Netflix VPN not working? Well, you must be doing something wrong there, pal!

This issue arises when you try accessing Netflix with VPN services who do not even know the real meaning of privacy, encryption and security.

When you trust the un-trustable, you get to bite the dust!

Take a trip through this guide to learn more about the relationship of VPN for Netflix.

Why do I Need VPN with Netflix?

Netflix has a policy of offering different content libraries in every region because of the licenses and content distribution regulatory issues. However, users prefer accessing the best content library i.e. US Netflix library as well as the Canadian and Australian US library but they are unable to do so because of the geo restriction implemented.

To bypass these restrictions, users are forced to use a VPN and fulfill their binge-watching needs through a VPN service.

Netflix VPN Not Working – But Why?

In the beginning, accessing Netflix geo-restricted libraries was very easy as anybody could bypass the restrictions through online proxy sites and VPN services. This became a widely followed trend and almost everybody was doing it worldwide. However, this practice of users was causing great damage to the revenue of Netflix and content distributors and that is why, Netflix was forced to block the usage of VPN services and Proxy sites.

Netflix started cross-matching the DNS server address with the user IP address and wherever they find a contradiction between the two, Netflix considers it is as a VPN server and bans its access. The server address is black listed and that server can no longer be used by anyone to access Netflix.

Many VPN service providers claim to provide access to Netflix libraries but all these claims are laid to rest once Netflix VPN blocker blacklists them. If you think that your VPN service is not bypassing the Netflix restriction, that means that the server you are using is already detected by Netflix and is banned.

How to Bypass Netflix VPN Ban and Fix Netflix VPN Not Working Issues?

An honest suggestion in this regard is to use a reliable VPN service that offers to of the line encryption and privacy. Having said that, make sure that the provider you have chosen has updated servers; otherwise, the chances of accessing the Netflix library are 50/50.

Few top VPN providers like ExpressVPN, PureVPN and NordVPN etc. provide great quality IP masking, making sure that you are not caught by any system. These VPN providers have a great number of high-speed servers to choose from and the best part is that these providers keep on adding more servers time to time.

To bypass the Netflix VPN, connect to a VPN server before accessing the Netflix website and make sure that your IP address and your DNS server have the same address. Once you have made this sure, access Netflix site and login to your account. You will see all the content titles of the specific region server you are using. E.g. if you have connected to a US VPN server, you will be able to access the US Netflix library.

In case you have tested the VPN server DNS address and your new IP address and they both a matching but you are unable to access the regional library, then you need to reset your connection. Make sure that your VPN is not having any DNS leaks, sometimes that turns out to be an issue.

Another thing to fix your VPN connection for using Netflix is to try connecting to a different server. Sometimes servers go irresponsive, causing trouble for users in bypassing Netflix restrictions.

Express VPN Not working With Netflix

Users highly trust and prefer ExpressVPN for bypassing Netflix library because it has wide range of servers that have been highly efficient in bypassing restrictions. However, users have reported several issues recently regarding ExpressVPN not working with Netflix.

The reasons causing these can be one of the following:

  1. IP address conflict
  2. DNS Server address flushing issue
  3. Proxy server configuration
  4. Lagging/irresponsive servers

This is not something usual with ExpressVPN but these errors can be easily fixed. Find out more by viewing our ExpressVPN Netflix guide. It has all the details about using Netflix with ExpressVPN as well as all the error fixes.

Many users keep on saying that VPN providers charge too much but the way I see it, the privacy and safety they provide is worth it.

Alternate to VPN: Netflix Proxy Will Not Work

Many users believe that VPNs are too costly and that is why they opt for proxy Netflix sites thinking that these proxies will be a good alternative for VPNs but in reality, they are far from being an alternate.

Users who try to access Netflix through proxy get to see this message:

Netflix vpn not working

This error does not pop-up when you visit the site with proxy but it is displayed when you try to open a content title.

That is why I have always sked users not to use any proxy site because they are not reliable at all.

Some users also argue about using free VPNs and think that they might work better than the proxy sites but the truth is that they are similarly vulnerable to being detected by the Netflix VPN blocker.

Free VPN services are not reliable at all because of their ineffective IP masking and encryption as well as because of their low quality servers. This is the main reason I do not recommend Free VPNs either to users trying to access Netflix or any other geo-restricted site.

Private Internet Access Netflix Not Working

Private Internet Access might be a popular VPN provider but alas, it no longer bypasses the Netflix geo-restrictions to provide access to the Netflix libraries. PIA used to bypass Netflix geo-restrictions in the earlier days but ever since Netflix realized the server addresses of PIA, the whole world came crashing down on them.

PIA provided access to Netflix through Silicon Valley servers but all of those severs are now black listed and they cannot be used anymore. This has caused great damage to Private Internet Access’ reputation.

However, if you still find any site telling you that you can use PIA for Netflix, make sure you close it immediately. Nevertheless, you can choose NordVPN for using Netflix.

PureVPN Extension to Bypass Netflix VPN Ban

PureVPN is another popular and reliable VPN provider that has been highly praised for its service all across the globe. PureVPN has some amazing features and numerous high-speed servers all around the world.

netflix vpn ban

PureVPN is a top choice for unblocking Netflix because it has its own Chrome browser extension, which enables users to bypass the geo-restrictions and access Netflix libraries. This is a unique feature of PureVPN, which cannot be seen in any other VPN service.

Bypassing Netflix VPN ban with PureVPN is very easy and can be done in no time. Download the PureVPN client and login to your PureVPN account. Install its chrome extension and access Netflix. I assure you that you will not face any issue while accessing Netflix with PureVPN.

However, there is a catch in this scenario that without the PureVPN chrome extension, you cannot bypass the Netflix VPN ban.

Netflix VPN Free

One thing that every sensible netizen know is that every good thing has a price to be paid and the best things online are never free. Same is the case with VPN services, the best ones require subscription fee while the free ones are not reliable.

When we talk about using Netflix with free VPN, the first concern that arises is whether a free VPN would be able to bypass the geo-restriction or not. However, I was able to find three free VPN service that can be used with Netflix:

  1. Smart DNS Proxy
  2. HomebrewVPN
  3. UltraSurf

These VPNs have been tried and tested with Netflix and found out to be working well. However, the reliability of these free VPN services is not guaranteed. The security and privacy of free VPN providers are always questionable because many of these services are involved in data logging and information leaks. Free VPN services are always a risk to use and I never recommend these services to anyone but if you are not willing to pay for your privacy and want to use a free VPN and take a risky ride, then be my guest.


Netflix VPN ban has been a real pain for the binge watchers because accessing the geo-restricted Netflix libraries became hard for everyone. Deprivation from the best content is the last thing that any netflix kodi binge watcher would like to face and that is why choosing a reliable VPN provider is necessary.

Many newbies do not understand this fact and fall prey to the free VPN services that claim to bypass Netflix restrictions but as soon as their connection goes down, they start complaining that Netflix not working with a VPN on many social platforms.

Better safe than sorry is what they say, so use a reliable and trusted VPN service with Netflix to save yourself from the hassle in bypassing the Netflix restrictions.