Torrents are a heaven for all the freebies looking for latest Movies, TV shows, Music, Software and many other things. There are many torrent sites available online that provide high-quality content to users. These torrent sites provide content by grabbing links from other hosting sites and providers, without their consent. Despite being a great option for watching all the latest movies and TV shows, torrenting is subjected to piracy. hence requires the best VPN service for torrenting. With VPN in place your activity becomes encrypted and anonymous to the ISP.

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It is highly recommended to connect to a VPN while downloading content through torrents. Beyond the incomparable security benefits that a VPN provides, a VPN will keep your activity secure, anonymous and unblock geo-restricted torrents.
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The movement against online piracy and data protection has started gaining strength day by day and authorities are on a wild hunt of all the players in this dirty game. And why would you want to miss privacy, when you can get VPN discounts and coupons to save you extra bucks.


Why do I Need the Best VPN for Torrenting?

Protecting your browsing and traffic from the eyes of your ISP is important if you are using torrents, online streaming sites or accessing your bank account or online transactions. Online freedom comes at a price and one thing that most of the people using the internet do not understand is that having virtual security is an essential thing to have.

Torrenting is fun until you catch the authorities’ eye or become a victim of privacy breach. Torrent sites gain ample amount of traffic every day and many hackers and authorities are always on the hunt for vulnerable users.

Authorities have started hiring third-part copyright protection agencies and online piracy advocates to monitor, identify and prosecute users involved in the illegal game of torrenting.

These agencies do not directly drag you to court if you are caught but they would rather warn you first that they might sue you for illegal torrenting with a hefty fine. If the user continues to engage in torrenting, then the court is where the user will be heading.

Better Safe than Sorry!

Having a VPN for torrenting is not merely a choice but a need!

To prevent your ISPs and authorities creeping on to you, monitoring your traffic, and browsing, you need to have a reliable Kodi VPN!

A VPN encrypts your web traffic, not allowing the ISP to monitor your online activity or your browsing activity. Secondly, it hides your IP address by changing it ti the sever address that you are connected to. This leaves the ISPs clueless and they cannot figure out what you are doing online.

Another great benefit of a VPN is that it provides access to all the geo-restricted sites or sites that are blocked by your ISP. That means, if you want to access torrents that are either blocked in your region or by your ISP, using a VPN is the best and secure tool.

Thus, a VPN provides you complete online privacy and virtual freedom.


FAQ for the Best VPN for Torrents

Many users do not understand how a VPN works and that is why they are always dubious and confused. Here are some of the most common questions asked by torrenting users:

Is torrenting safe with a VPN?

Yes! Torrenting is safe with a VPN because it protects you by providing you traffic encryption and hiding your IP address to keep you protected from the eyes of your ISP.

Will VPN hide Torrenting from ISP?

Exactly! Torrenting with VPN will not let your ISP know what you are doing online It provides you freedom to access anything from anywhere without allowing anyone to spy on you.

Can an ISP tell if you are torrenting?

Yes, if you are not using a VPN, your ISP can easily monitor your online activity and traffic. When you will access any torrent, your ISP will be the first one to know that. Therefore, use a VPN to secure your online privacy.

Users keep asking that can you get caught torrenting or not and I have always said that without a VPN, you are always vulnerable.


Features to Look Out for in the Best VPN for Torrenting

Once you have decided that you will be using a VPN while torrenting, the first thing you have to do is decide which VPN to use. You will find numerous VPNs online and this might leave you confused.

What should you look for in the best VPN for torrenting?

Here are a few things that you should look for in a VPN, when choosing the best VPN for torrenting:

SpeedWhen using VPN for downloading torrents or online streaming, speed is one of the most important characteristic because some VPNs hamper the internet browsing, downloading and uploading speed. This builds a not-so-pleasant experience for the user and discourages him to use VPN anymore.
Variety and high number of ServersHaving a large variety and great number of servers across the globe is one of the best thing a VPN can offer. Reason being, you get to access any website that is geo-restricted from your region or try fast speed servers from other countries.
High Quality EncryptionEncryption is the key feature to look for when choosing the best VPN for torrenting. VPNs that offer AES-256 Encryption are the top choice because that level of encryption is what you need. Encryption is what protects your traffic from your ISP and authorities.
P2P ProtectionP2P file sharing is a risky thing and that is why many anti-viruses and some VPNs discourage users to try them. However, a reliable and good VPN provides p2P sharing protection, allowing users to enjoy sharing movies, TV shows, music, software and so much more.
Live SupportMany users face issues while suing a VPN and the issues can be of many different types. To resolve these issues, a user should always choose a VPN service that offers 24/7 live customer support.
No DNS LeaksDNS leaks are always a serious problem for users connected to VPN servers because a DNS leak jeopardizes their anonymity. Many VPNs claim to have no DNS leaks but not all of their claims are true. Therefore, choose a VPN about which users have good reviews or test their DNS and IP leaks yourself.
Multiple Platform CompatibilityVPNs that are compatible with numerous platforms like Windows, iOS, Android, FireOS etc. and devices like mobile phones, TVs, Routers are the best ones to choose from, because they can be used with multiple devices.
No Logs PolicyMany VPN services have been highlighted, that kept user traffic logs and they even sold those logs to authorities. This is why many people have trust issues with VPN services. The best VPNs for torrenting will never keep logs, ensuring your privacy and security.


The Feature Not to Ever Miss in the Best VPN for torrenting

The most important feature that every user requires from any VPN service is an IP address. ISP can track the users by IP addresses and monitor their browsing easily. Not only your ISP but also many other third-party agencies keep your tracking record by identifying your IP Address.

Your IP address is you online identity and if it is not masked, anyone can track your location and spy on you.

That is why it is recommended for online streamers and torrent users to use a VPN to hide their IP addresses.

IP leaking VPNs can put your online freedom and your anonymity to serious trouble because anti-piracy authorities and hackers are at large all around the world. One way or another, you will be vulnerable to some trouble.

Pro Tip: Read our detailed vpn for firestick guide.


Compare VPN Torrents Policies

Alright, so by now you would have taken speed test, Encryption and all of the above characteristics into consideration, and that is a good thing!

But it is not that cut and dry!

You may subscribe to any VPN for torrenting but you need to know one thing before that, not every VPN allows torrenting.

Astonished to hear that?

Yes, many VPNs provide high-end protection and privacy but they do not allow torrenting through their servers. These VPNs can be best for online streaming and online transactions but not for torrenting.

Here is a list of the VPNs that allow/ don’t allow torrenting.

ProviderAllowed / Not AllowedLogging Policy
VPNs that Allow Torrenting
PureVPNAllowedNo Logging
ExpressVPNAllowedNo Logging
NordVPNAllowedNo Logging
IPVanishAllowedNo Logging
ProtonVPNAllowedNo Logging
VPNs that do not Allow Torrenting
ZenmateNot AllowedNo Logging
TouchVPNNot AllowedSome Logging
PersonalVPNNot AllowedNo Logging
Norton Wi-Fi Privacy VPNNot AllowedSome Logging
Hola VPNNot AllowedFull Logging


Real time Test of the Best VPN for Torrenting

Every VPN provider claims to be the best VPN and claims that they do not leak any IP, DNS or WebRTC. However, you can never trust any VPN provider blindly without testing it because claims can be fallacious sometimes.

I do not trust any VPN provider and that is why I ran IP leak tests to make sure that the VPNs I am recommending are worth it.

I downloaded the desktop apps of 3 top VPN for torrents and subscribed to their monthly plans. After installing the app and logging into the respective accounts, I connected to servers from different regions through every VPN one by one and started browsing.

While I was browsing, I went to and tested IP leaks. Here are the results:


Recommended #1 NordVPN For Torrenting

NordVPN has always maintained a positive image amongst the users because of its consistency in providing high quality service. Choosing a VPN is a matter of reliability and trust and NordVPN has that standard that it can be trusted on, any given day.

For testing NordVPN, I connected to a US server.

best vpn for torrenting


The results were great, as NordVPN does not have any IP leaks, which books its place amongst the top VPNs for torrenting. If the original IP would have leaked, the real DNS address would have appeared rather than the displayed “USA IP”. 

NordVPN has a great variety of 5000+ servers, allowing users to enjoy torrenting from any region they wish. NordVPN servers have great speed and its connectivity is superb.

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Recommended #2 ExpressVPN for Torrenting

ExpressVPN has been highly appreciated around the world for its fast connectivity and superb protection.

ExpressVPN has always been true to its claim of providing strong encryption and pure anonymity. One of the many reasons to choose ExpressVPN is its easy to use interface. Other than this, ExpressVPN has more than 2000 high speed and secured servers in 94 countries.

To test this claim, I tied connecting to a Canadian server and check if there are any IP leaks or DNS leaks.

expressvpn for torrenting

The results were pretty much expected, as ExpressVPN does not leaks IP or DNS while torrenting.

One thing that a few new users complain about is the pricing of ExpressVPN, which is higher than other competitors. However, what these people do not understand is that the service quality of ExpressVPN is highly justified at these rates.

expressvpn cta


Recommended #3 CyberGhost VPN for Torrenting and P2P File Sharing

CyberGhost is not as popular as the above-mentioned VPN providers are but that does not mean that its service in not up to the par. CyberGhost has some of the most amazing features that you do not get to see in any other VPN provider. Especially if you are looking for best VPN for torrenting, then CyberGhost might be the best option for you.

That is all good till here but to make sure if it is safe or not, I tested its IP and DNS leak and the results were like this:

cyberghost for torrenting

The results were quite satisfying as there were no IP or DNS leaks. Hence, it is proved that CyberGhost is one of the best VPN for Torrenting.

It has a dedicated torrenting feature for all the geeks who opt for secure torrenting. This feature provides high-end traffic encryption allowing users to download torrents anonymously.

cyberghost torrent cta


Recommended #4 IPVanish VPN for Torrenting and P2P File Sharing

IPVanish entered the competition with a bang at gave a good competition to the pre-established industry tyrants. IPVanish has become popular over the time because of its great service provision.

For testing IPVanish’s IP leak, I connected to a Germany region IPVanish server and tested it. Here is the result:

IPVanish VPN for Torrenting

IPVanish has 1100 servers across the globe providing uncompromised security and great bandwidth speed. IPVanish offers 10 simultaneous connections, which is indeed more than any other competitor. In addition, it has a strict No Logs policy, making it a reliable VPN provider.


Free VPN for Torrenting

Looking for a free VPN rather than subscribing to a paid one?

Well, there are a hand full of free VPNs and proxy servers available online that do not require any subscription and sign-ups. Here are the 3 best free VPNs for torrenting.

Top Free VPN For Torrents


#2 Hotspot Shield

#3 Security Kiss

These are the most preferred free VPNs, which are used by many torrenting users for online protection.

But are they really reliable?

Has this thought ever crossed your mind?

A free VPN service claiming to provide so many features, sounds too good to be true!

I mean, it is so obvious that online privacy and security are not a social service thing that someone would give out to the world without taking anything n return.

One important thing to know about all of the free VPNs is that none of them provides security competitive to the above-mentioned VPNs. The features that these VPNs have are not up to the mark and they are just claims that are not completely true. P2P VPN free of cost that provides high end security is just a myth!

Online privacy and protection is a serious matte rand it cannot and should not be compromised. These VPNs have DNS and IP leaks and they keep logs, which is something not welcomed by any VPN user.

I do not recommend free VPNs because of their weak protocols and non-competitive standards. However, if you are willing to try a free VPN and face privacy issues, be my guest!


Best VPN for Torrenting Reddit

Reddit is a fun place to look for solutions regarding anything but many a times you will stumble upon some queries that need to be addressed like these:

This guy has no clue about the extent of VPN features. The answer to this query is that yes, VPNs can be connected to multiple devices and they have multiple login features as well.

Suggested vpn for torrenting? from Piracy

This user posted on Reddit that he received a message from his ISP and now he’s planning to use a VPN.

Good call brother, it is never too late! Subscribe to the best VPN for torrenting and let your torrenting ship sailing.



Torrents are undoubtedly crazy, in a good way!

But torrenting without VPN is crazy, in a literal way!

You should always be very particular about every move you make over the internet and you should always keep every loophole covered while using kodi addons. You need to protect your data and your traffic by having the best encryption and privacy.

This guide is for enlightening you regarding the issues and their solutions regarding torrenting. Make sure you keep these aspects in consideration the next time you think about downloading a torrent.