NYAA Alternatives Replacement – Anime Website Shutdown and Kodi Anime Addons

It was shocker of a news for anime lovers when their favorite anime torrent website NYAA responded with an error message. This error was in result to the domain deactivation of NYAA.
Alternatives for NYAA
Clones of NYAA
Anime addons for Kodi

nyaa alternatives

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The most-liked and highly popular anime torrent website had lost control over all its domain names that include nyaa.se, nyaa.eu, and nyaa.org. The reason for shutting down of the website is still unknown. But despite wondering ‘how’ and ‘why’ the website did took a hit, lets discuss some of the best NYAA alternatives.


Best NYAA Alternatives

  1. Horrible Subs – Anime Fansub
  2. Anime Sharing – Anime
  3. Anime Bytes – Anime Fansub
  4. Pirate Bay – General
  5. Extra Torrent – General


5 Alternatives for NYAA Anime Website

If you wish to try other alternatives to NYAA website, then perhaps you need to consider viewing the following websites:


Horrible Subs


Perhaps the most suitable alternative to NYAA website that the torrent industry could come up with is Horrible Subs. It has been a fierce competitor of NYAA 1 million daily visitors and an Alexa ranking of 2,797. It is a user-friendly website where you can download latest anime content.


Anime Sharing


As the name suggests, Anime Sharing is a media sharing website that has a similar layout to PirateBay. It has many anime content for viewing. The website also have the ability to download and upload anime series instantly. It has an Alexa rating of 3,445.


Anime Bytes



Another alternative to NYAA website is Anime Bytes with the presence of large amount of anime content but is no match to the NYAA. This website would require registration before you can view the content. The downside of this website may include prevention of new users when registration is full.


Pirate Bay

the pirate bay

Considering the largest torrent hubs, there is only one name that instantly pops up to your head i.e. PirateBay. Although the website has faced various shutdowns, it still manages to emerge as a popular torrent website. It also contains huge amount of anime content that is available for downloading.


Extra Torrent


Lastly, ExtraTorrent is next in line to PirateBay that offers a wide variety of animated series, movies, and shows available for downloading. The search engine is well-designed for easier navigation.


5 Best NYAA Clone/Replacement

  1. Anirena
  2. Tokyo Toshokan
  3. AcgnX Torrent
  4. Anime Tosho
  5. Shana Project   

If you were to find an exact NYAA clone/replacement website, then you’ve come to the right place. A list provided below displays 5 NYAA clone/replacement website:



AniRena Torrent website is a clone of a famous NYAA anime torrent website. It has similar media tabs lined-up in a horizontal fashion in a homepage that allows users to easily navigate the website.

Currently, the website has 14,360 torrents available as it is in the verge of growth, while a total of 6,354 uploaders on its website. AniRena also informs users about their current status regarding the data that has been transferred to users. Being transparent and remaining true to its users is the key for AniRena to move ahead with user’s consent.

anirena nyaa replacement


Tokyo Toshokan

Tokyo Toshokan is a comprehensive anime torrent website which is also an NYAA clone/replacement. From movies to dramas, music to music videos, this website has it all. It also offers a non-English media content for the users present all around the world.

You can customize your media library once you register to the website. Anime lovers can search a media content on the basis of file size that allows them to download specific content. The company claims that they have added 2 new DB servers which has increased the loading time of the website.

tokyo toshokan nyaa replacement clone


AcgnX Torrent

Anime Comics Games Novel X-Project (AcgnX) is an NYAA clone/replacement website with advanced features. It is more advanced than any of the anime website featured in the list.

Since NYAA website has gone down, a lot of internet traffic has shifted towards this website. This is the reason why it is in the need of uploaders to extend its growth.

It also announces if any new features have been embedded in to the website or any news concerning anime fans. AcgnX is flourishing with the new media content and that is the reason it has kept the website as an attractive option after NYAA.

acgnx nyaa replacement mirror


Anime Tosho

Anime Tosho follows the similar design and navigation along with the media content as to the NYAA website. Anime Tosho is completely free and offers an automated service where it hosts DDL services and as well as Usenet.

When uploading media content to this website it normally takes few minutes, and is uploaded quickly as possible. Anime Tosho claims that approximately 300MB of file would consume few minutes and gets mirrored to at least one host. It is without a doubt strong competitor in the anime torrent website list.

anime tosho nyaa replacement clone


Shana Project

Shana Project is relatively a new anime torrent website with an amazing feature that automates anime downloads.

Shana Project is relatively a new anime torrent website but it has an amazing feature that allows you to automate your anime downloads. With this feature, you can set bittorent client to download your favorite media content automatically.

Shana Project is an NYAA clone/replacement but since it is a new website, it lacks in offering variety of media content.

Even though the website does not offer a menu tab for various genres, but anime lovers can search manually.

shana project is the last nyaa replacement


5 Best Kodi Anime Add-Ons

Many anime lovers may argue NYAA had been the most popular anime torrent website. However, they wouldn’t agree less the fact that there are various other competitive platforms where anime torrent could be downloaded.

Kodi is the best solution for anything that involves from streaming media and sports content to downloading torrent. It is an open source program that runs on a variety of devices that plays both video and audio content ranging from torrents, live stream, or static files.

Kodi is your next big choice for anime torrent content. Kodi is an open source and there are variety of Kodi anime add-ons that could be downloaded on Kodi. It’s vast source of features makes it an ideal software for all the fans around the world. Anime lovers can stream or download any torrent they admire.

We provide the best 5 Kodi anime add-ons that are most likely to replace the NYAA anime torrent website:



With KissAnime, you can find over 130 pages of best quality anime TV shows, movies, and torrent. It is the most preferred anime add-on for Kodi since it offers over 6,000 anime TV shows and films.



Animego is another anime add-on for Kodi that offers wide categories and well-developed anime options for anime fans. Streaming could take little to no time, but with its fully-featured menu system it can display a tons of entertainment content.



Animehere is a perfect option for anyone who is looking for high quality anime movies and TV shows. This anime add-on scrapes a huge number of anime content that are low on quality. The presence of well-developed menu structure would make it easier for anime fans to scroll for latest updates with their subtitles.



Anime-IPTV is a collaboration of several similar services that combines together to form a major anime Kodi add-on. It offers hundreds of anime audio and video content. It is easy to navigate and perhaps the most resourceful anime add-on.



If it is your first ever time encountering a Kodi anime add-on, then Funimation is the best choice you will ever make. The layout of the anime add-on will make it easier for you to find any anime stuff that surrounds the internet. On top of that, you will not have any issues regarding the legality of accessing the content. Check out other best kodi addons.


Final Thoughts

While NYAA anime website may be gone, the users are provided with an opportunity to explore various other potential sources that could replace NYAA. Kodi anime add-ons may seem an appropriate option for anime fans where they could stream and download various anime content. Kodi anime add-ons are easier to install and presents little to no complications.

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