NoobsandNerds Repository sits next to ‘SuperRepo’ as the largest repository list that you can install on Kodi. Once you have installed NoobsandNerds repository, you will have access to many popular Kodi add-ons including MetalliQ, Zen, Bob, SportsDevil Launcher, and many others. This repository supplies with plentiful movies, TV shows, sporting events, and many other media content available for streaming. In this guide, we provide step-by-step guide on how to install NoobsandNerds Kodi repository.

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How to Install Noobs and Nerds on Kodi Krypton Version 18

  1. Launch Kodi > Go to ‘Settings’ key which is present at the top > File Manager > Double click on ‘Add Source’.how to install noobs and nerds on kodi
  2. Type a URL on a place where it says ‘None’ > Type the name of the media source ‘Noobs and Nerds’.

how to install noobs and nerds on kodi krypton version 17

  1. Now go to Kodi Home Screen by pressing ‘Esc’ button on your keypad > Click on Add-ons > Press the ‘Package Installer’ icon present at the top left corner.noobs and nerds kodi repository
  2. Click on Install from zip file > Noobs and Nerds > Click on Noobsandnerds Repo (1.7).zip.noobs and nerds repository zip file for kodi
  3. Now click on Install from repository > Video Add-ons > Now click on any of the add-ons that you want to install from the list e.g. Bob, SportsDevil Launcher, The Red Pill, etc > Click Install and wait for the add-on to enable. noobs and nerds video repository addons
  4. Go to Kodi Home Screen > Click on Add-ons > Music Add-ons > Click on Bob.noobs and nerds bob
  5. Enjoy Movies, Music, Sports, and more!.

beauty and the beast noobs and nerds


How to Install Noobs and Nerds on Kodi Jarvis Version 16

The process of how to install Noobs and Nerds on Kodi Jarvis Version 16 remains the same as it is followed in the above step-by-step guide. However, due to the change in versions, the layout  differs.

In Kodi Jarvis, the tabs are located at the bottom of the screen in a horizontal manner, while in the latest version of Kodi, the tabs can be found hanging vertically on the left side of the screen.

Also, the ‘Systems’ key that was present in Kodi Jarvis Version 16 has been replaced by ‘Settings’ key in Kodi Krypton Version 17. Please follow the above guide while considering these changes.


Noobs and Nerds Repo Zip File

You can skip the first two steps of installation guide by downloading the Noobs and Nerds Repo zip file directly from the website. After you install the zip file on to your device, you may need to follow one additional step:

Step 3 and 4 (Combined): Go to Kodi Home Screen > Add-ons > Package Installer > Install from zip file > Now navigate the file that you downloaded on to your device and click OK. Now you may follow step 5 onwards to continue with the installation.


Noobs and Nerds Login

NoobsandNerds have a forum for each of its add-on where users can discuss problems and provide suggestions to any problem related to the NoobsandNerds Kodi add-on. For posting any queries or suggestions, you need to have NoobsandNerds login ID and password. For that you need to register to the website. Here are the steps for registering to NoobsandNerds website:

  1. Go to Noobs and Nerds website here.noobs and nerds login
  2. Place your mouse on Add-on tab > Scroll down to Forum Support > Click on Community Portal or any other add-on forum.noobs and nerds website
  3. You can either ‘Register’ to the website or login with Google or Facebook and start using the community portal if you ever wanted help with Noobs and Nerds Kodi add-on.

noobs and nerds register


How to Add Channels from Noobs and Nerds Kodi Repository

In the NoobsandNerds Kodi repository, you will get many popular add-ons which you can download on Kodi. For instance, if you download ‘The Red Pill’ Kodi add-on, you can view documentaries from around the world on various to watch noobs and nerds channel on kodi

When you open The Red Pill Kodi add-on, you are faced with a variety of options including Documentary Storm, Top Documentary, Free Documentary, etc. When you click on Documentary Storm, you can view various genres of documentaries. From these documentaries, select any one which will therefore lead you towards different channels including YouTube.


To Add Things Up

You may save yourself from a lot of hassles when you install NoobsandNerds Kodi repository where you will gain access to many popular add-ons to stream latest movies, TV shows, sports, etc. Why to download a separate Kodi add-on when you can install all-in-one Kodi add-ons with a similar process? In this guide we provided the steps on how to install NoobsandNerds Kodi repository, so enjoy watching all the latest media content.