Kodi is not just another media player; but rather it is a complete entertainment package. Users can stream whatever they wish for, and anywhere they want. Imagine the freedom users have with this application, but its reputation has been very much stained.

Kodi News
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Due to all the piracy and copyright infringement issues popping up, Kodi/XBMC has been a highly discussed topic online. These discussions and news have raised many eyebrows and people have started wondering is Kodi legal or not? what is the legality of kodi addons and kodi vpn

Don’t worry, we know your concerns and so we have decided to clear the air of misconceptions once and for all.



What Is Kodi XBMC?

Kodi is an open-source media player software that was known as XBMC in its earlier days. XBMC stands for Xbox Media Center which was released in 2004, but changed its name to Kodi in 2014. The source coding of this application is based on Python and C++ that are very easy to replicate, as it is an open source application.

Kodi is used to stream movies, Live TV shows, Pay-per-view events, Cartoons, Anime, Sports events and highlights, Music Shows, etc. It is a highly praised, recommended and preferred app amongst all the binge watchers and streaming geeks.


Is Kodi Legal?

is kodi legal or illegal

Streaming noobs and new users raise this question time after time. The answer to it is; Yes, Kodi is totally legal. The case of legality in Kodi’s case is subjective to the add-ons and sources you use to stream the content. The media content provided by Kodi through its official add-on repository is in no manner involved in copyright infringement or piracy, thus making it legal to use.


Relationship of Unofficial Addons with Kodi

The streaming provided by Kodi is undoubtedly wonderful but obviously, users have to pay for the content that they wish to stream. The add-ons available in Kodi by default are all paid add-ons, which obviously is something that is not welcomed by every streaming fan.

This is why, some independent developers made third-party unofficial Best Kodi addons that scrape the streaming links and provide it to the users for free. These unofficial add-ons are not encouraged, supported or recommended by Kodi as they are involved in privacy infringement.

There are hundreds of unofficial add-ons available online that are used by millions of users just because they are free. Many of the third-party add-ons are shut down on daily basis but they re-appear online, hosted through other repositories.


Is Kodi Illegal?

No, Kodi itself is not illegal! However, using unofficial (Third-party) add-ons on Kodi is illegal because the content provided by third-party add-ons is pirated and this practice is against the DMCA guidelines. The ease of setting up on multiple platforms such as kodi on android, iOS, Linux and a lot more makes it even popular.


Is Kodi Safe? – Relationship of Official Addons with Kodi

There are a number of add-ons available in the official Kodi add-on repository by default, categorized according to the content type they stream. If you are using the provided official add-ons, then it is surely safe to use.

In addition, users can also download more add-ons directly from the official Kodi website, according to their needs and preferences. ‘These add-ons are stages as legal because they are in total compliance with the copyright and anti-piracy guidelines provided by DMCA.


Official Kodi Add-ons Example

Following are some Official Kodi add-ons that are legal to use:

  1. Plex
  2. Pluto.TV
  3. TubeCast
  4. NBC Sports Live Extra
  5. Livestream
  6. Fox Sports GO
  7. ABC Family
  8. Lazy TV
  9. BBC iPlayer WWW
  10. TVDB


Unofficial Kodi Add-ons Example

Here are some of the unofficial; Kodi add-ons that are illegal to use on Kodi:

  1. Covenant
  2. Exodus
  3. Uncoded
  4. Gurzil
  5. Neptune Rising
  6. Poseidon
  7. Ultimate IPTV
  8. Titanium
  9. Fantastic
  10. Bennu


Is Kodi Legal in USA?

Kodi is legal in USA but the third-party add-ons are not legal to use in the country. In fact, several notices were issued to users because of using unofficial Kodi add-ons. A Bill, namely S. 978 was presented in US that implied the copyright infringement as a serious violation. However, this bill was dissolved later on, but US is a part of an anti-piracy committee having major countries onboard.

The crackdown is US against third-party add-on users and people selling fully-loaded Boxes with third-party add-ons installed, is now is at its peak and has gained some intensity in last few months.


Is Kodi illegal in UK?

Millions of UK residents are using Kodi at their homes and this number is increasing gradually. However, Kodi is not illegal to use, but the major concern is the usage of unofficial third-party add-ons. The authorities have been active in taking measures against third-party add-on users.

As there are a lot of football fans in UK, third-party add-on streaming users have started increased significantly. In this case, UEFA and Premier League have taken a court order in UK to shut down the unofficial add-ons and illegal streams. A number of arrests have been made against the people selling loaded android boxes.


Is Kodi Legal in Canada?

Kodi is legal in Canada, but third-party add-on usage is not allowed in any case. Canadian authorities take online piracy as a serious concern and have strict laws regarding viewing copyright material for free.


Is Kodi Safe to Use in Australia?

Australia is also amongst the countries that have formed the anti-piracy alliance. Similar to all the members of that alliance, Kodi is legal in Australia but using the kodi boxes equipped with third-party add-ons is strictly prohibited.


Why Is Kodi Legal?

Kodi is legal because it just an open source media player application that is used to stream content through add-ons. The add-ons that Kodi has in its repository are not involved in privacy infringement and thus they are legal to use. The issue of being illegal focuses on the third-party add-ons only because they are involved in copyright infringement.

Kodi itself is against these third-party add-ons because they have caused serious harm to the reputation of Kodi globally. Kodi has supported the authorities in shutting down of some major third-party repositories like Colossus, Ares Wizard, and Super repo etc.


Is Online Free Streaming Legal?

This is a subjective case; the answer to this question depends on the nature of the streams.

Multiple online streaming sites provide legal free streams of events. Like Reel Good; which extracts streams from other legal sources like MTV, Crackle etc., such online streaming is legal.

However, if you are trying to stream from a source that is providing pirated streams of any channel or source without streaming rights, then unfortunately that is illegal.


Is a Kodi box Legal?

Yes, a Kodi box is legal to use just like Kodi itself, but the concern and boundaries of legality that imply to Kodi, similarly imply to Kodi boxes. Kodi boxes have default Kodi official add-ons in its repository that are legal to use.

Nevertheless, there are also some Kodi boxes available in the market loaded with third-party add-ons, which obviously are illegal to use. Another scam was recently reposted that there were retailers charging extra for the add-ons installed by default, making a fool out of the public.


Is Kodi Exodus Legal

No, Kodi Exodus in not legal because it is a third-party add-on that provides streams for Movies and TV shows. It is one of the most popular Kodi add-on present online and preferred globally by streaming geeks.

There are numerous Exodus forks also present online, that were released after its updates stopped. One of the most famous fork of Kodi Exodus is Covenant.


Is Kodi Genesis Legal

The biggest competitor of Exodus was Genesis; one of the most reputable third-party Kodi add-on for streaming Movies, TV shows and Live TV. When genesis Kodi was shut down a year ago.


Is Kodi Legal FAQs

Can you get a virus from Kodi?

Yes, you are vulnerable to get a virus only if you are using suspicious repository. Other than that, you have nothing to worry.

Is Kodi illegal on fire stick?

No, Kodi is legal for all firestick devices unless you are using third-part unofficial add-ons.

Is it illegal to watch a movie online free?

It is illegal to watch movies online if the streams are pirated from a source without any rights acquisition. There are legal online movie streaming sites a well like Reel good that users can use.


Final Words

Kodi is an amazing development in the digital world, but the negativity it has received due to the third-party add-ons is something it did not deserve. They really have resulted in offsetting the reputation of Kodi worldwide.

On a brighter note, many strict laws have been made and the authorities against the developers are taking effective steps. Let us just wait and watch what future holds for Kodi.