Are you a fan of combat sports, especially UFC?

Then you can enjoy streaming UFC on Kodi as it has some of the best add-ons providing live streams for all events in HD quality. Follow this guide thoroughly to learn how to watch UFC on Kodi.

UFC is the biggest combat sports company having millions of fans worldwide. UFC events are known to be the most streamed competitions in combat sports industry. Ultimate Fighting Championship is the biggest MMA Company in the world with having a roster of the best MMA fighters from all around the world.

UFC organizes regular events as well as PPV events, which are highly popular globally. The popularity of UFC can be recognized by the fact that its video games are equally popular to other combat sports companies’. It has been in the combat sports industry for more than 25 years now and it has grown to be a billion dollar company.

Online streaming lovers worldwide pay a great amount of subscription, just to stream live UFC events on different platforms and online channels. Other than that, UFC earns millions of dollars from its Fight pass and subscription packages available on its official site.

However, if you are a Kodi user then you can easily stream live UFC PPV on Kodi without paying any subscription fee. There are a few options which makes it easy to watch UFC for free using a streaming VPN. Once you are familiar with the Kodi add-ons that enable users to stream UFC then you can easily get to know how to watch UFC fights on Kodi.


Top Recommendations to watch UFC on Kodi

Following are the best Kodi add-ons to watch UFC on Kodi without paying any subscription fee:

Planet MMA

Planet MMA is dedicated Kodi add-on for combat sports, specifically UFC action. MMA fans can watch all the latest events, highlights, documentaries, past events, fight packages and interviews. The streams provided by Planet MMA Kodi add-on are always working and of great quality. This add-on is free to install and stream, no subscription fee is required to watch your favorite event anymore.

planet mma to watch ufc on kodi

Planet MMA was formerly known as UFC finest and it used to cover UFC events only. However, it was forced to shut down due to some piracy issues and then it disappeared leaving Kodi users clueless. The add-on made a return with a new name but better scrappers and updated links. Since then, the add-on has been a top choice for all the Kodi users for streaming live MMA or UFC action. This add-on is available in the popular Supremacy repository.

 UFC Fight Pass

If you are a UFC fan then you might be familiar with the UFC Fight pass, which is an official online streaming service introduced by UFC itself. Kodi users can avail this amazing service on their Kodi app or Kodi box, without having to open their browsers every time for streaming. Users can simply install the UFC Fight Pass Kodi add-on and watch all the latest UFC events live in HD quality streams.

ufc fight pass to watch ufc on kodi

UFC Fight Pass is a free to install add-on but for playing the streams, users will need subscription. Visit and subscribe to Fight Pass in order to watch UFC on Kodi through this add-on. Another thing to keep in mind that some of the UFC events are geo-restricted and users might face issues while trying to stream them. In such instances, use a VPN to bypass the geo-restrictions and unblock all streams.

 Sports World

Sports World is one of the best Kodi add-ons, popular because of is high quality sports streams and its variety. This add-on has a large variety of sports streams like Football, Rugby, Wrestling, MMA, Cricket, Tennis, Boxing etc. Due to this variety, Sports world is termed as one of the best Kodi add-ons for sports.

watch live ufc on kodi with sports world kodi addon

UFC fans can enjoy live action streaming through this Kodi add-on without paying any subscription fees. This add-on is highly praised for the quality of streams and the fact that they always work, unlike other free streaming add-ons. The issue that arises while using Sports World Kodi add-on is that the channels and streams available in this add-on are not actually licensed therefore you might face issues. You can prevent facing any legal issues by using a VPN provider and stream through its servers by maintaining complete anonymity.

 Made In Canada IPTV

Made in Canada IPTV is a must have add-on if you are a fan of Canadian content or a Canadian resident, looking for free streams of your favorite Canadian channels. It has a variety of content in its library like Sports, Live TV and streams, allowing users to watch whatever they want. It has UK, US, Canadian English and Canadian French channels in its library.

made in canada iptv for ufc

No subscription fee or registration is required to access its streams   and users can watch their favorite content 24/7. However, one thing to understand is that Made in Canada is an IPTV Kodi add-on that will have geo-restricted streams. To bypass its restriction, you will need a VPN that works well with Kodi and unblocks restricted streams.


How to Watch UFC on FireStick

FireStick has made online streaming much more exciting than it already was because of its amazing features and quality. It has numerous apps that allow users to enjoy streaming their favorite content and enjoy the cord-cutting experience.

UFC fans can enjoy streaming live UFC events on FireStick through the official apps and many free streaming apps as well.  Users can also subscribe to the Amazon Prime service and stream UFC events as well as other combat sports action.

Following are the official apps available on the Amazon app store that can be used for streaming UFC on FireStick:

  1. UFC (official App)
  2. ESPN
  3. FITE

Other than these app users who have jailbroken Amazon Firestick can enjoy streaming UFC through Kodi on FireStick. The add-ons required for that are already mentioned above. However, one thing to keep in mind is that these services might not work if you are trying to access them outside UK or US. Therefore, use a VPN to enjoy streaming without any hassle or issues.



There is no other combat sports company as compared to UFC, which provides such thrilling action and who has such a talented roster of fighters. It is highly popular because of its fighters and the feuds that are in the headlines of Newspapers and are spread all over the social media

Streaming UFC online through Kodi or FireStick is indeed a great experience because of the ease and convenience it provides. You can stream all the UFC events live from anywhere as you stay on the go through these cord-cutting solutions.