End this year with a bang! Win an iPhone X and Apple watches with PureVPN!

win an iphone-x and apple watch with purevpn

Yes! You read it right. PureVPN is here with the biggest giveaway of the year. It is giving away ‘13’ iPhone X and ‘9’ Apple watches.


How Can You Win iPhone X/Apple Watch Free Giveaway From PureVPN?

Register yourself and participate in the activities that are mandatory for being eligible for the draw.

iphone-x and apple watch giveaway with purevpn activities

Complete all of these 16 activities and claim the rewards worth US$17,000. Without these, you will not be eligible for entering the draw. Every activity grants you certain points and you need a minimum of 400 points for an Apple Watch, whereas a minimum of 500 points for iPhone X.

The more points you have, the better chances of winning are!

Get +450 Points


When Can You Win iPhone X/Apple Watch Free Giveaway from PureVPN?

This giveaway has started from December 16, 2017 and will conclude January 2, 2017. The iPhone winners will be announced from December 21 to December 24, as there will a winner every day.

iphone-x and apple watch giveaway purevpn days

However, from December 25 till January 2, the rewards will increase as there will be an iPhone and Apple watch winner every day.

iphone-x and apple watch purevpn giveaway last day

Make sure you mark these dates as every day a winner will be crowned!


Who Can Win iPhone X Free Giveaway from PureVPN?

Anyone and everyone can win it, regardless of your geographic location or any such thing. Just register and start participating. Because the more you participate and engage, your points will start to grow as well as your chances of winning.

Follow all the terms and conditions provided for this giveaway to stay in the game.

Here’s a sneak peak of the terms and conditions:

terms and conditions for iphone-x and apple watch purevpn giveaway

more terms and conditions for iphone-x and apple watch purevpn giveaway

Comply with these terms and conditions, as they are very important for all the participants. Failing to comply with these terms and condition will mark a participant invalid from entering the draw.


Wrapping it Up

Looks like Christmas is coming early this year for all the iPhone lovers! Make sure you dive into to capitalize this once in a lifetime offer. Winning an iPhone has not been that simple ever. Imagine a giveaway of iPhone X for 13 days straight and a giveaway of 9 Apple watches for 9 days straight.

Impossible to imagine, right? We know that!

So what are you waiting for, go online now and register to participate. Only 14 days left to win the phone of your dreams. Remember everyone; The early bird catches the worm!


So, are you the next lucky winner?