Private Internet Access Netflix was one of the most popular VPNĀ  for Netflix service. The VPN had been used globally by many streaming geeks for unblocking restricted content and bypassing geo-restrictions. Private Internet Access is generally called PIA and it has 3226 servers across 33 countries worldwide.

PIA raised some eyebrows in the streaming industry after the news broke out that PIA Netflix does not work anymore. This meant that PIA users could no longer access the US Netflix library from anywhere else other than US.


Why Would You Need a VPN for Netflixnetflix-libraries-around-the-world

Netflix is indeed the best streaming service available worldwide but the fact that many people are unaware of is that it does not provide similar content in every region. It has different libraries for very region and in every library the content is not similar. The URL of Netflix remains the same as for every region. But when you login to it, the library is different in every region.

The reason behind this difference in Netflix libraries is the license and regulatory limitations by content providers. As noticed, the US Netflix library has the most and the best shows as compared to all other regional Netflix libraries.

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There are certain popular shows that Netflix users wish to watch. But due to their unavailability in the library are a disappointing factor for them.

Binge watchers are very particular about their content priorities and they feel helpless because of these restrictions. Another thing to understand is that users cannot access the US Netflix library because there is no option of switching between the content libraries.

This inaccessibility of content to Netflix users from other regions can only by bypassed with the help of a VPN.

Through VPN, you can connect to a US server and login to your Netflix account. The Netflix system will detect your masked US IP and provide you access to the US Netflix library.

This is indeed the best way to watch whichever show you want to stream on Netflix without any hassles. Every VPN service provides numerous servers across the globe, allowing you to choose your desired region.

There is no other way around for bypassing the geo-restrictions of the US Netflix library.


How Does Netflix Blocks a VPN?

The practice of using a VPN service for streaming with Netflix started increasing gradually and Netflix soon noticed it. The license holders and content providers earn through the streaming of this content. And accessing this content through VPN services caused issues for them.

The content providers/ licensing parties have pressurized Netflix, to ensure the safe distribution of their content and to block such proxies and VPNs. Therefore, Netflix updated their systems and started detecting and blocking proxy servers and VPNs.

Netflix servers detect whether the user trying to access the video is using a VPN or not by matching the location of your DNS and your IP address. If they match then the Netflix server will not be able to detect the VPN usage. But if there is a difference between your IP address and DNS location, it is going to detect the usage of VPN and will show an error.

The chances of being detected by Netflix servers are high if you are using free VPNs and online proxy servers. Because some route your traffic through different DNS only while others mask your IP address only. Both of these protocols need to match and that is what they fail to provide.

Using a reliable VPN service for accessing a different Netflix library will ensure your privacy and access.


Does Private Internet Access/PIA Works With Netflix?

I have come across a few blogs and guides stating that PIA can bypass the Netflix library geo-restrictions.

Let me debunk this myth for you!

Private Internet access Netflix does not work with unblocking Netflix because it used to provide servers from Silicon Valley for accessing Netflix and all those servers have now been banned.


PIA used to work with Netflix but that was some time ago! PIA does not provide access to Netflix for bypassing the library geo-restrictions anymore. Thanks to the Netflix VPN crackdown that disabled PIA to provide access to Netflix.


PIA Netflix Workaround

PIA does not work with Netflix; let this fact sink in because this is not a big problem. There is a PIA Netflix workaround method that can be used for streaming with Netflix and if that does not work either, there are numerous other alternative VPNs that can be used.unblock netflix

Follow these steps of PIA Netflix workaround:

  1. Configure the router you are using to dd-wrt and then connect it to any United States PIA server.
  2. Now, download PIA client for windows and connect to a US server on your PC or laptop.
  3. Once you have both, your PC and Router connected to a VPN server, try to access Netflix. The geo restriction will be bypassed and you will have the access to US Netflix library.

If this workaround seems complex to you then try using an alternate VPN service like ExpressVPN, PureVPN or NordVPN, which do not require any workarounds. ExpressVPN Netflix and NordVPN Netflix servers are amazing in terms of their restriction bypassing and speed.


Private Internet Access Japan

Many users believe that US Netflix Library is the biggest library in terms of content count. However, I recently came to realize that the Japan Netflix library has more content than US library, making it the biggest Netflix content library in the world. It has around 300 more content titles as compared to US Netflix library.private internet access netflix japan

You can access the Japan Netflix library easily with Private internet access Netflix. In order to do so just connect to a Japanese server offered by PIA. Once you have connected to a Japan PIA server, go to Netflix and login to your account. After logging in, you will see the whole Japan Netflix library.

Enjoy accessing the largest Netflix library and boast it in front of your friends!


Private Internet Access Netflix Reddit Review

Private Internet Access Netflix has faced a lot of criticism because of being unable to provide access to US Netflix library to its users. Here is what the Senior Vice President of Customer Experience at Private Internet Access had to say about user concerns on Reddit:

You stumble upon people who are unaware of what is going in the industry every now and then, just like this person who has no idea that PIA does not work with US Netflix anymore:



PIA may not be able to provide access to US Netflix library but it does work with other regional Netflix libraries because PIA servers are banned only in US, so far. PIA has been in the limelight because of its good bandwidth speed and connectivity that are highly preferred by binge-watchers.

Private Internet Access is a good VPN service but the fact that PIA is not friendly with Netflix, has hurt its reputation a lot. Rumors are that they are working on setting up some new IPs and servers in US to provide users access to US Netflix and we can only wait to see if that is true.