Terrarium TV: The Best Movie & TV Shows App Has Shutdown

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Preceding to Terrarium TV shutdown, MPAA also known as Motion Pictures Association of America has hired LAW FIRM to tackle piracy threat. The firm Becker & Poliakoff will represent its interests on Capitol Hill.

Another popular pirate android application has come to its demise as Terrarium TV’s developer has announced that the service will soon be out of the game. Terrarium TV has been a highly popular and one of the most preferred online streaming and piracy application around the world.

NitroXenon; Terrarium TV’s developer announced the shutting down of Terrarium TV by publishing this message:

terrarium tv shut down

Terrarium TV gained popularity because of the variety of content it had in its library and the amazing user interface, which will surely be missed by the users. Terrarium TV provided streaming links for movies and TV shows by scrapping different providers and hosting sites without their permission.

This is not a shocking thing to hear as far as I see it, because the anti-piracy authorities have started tightening their grip and this has pressurized all the online streaming sites involved in piracy.

Many torrents have been taken down in recent times and now they are going against applications and devices as well. Recently, the sale of loaded Kodi boxes was banned because they had add-ons that provided pirated streaming links.

terrarium tv download

Terrarium TV was also facing a lot of heat from anti-piracy advocates and bloggers just like Kodi. Therefore, I believe that this decision take by NitroXenon is a result of the pressure he had been facing for quite some time.

Another possible reason might be his absence from the industry and inconsistency. He used to update the application after every few months but then his consistency broke and he started being absent from the scene. The most recent update available was in May and he has also been away from the social media on and off.

Nevertheless, the legal aspect in this regard might be the major reason for this shut down. Many mirror apps emerged recently, claiming that they are the new Terrarium TV sites, which were, obviously swindles. Now that the news of Terrarium TV shut down has emerged, many mirror applications and websites will start popping up, claiming that they are the new domains of Terrarium TV to take advantage of this situation.

Online streaming lovers and Terrarium TV users will definitely be heartbroken by this news because it was indeed the most reliable online streaming application for Android, which provided free content.

Nevertheless, the users can always opt for better alternatives like:

  1. Kodi
  2. PopcornTime
  3. Streamio
  4. LimeTorrents
  5. ExtraTorrents
  6. Yify Torrents


Wrap Up

Terrarium TV might have been under scrutiny from the authorities like MPAA or ACE, but whatever the truth is, Terrarium TV ha shutdown in 2018.

Arsalan Rathore
Arsalan Rathore

Arsalan Saif Uddin Rathore is a business graduate and an experienced marketing professional. He has worked with multiple research think-tanks, NGOs and global organizations. Arsalan has been writing on technology and miscellaneous topics since 2013 and likes to provide a neutral and worthy insight to his readers. Besides being a writer, Arsalan is a Football player, Hunting & Trekking lover and Online Streaming Geek.
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4 Responses to Terrarium TV: The Best Movie & TV Shows App Has Shutdown

  1. Craig says:

    They were hired to LOBBY congress. That’s it.

    The Motion Picture Association of America hired Becker & Poliakoff TO LOBBY on copyright policy, “streaming piracy devices and applications” and the “economic impact of film industry production.”

    • admin says:

      Hi Craig,
      Yes, that seems legit but one thing that we all know is that anti-piracy campaigns have risen all over the world.
      Even if MPAA has lobbied in this manner, this is not something that can b opposed, ethically.
      Coming to the economic part, it really was damaging the economic scale of the industry and the reasons are obvious.

  2. Myrtle says:

    That’s messed up the cable companies know people prefer the firestick over cable, and they loosing money, that’s why this carp is happening.

    • admin says:

      Hey Myrtle,
      Yes, you are right!
      Cable companies know that their era is at its decline and that is why they are trying to damage the online streaming industry. They cannot go head to head against them, that is why they can only vouch against the most vulnerable players in the game, like apps involved in piracy.

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