10 Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives to Replace Largest Torrent Website

The torrent website industry may want to dig another hole in the torrent site graveyard beside the likes of KickAss Torrent and others, as ExtraTorrent goes offline. The shutdown of ExtraTorrent is a mystery at this point. However, a message posted by ExtraTorrent confirms that it is a permanent shutdown, and all its data is erased.

It published the following message:

extratorrent.cc goes shutdownExtraTorrent is one of the largest contributor to the entertainment industry. Having said that, it is not the only player present managing to thrive. We provide 10 ExtraTorrent alternatives that are just as good as ExtraTorrent. Find out for yourself:


Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives 2017 List:

  1. RARBG
  2. YTS.AG
  3. IsoHunt
  4. Lime Torrent
  5. Popcorn Time
  6. 1337X
  7. Torrent Project
  8. Torlock
  9. Sky Torrents
  10. TPB Clean
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Recommended ExtraTorrent Alternatives For May 2017



rarbg for extratorrent replacement


There are few names that dwells amongst the oldest torrenting websites and RARBG is one of them. RARBG is by far the best ExtraTorrent alternative since it provides the latest media content for downloading. Apart from that, it also offers genuine reviews on its website regarding its torrent.

RARBG has a massive fan following that makes it stand amongst the top of the list in torrent websites. With more than 700,000 indexed torrents, it is soon to become the foremost choice for torrenters.



yts.ag is extratorrent mirror

Torrent users may confuse this website with the original YTS or YIFY website when it was shut down due to copyright issues. However, it won’t be incorrect to say that it has been a good replacement since it has gained a lot of popularity.

It also counts as an alternative for ExtraTorrent as it provides an excellent quality torrent. It has the smallest file size which also seems impressive.


3. IsoHunt

isohunt is extratorrent clone

IsoHunt does not require any introduction since it has been in the torrent industry for more years than any other torrent website. It has become a reliable source when it comes to providing torrents because it has always recovered whenever it was shutdown.

Apart from being one of the most visited torrent website, it is also a source where people discusses torrents problems. Therefore, Isohunt is more popular than ExtraTorrent website and a perfect choice for its abandoned users.


4. Lime Torrent

Lime torrent is extratorrent substitute

This torrent is worthy of much praises because of its variety of torrents available on its website. It ranges from anime to movies, TV shows to games, and much more. While considering its database, the website can be compared as a good ExtraTorrent alternatives. It works more as a torrent search engine than hosting torrent files, unlike ExtraTorrent.

5. Popcorn Time

popcorn time is another extratorrent option

Popcorn Time is unlike any other torrent website. It lets you download torrents in the background and allows you to stream the media content online. If you need to view movies and TV shows instantly, you have to download Popcorn Time software 3.10 onto your device. This revolutionary service lets you watch all the content using BitTorrent protocol. Alongside, giving you the experience of a premium streaming service, such as Netflix.


6. 1337X

1337x is extratorrent replacement

1337x has a library full of torrents flowing with the latest and most popular media content. 1337x is blocked by search engines in some countries and as a result new users cannot find the website. ft You can access the website through a VPN and enjoy downloading new torrents.


7. Torrent Project

torrent project is extratorrent copyThe Torrent Project serves as a torrent search engine website that gathers searches from more than 300 torrent websites. It handpicks the best torrent from the internet.

It is always fast, clean, and an accurate BitTorrent search engine that has over 9,893,489 live torrents available. This may be the best possible solution for ExtraTorrent users in the future if they want clean and fast torrents. We ranked torrent project at number 7 in our best extratorrent alternative chart.


8. Torlock

torlock extratorrent alternative


If you need verified torrents, then there is no better place than Torlock which has tons of verified torrent to download. It includes movies, TV shows, music videos, and torrents from other genre. Torrents are updated and goes for screening on regular basis which therefore increases the credibility of the website.

We all need torrents that are fully working, in good quality, and hence with zero bad links. Torlock is just the place for you. It may not have a similar website layout as that of ExtraTorrent, but it contains good torrent content.


9. Sky Torrents

skytorrents is extratorrent look alike

Sky Torrents possesses a simplest layout that gives a soothing impression to the eyes and nevertheless attracts customer attention. It claims to be a torrent search engine with complete privacy and zero tracking with no cookies, ads, or javascript embedded.

Sky Torrents have 12,859,352 torrents in its index and still counting. It is sure enough a good alternative to ExtraTorrent.


10. TPB Clean

TPB Clean is alternative for extratorrent

TPB Clean is the sub-brand of the famous torrent website ‘The Pirates Bay’. Although this website is a bit similar to its parent website, but more importantly this torrent brand does not contain any adult content.

Therefore, website is the best choice for children or any individual who does not want to be bombarded with adult content. It has movies, TV shows, music, games, and every media content that does not fail to amuse you.


Final Thoughts

ExtraTorrent may have shutdown permanently, but one may find various alternatives to ExtraTorrent if they wish to explore. We have discussed the best alternatives for ExtraTorrent that are reliable for torrent users. Go through our list, select the most appropriate alternative, and continue enjoying seamless torrenting experience.

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