The most dominant and recommended streaming software globally is Kodi. The best part is, Kodi iPad is just a few steps away. There are some best Kodi addons that offer unlimited streaming experience of the latest media content. Learn more about Kodi from our website as it presents you with all you need to know about Kodi.

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Speaking of dominance and recommendations, Apple has been a dominant name in the mobile gadgets industry for last few years now. Apple Inc. has expanded their various product lines such as mobile phones, Tablet, and PCs, that are highly recommended. However, if we think about using Apple iPad for Kodi; that will combine the best device with the best streaming software, the results will be terrific.

There is no doubt that the quality, functionality and the user experience provided by Apple is unmatched. Follow this guide thoroughly to see how to use Kodi on iPad.


What is iPad?

IPad is a series of Tablet PCs developed by Apple Inc. just like other mobile device manufacturers. However, the major difference is its operating system because as iPad runs on iOS while other devices run on Windows and Android. Just like any other tablet PC, iPad can be used for sending Emails, watching movies and videos, playing video games and browsing the web.

Apple Inc. launched the first iPad exactly 8 years ago in April 2010 and since then 8 generations of iPad have been introduced year after year. Every new generation has some changes in the user interface, software bug fixes, new functionalities were introduced and a few changes with its design were also made. All the system and functionality improvements were the upgrades that included new processors and features such as bio-metric scanners, camera upgrades and touch ids.

So far, over 250 million units of iPad have been sold worldwide. Throughout these generations, iPad was divided into two series, iPad Pro and iPad Mini. A series of iPad named iPad Air was also released that was sleeker in design and had a few enhancements in its system and functionalities. Since its induction, two generations of iPad Pro and four generations of iPad mini have been introduced in the market.


Can I Install Kodi on iPad ?

Yes! You can install Kodi on iPad but not without a third-party app because Kodi is not available on the App store. Therefore, you will have to use either the TweakBox app or the Cydia application when installing Kodi iPad. Kodi version 16 does not work very well with iPad, but Kodi Krypton version 17 runs great on almost every iPad.

Apple iPad for Kodi is a great choice because when you combine the best tablet in the world and the best streaming software, the results would be tremendous. Previously we had provided the guide on setting up kodi on apple TV, which by far is the best method to sideload Kodi on Apple TV.


Can i Setup Kodi on Jail Broken iPad ?

Yes, Kodi can be installed on a Jail broken iPad because Kodi is not officially available on the app store and hence we have to use a third-party application to install it.


What do you Need to have before Installing Kodi on iPad

1) Xcode

xcode for kodi on ipad

Xcode is an IDE package developed by Apple Inc. for developing applications for Mac and iOS. It help users to install or develop their desired platforms to run on iOS and Mac.

2) Cydia Impactor

how to install kodi on ipad with cydia impactor

Cydia Impactor on iPad is an installer tool use for installing IPA files on iPhones and iPads. It helps users to install external applications and software on the iOS platform. Cydia Impactor requires Mac integration while installing Kodi because it is Jailbreak method.

Download Cydia Impactor File.

3) Kodi deb file

can i install kodi on ipad

deb file is a software package file developed on UNIX platform or iOS platform. A Kodi deb file is a debian file that can be installed on a Jail broken iPad.

Download Kodi Deb File.

4) iOS App Signer

Can i Setup Kodi on Jail Broken iPad ?

iOS App Signer help users to modify their files into the iPad supported IPA format files to prepare them for installation.

5) Tweakbox App

What do you Need to have before Installing Kodi on iPad

It is a third-party application installer tool that is widely used for installing unofficial apps on iOS devices. It has more than 2000 apps in its library with a great variety of apps divided into many different categories. Tweak Box app is used to install Kodi on iPad with no Jailbreak method, because it does not require any Mac integration and can be done directly on the device.

Download Tweakbox App File.

4 Manual Ways to Setup Kodi on iPad

Following are the ways to install Kodi on iPad Using Jailbreak methods:

  1. Cydia Impactor
  2. iOS App Signer

However, following are the ways you can install without Jailbreaking or using a computer:

  1. Tweak box App
  2. Xcode


How to Setup Kodi on iPad Using Jailbreak Method

How to Setup Kodi on iPad Using Jailbreak Method

As mentioned above, there are two methods of installing Kodi on iPad. Follow these steps to install Kodi using the Jailbreak methods:

1) Cydia Impactor

Before you install Kodi, download the Kodi.IPA file and Cydia Impactor.

  1. Connect your iPad to your Mac. (Make sure you exit your iTunes).
  2. Launch Cydia Impactor.
  3. Open the IPA file in Cydia Impactor by dragging and dropping it.
  4. Choose iPad from the list.
  5. Click on Start.
  6. Enter your Apple ID when the request prompts.
  7. Now open Settings > Go to Profiles & Device Management.
  8. Proceed by choosing your entered Apple ID > Click on Trust and Proceed.

That is it, now you can easily use Kodi.

2) Xcode

  1. Connect you Mac and iPad
  2. Launch the Xcode
  3. Start a new Xcode project > Select Single View Application > Click Next.
  4. Enter product name as Kodi.
  5. Enter the rest of the details > Select Universal > Click Next. (If an error prompts, enter your Apple ID to fix it.)
  6. Open iOS App Signer
  7. Open the downloaded Kodi file.
  8. Select the profile you used before > Click Start.
  9. Head to Xcode home > Choose Devices from the menu at the top.
  10. Select your iPad > Click the +
  11. Browse and open the .ipa file created earlier.
  12. Now unplug your iPad > Go to its main menu and open Kodi.
  13. Open Settings > Device Management > Developer App > Click Trust.


2 Best Ways to Install Kodi on iPad Without Jail Breaking/Without Computer

1) Tweakbox App

  1. Open iPad > Open Safari browser > Type this URL “” and open it.
  2. Download the App > Click Allow.
  3. Click Install.
  4. Open the application.
  5. Click on Apps.
  6. Click on Tweakbox Apps.
  7. Scroll down to search Kodi and click on it.
  8. After the installation completes, Head to Settings.
  9. Open Profiles & Device Management.
  10. Click on the option below Enterprise Apps section
  11. Click Trust > Click Trust


Kodi on iPad Download

Kodi cannot be downloaded directly on the iPad as it is not officially supported by Apple and its official Application is not available on the App store. Nevertheless, a Debian file is downloadable from the official website of Kodi, which users can download. However, it can only be installed on the iPad through a third-party app installation client.


How to install Exodus and Covenant Addon on Apple iPad

Exodus and Covenant can be installed on Kodi iPad similarly the way they are installed on Kodi Windows. The installation procedure of Exodus on Kodi and Covenant on Kodi is similar, once Kodi is installed.


Best Remote Controls for Kodi on Apple iPad

Best Remote Controls for Kodi on Apple iPad

Following are a few Kodi remotes available on the App store that users can download for using Kodi on iPad:

  1. Official Kodi remote by JoetheFox
  2. XBMC Constellation
  3. XBMC Commander Free
  4. XBMC’s Own WebUI


How to Play iTunes Library in Kodi

Firstly, you will have to connect your drive with iTunes to Kodi, because it needs to be mapped. If it is not mapped then follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings from the Kodi main menu > Open File Manager > Double click on Add Source > Browse > Select iTunes drive.
  2. Configure the iTunes folder on your device.
  3. Click OK > Click Done > Give a name to it.

There you have your iTunes Library configured on your Kodi and now it is ready to play.


iPad Alternate Devices For Kodi

  1. Kodi on Windows
  2. Kodi on Raspberry Pi 
  3. Kodi on Firestick
  4. Kodi on Roku
  5. Kodi on Apple TV
  6. Kodi on Xbox One
  7. Kodi on Nvidia Shield


Final Words

Kodi despite having earned a great reputation worldwide, it has been highly criticized by many people. The whole criticism it has received is due to its piracy infringement issues that have been linked with its add-ons. The third-party Kodi add-ons are considered illegal as they grab streams, which are pirated, and display free copyright materials.

Similarly, it seems as if Apple Inc is very much against Kodi as no official Kodi app is available on the App store. Therefore, users who want to use Kodi have to follow the Jail breaking procedures and the procedure of installing Kodi on iPad no jailbreak required. We have explained the whole how to install and how to use Kodi on iPad procedure thoroughly. Make sure you check out everything before installing Kodi.