EZTV Torrents – 11+ Best EZTV Proxy and Mirror Working Sites For 2019

Entertainment is something unrelated to age; you will find people from all age groups watching movies, and TV shows in their time of leisure. There are numerous Torrents and online streaming sites, providing free to download content and most of them are movies dedicated torrent sites. Others, providing variety of content are highly stuffed and finding the desired TV show is not easy on them.

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Torrent sites provide pirated content and hence they are directly involved in copyright infringement. Downloading such content is illegal and can be risky. This is where a VPN can help you hide your IP and surf safely through encrypted servers.
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If you are a fan of watching TV shows and you are unable to TV shows over the internet because of the torrents going down or because of their unavailability, then EZTV is the ultimate solution for you. It has torrents for almost all the TV shows that you want to watch, ready for download.

However, the safety of torrents has always been a concerning point and you need to be careful with it.


What is EZTV?

EZTV is a platform where you can find almost every Netflix, HULU or Amazon prime TV show and free download it.

EZTV came to life when TVTorrents.tv and btefnet were forced to shut down following legal proceedings. Both of these sites were amongst the torrent industry tyrants and since their fall, a credible replacement was needed.

By credible I mean a torrent site that would match the class that TVTorrents and btefnet had because they were famous for being the best torrent providers. Users preferred using those sites because they did not have any fake links online and neither were they providing any misleading torrents as many other torrent sites do.

EZTV started off their operations with domain name “eztvefnet.org”, somewhat similar domain name to bftnet. However, they moved the domain to “eztv.it” because of the technical issues faced by site operators with Google. The site was then migrated to “eztv.ch” because the Italian authorities noticed it and they forced it to shut down.

The original domain of EZTV was taken over later by a different site and dusring the same time EZTV had to face many stability issues. One of the biggest pain for EZTV arised when a group of hackers namely EZCLOUD limited took over their Italian domain and started scam service by the name of EZTV and this had a negative impact on the EZTV reputation.

In the year 2015, EZTV officially went down from its original domain while its mirror sites remain online. Other torrent sites like RARBG and many other who had affiliate ties with EZTV have removed it from its affiliates list. The original site owners and developers have since been spreading warning messages time to time to users, telling them not to fall for such swindles operational by their name.

The best thing about watching TV shows through EZTV is that you get to have subtitles with almost every show. Here are a few popular TV shows you can download and watch via EZTV:

  1. Game of Thrones
  2. Rick and Morty
  3. Two and a Half Men
  4. Big Bang Theory
  5. Orange is the New Black


Is EZTV down Right Now?

The original domain of EZTV is down but it is still functional through another domain “eztv.ag”. When you try to access this domain, it will redirect you to “eztv.io”.

Here are the down detector test results for this domain:

Is EZTV down Right Now


EZTV Proxy/Mirror and Similar to Sites Working List

Proxy & Mirror Sites Status
eztv.unblocked.vet/ Working
eztv.bypassed.ws/ Working
eztv.red/ Working
eztv.bypassed.in/ Working
eztv1.unblocked.ms/ Working
eztv1.unblocked.wtf/ Working
eztv.unblocked.pl/ Working
eztv.wf/ Working
Freeanimesonline.com Working
Sitenable.pw Working
Sitenable.info Working
Filesdownloader.com Working
Sitenable.top Working
Sitenable.co Working
Sitenable.ch Working
Freeproxy.io Working
Siteget.net Working
eztv.ag Working
eztv1.unblocked.lol Working
eztv1.unblocked.wtf Working
eztv.rocks Working
eztv.unblockall.org Working
eztv.unblocked.gdn Working
eztv-ag.uio.faith Working
eztv.zxcv.win Working
eztv.tormi.bid Working
eztv.lato.pw Working
eztv.mrunlock.date Working
eztv.mrunlock.trade Working
eztv.mrunlock.bid Working
eztv.proxme.download Working
eztv.mrunlock.info Working
eztv.yt Working
eztv.mrunlock.win Working
eztv.tf Working


Is EZTV proxy -TV Torrents Safe?

As I said before, not all proxy sites work, in fact, many of them are either full of malware or just unstable. Now I am not saying all proxies are bad, in fact, the list of proxies mentioned above work just fine, however, their lifespan is what worries me.

This is why one proxy site that might be working fine today might not work tomorrow.

Now do not freak out if proxies are not working for you because they can be easily substituted with a VPN.

A VPN is a Virtual private network that encrypts your unprotected internet connection. This way all of your network requests be it inbound or outbound will be anonymized, meaning you can access EZTV regardless of any ISP blockades.

In addition to geo-lock bypassing, a VPN will also keep you and your private data out of the reach of any online snoops.


EZTV Torrents Search Engine Overview

EZTV has very plain and well-categorized interface. You can find all the latest torrents, announcements upfront. It also has a section on the top column listing all the shows that will be aired on the day, which is pretty cool.

On the top, it has a simple search bar with a category drop down list, allowing users to search for specific torrents. Users can become EZTV members by logging in to the EZTV site.

It has its own forum as well, which can be accessed through the forum tab visible on the header. There is an active EZTV Sub-reddit as well, having discussion related to various things about EZTV. It is an active sub-reddit and users keep on posting different topics over there.


EZTV Alternatives

EZTV is an excellent torrent site for all the entertainment freaks but in case you people are looking for something different then you can try these EZTV alternatives:

  1. Yify Torrents
  2. ExtraTorrents
  3. LimeTorrents
  4. 1337x
  5. Kickass Torrents
  6. SevenTorrents



Online piracy has been a serious concern for the content producers and distributors for last few years as the trend of piracy has risen drastically. It started with torrent sites and then sites like EZTV started appearing online. EZTV allowed users to stream their movies without paying a penny and this trend spread like a wildfire.

However, over a past few years, authorities have become very observant over the internet and the crackdown against such services is getting swift. Such sites having millions of visitors draw authority’s eye line much easily and this is what happened with EZTV.

The authorities noticed its popularity and that is why it had to bite the dust. However, its mirror sites are still online but the users will always be reluctant to use those sites, as they can be malicious and harmful.

Users opting to use such sites should keep in mind that these sites are illicit and using them can easily put them in danger as they could face legal charges for accessing pirated content. If you still want to use such sites then the best way to do it is by staying anonymous. Use a VPN service to ensure your privacy and surf the web anonymously but choose a reliable VPN provider that has the best encryption and service.

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