

        • admin says:

          Hello Andre, may be your router does not support this add-on. We have checked Ares by installing and uninstalling on many occasions but it works fine for us. Look at this screenshot which will confirm that Ares is working fine.

  5. Offilia Maitre says:

    Hey installed the new Kodi 17.4 and the Ares builds is not working keeps telling me about “502 “ can you help ??

    • Nick Michaelson says:

      Hey, Ares Builds may have problems while installation. You can try Ares Wizard if you want to install many add-ons. If there’s any specific add-on you want to install, please do let us know.

  6. orban says:

    ares server must be down not working says there is no network conection will not ad source

  7. Miguel says:

    When I try to install from repository it says could not connect to repository

    • Nick Michaelson says:

      Ares Wizard link has been changed. We have updated the blog for you. The new Ares Project Repository Link is

      • dave walls says:


        this is a problem ive been having and have used many of urls available i get to press install from repository and a box comes up Ares Project could not connect to repository

        • admin says:

          You are right Dave, unfortunately Ares Wizard has been shut down here is the complete news

  8. Kevin Lopez says:

    ive been trying to add ares but everytime it says “Couldnt retrieve directory information would you like to add it anyays” please help me ive been trying to download ares for days now

    • Nick Michaelson says:

      Ares Wizard link has been changed. We have updated the blog for you. The new Ares Project Repository Link is

  9. lez says:

    none of these links work

    • admin says:

      Hello Lez,
      Please use this repo:

      Let us know if you need further help.

  10. Pauline Froggatt says:

    Tried all repos none worki g has ares gone for good

    • admin says:

      Ares Wizard has shut down due to legal issues. Therefore you may not be able to install add-ons through Ares Wizard. But there still are alternatives to Ares Wizard.

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