The long wait is over as Kodi finally launched its version 18 known by the codename ‘Leia’. Kodi management decided on the name ‘Kodi Leia’ on 9th of January and with that it described on how the company came about in naming its newer version.
Kodi Leia has been named after Princess Leia of Star Wars who was portrayed by Carrie Fisher who so died in 2016. Kodi acknowledges her death, and in order to pay their honors to the late Carrie Fisher, there couldn’t be a more fitting tribute than to name the version of Kodi after her.
The new Kodi Leia Version 18 is astonishingly similar to its previous Kodi Krypton Version 17 except for the fact that ‘categories’ section has gone through some changes and similar other minor changes.

kodi version 18 Leia first look

Kodi Leia could be downloaded from the download section of Kodi page but as of now you may find the ‘alpha’ version of Kodi 18 which could be unstable and for those users who do not fear bugs or crashes.

The new version is currently undergoing many changes in its layout and functions that could apparently be seen once you download Kodi 18. These changes are being made on daily basis and that is the reason why it could be unstable for daily usage.

Kodi has also announced that its newest version would not be supporting Windows Vista. However, if Kodi users wish to continue using Kodi on Windows Vista, then they would have to use Kodi Krypton Version 17 instead. In the past, Kodi has already said goodbye to Windows XP, XBOX, Ubuntu 12.04, and others.

However, sooner or later Kodi Leia Version 18 would be available for all users with a complete version and the day is not far where you finally get to use it.