A Sneak Peek in the Life of a third-party Kodi Developer

There are always two sides of a picture; the ugly and the beautiful, and two sides of a story; the truth and the lie. Every side has some value to it that cannot be neglected at any point.

There are always some trends coming in and creating a hype and then a time comes when they bite the dust. The most popular discussion amongst the streamers and binge watchers as of now is Kodi and its third-party add-ons.

If we look into this, it also has two sides; the side of the add-on users and the other of Kodi add-on developers.

Kodi developer

The users’ perspective can easily be gauged by the reviews posted by them on different platforms like Reddit, Quora, Twitter, Facebook etc. However, nobody knows the developers’ side of the story. How they feel about their own add-ons, about the backlash of the authorities and many other aspects.

So we decided to discover the developers’ side of the story. In this regard, we requested one of the most popular third party Kodi add-on developer Nick who is known as MullaFabz amongst the Kodi community. MullaFabz has developed the amazing Rising Tides Kodi add-on; popular for Sports streams.

The Journey

Every developer has a journey, a long road he has covered. Knowing the obstacles that a developer face is important in order to have a clear picture of what it is like to be in their shoes. A developer has to maintain the standards of the ever-changing market trends, as the environment of this industry is very dynamic.

In addition, a developer has to keep the user preference and needs in mind while developing an add-on. Above all, the developer always has to be ready to counterfeit any issue that arises, be it legal or technical.

We started of this conversation by asking him about his journey as a Kodi developer up till now and he had a very simple and modest answer to it saying that he’s been just like everyone, surviving and learning day by day. He also added that he is developing himself for the better, this might be an indication that something better is in the pipeline.

According to Mullafabz, the three things that anyone starting in this industry should have are “Huge temperament, Patience and openness to change”. It is obvious that being a third-party add-on dev. is not that much fun because you are developing amazing things and getting nothing in return, rather getting barred by authorities. Therefore, the temperament and patience are a perfectly correlated answer with respect to the nature of the industry.

The Routine

united for kodi

We asked him about his routine and what does he do normally throughout the week and he told us that he spends his time updating his repository, his add-ons and interacts with his followers. He also added in reply to the question that what keeps him going on through the tough times are the positive feedback and appreciation that he receives for the efforts incurred by him and other developers of the industry.

The Backlash

For last couple of months, third-party best Kodi addons and their developers have been under the shutdown radar of the authorities. Every day a repository or add-on is slammed down, and this backlash by authority has become a pain for the users, as they have to install a new repository or add-on time to time.

Well, you cannot blame the authorities for this because these add-ons are not complying with the digital content regulations. But in the other hand, some compensation in return for the developers’ hard work would be something openly welcomed by the community.

While discussing the current scenarios of the industry and its future, we asked him how he feels about the authority’s backlash. To this, he replied with despondency that this backlash is undeserved. The developers put in a lot of effort in it without expecting anything in return.

Whereas, he seemed very optimistic about the future of third-party Kodi add-ons and stated,


Even with all the backlash, they will still be there no matter what happens”.

However, he seemed somewhat uncertain about the future of Kodi itself, saying that its future is still unknown but it would not wipe off that easy.

On the Lighter Note

We all have read a thousand reviews and recommendations on different platforms. We all have seen people praising certain add-ons and repositories but having a developers’ point of view is worth taking. So we asked MullaFabz about his favorite third-party Kodi add-on and repository, to which he answered that there’s no particular add-on that he could tell but the repo he likes is TVADDONSAG Repo.

No surprise, TVADDONSAG used to be the biggest third party repository without a doubt. It had the best add-ons for everything, be it sports, movies, TV shows or IPTV but its shutdown created a big vacuum in the industry which many other repositories tried to fill.

However, TVADDONSAG resurrected a few months back, with the same firepower that it had and with the same quality that it always offered. Got to hand it Nick that his choice is great and why wouldn’t it be great, after all, he is a developer! He knows many things better than the users.

Message for the Users

At the end, we asked him if he had any message for the users of Kodi and he said,


“Do not lose faith in Kodi. It is run and supported by the community”.


He also added that the users should all unite and deliver the deserving. Since the users and authorities do not know how much is put in developing an add-on.

Final Words

This interview really has provided a great insight of a developers’ life. Therefore, we have decided to bring more insights like these to the users so that they can appreciate what a developer does for them. We will be conducting more interviews in the future and bringing it to the users to help the community.

The sole purpose of it all is to bring together both the developers and users together and complete the picture. We are planning to come up with a platform to empower the Kodi community. So that the users can appreciate and support the third-party add-ons developers, because that is what they need. They are the lifeline of Kodi and without them, there would be no party!

Arsalan Rathore
Arsalan Rathore

Arsalan Saif Uddin Rathore is a business graduate and an experienced marketing professional. He has worked with multiple research think-tanks, NGOs and global organizations. Arsalan has been writing on technology and miscellaneous topics since 2013 and likes to provide a neutral and worthy insight to his readers. Besides being a writer, Arsalan is a Football player, Hunting & Trekking lover and Online Streaming Geek.
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  1. TVAs Worst Nightmare says:

    You have got to be kidding me?

    TVA are all that is WRONG with this community.
    They shamelessly persist in misleading end users to their own ends.

    They embed popular addons with malicious code that is being used in large scale cyber Attacks without the end users even being aware of the dangers they are being dragged into unknowingly by the unscrupulous self-serving TVA Cash train.
    Then they happily sold any of the Addon Developers who were the real deal down the river in that farce of a court case which they even managed to turn into yet another TVA Money spinner just to add insult to injury.

    A Go Fund Me To ‘Pay for legal costs’ when they had already made a deal to ensure they got off scott free by giving a full report of all the Kodi Addon Developers that showed them up for the money grabbing and underhanded con men that they are by delivering a far superior service that was Non-Profit and kept who was importants best interests as a forefront.
    = The end users

    What kind of person uses a Photograph of themselves sunbathing on their luxury yacht as the profile for a fake Go Fund me intended to once again financially profit of the unknowing end users.
    (Oh how they have laughed while pulling that one.)

    TVAs constant Misinformation, Scaremongering and continuely dodgy underhanded tactics are not needed, required or wanted in this community.

    Not under their TVA guase nor the fake their other Fake unrelated addon Developers.

    What goes around comes around as they say.

    And boy is it coming around for ALL off them.

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