Netflix is currently the biggest name in the entertainment industry. Millions of users are relying on this service for fulfilling their entertainment needs. Many users do so with the help of best VPN for Netflix as a workaround to get US Netflix in their country. Whereas a lot of viewers simply fail using free VPNs that work with Netflix, because there ain’t any.

Netflix has spread its network across more than 190 countries worldwide and this has helped it to capture a great market share. Nevertheless, despite all of these countries being a part of Netflix’s network, they do not share the same content library.

This means that the content titles available and accessible on Netflix from United States might not be available in other regions like India, UAE or Japan. Reason being that every content distributor has some restrictions and some license issues prevent Netflix from offering every content to every region.

Every region has its own Netflix library, having almost the same content titles as other libraries except those restricted by content distributors due to licensing issues.

In other words, you will have Netflix originals accessible throughout the world in every region’s Netflix library but some shows are restricted to particular regions. This geo-restriction can only be bypassed through a reliable VPN service that offers complete anonymity or else VPN for Netflix will not work.

As of today Netflix is the most widely used online streaming service all around the world and there is no doubt that, it is the prior choice of every binge watcher. The main reason behind this popularity of Netflix is that it offers a great variety of content for every region and the streaming quality is outstanding.

Here is a list of few well-known countries out of 190+ countries, having access to Netflix:

United Kingdom (Great Britain)BangladeshIsraelSri Lanka
United StatesBelgiumItalySweden
AfghanistanCanadaNetherlandsUnited Arab Emirates
IndiaDenmarkRomaniaSri Lanka
FranceEgyptSaudi ArabiaSweden
JapanHong KongSouth Korea (Republic of Korea)Turkey
ArgentinaIndonesiaSpainUnited Arab Emirates

This is the advantage that Netflix has over its other competitors!


What is Netflix Sreaming Error?

Netflix geo-restriction is the only thing that a binge watcher hates about it because other than that, there is nothing to complain about!

In the beginning, many users tried to bypass the geo-restrictions for accessing the US Netflix library (which has the best and the most number of content titles) through proxy servers, Private Internet Access Netflix and Free VPN services.

Initially, they were successful in trying this workaround but this was seriously damaging the reputation of Netflix and the revenues and integrity of content distributors.

When the use of proxies and VPNs became a prominent practice, Netflix was forced to take serious action against it. Therefore, Netflix came up with the VPN blocker that could detect and restrict proxies and VPN servers from accessing Netflix.

VPN blocking has turned out positively for Netflix as no more proxy servers and Free VPNs can be used to bypass the restrictions.

Many popular VPN services like Private Internet Access that claimed to be best VPN for Netflix, had their servers blacklisted. When users tried accessing Netflix streams, they would bypass the library restrictions through blacklisted servers or even with new servers but when they try to play the stream, Netflix displays an error that looks like this:

netflix vpn not working

This error is the last thing any VPN user wants to see!

VPN blocking raised concern for the VPN providers and gave them a new sub-domain to dive into. This is why; the industry leading VPN providers started adding more servers and some providers even came up with a special Netflix Unblock feature.


How to Watch Netflix With VPN?

Netflix and Chill! This used to be the popular catchphrase but now it has been replaced to, Netflix and VPN!

VPN for Netflix has become an essential tool for binge watchers all around the world because without it, they cannot access the best of Netflix. The top VPN providers are highly focused on providing the best servers for online steaming geeks to bypass Netflix geo-restrictions without being detected and they have been quite successful in it.

To watch Netflix with VPN, follow these steps:

Note: Let us assume that you wish to access Netflix US library from outside of US by using a VPN.

  1. Register yourself to the VPN service by creating an account on the official website of the VPN provider and buy a subscription plan. There are monthly, yearly and 2-year plans offered by VPN providers see which of these suits your needs.
  2. Download the VPN client from the official website of the provider.
  3. Install the VPN client on your device.
  4. Open the installed application and login to your VPN account by entering the credentials that you have registered on the provider’s website.
  5. Now the client will display you a menu of features, choose the feature that that justifies your use of VPN. Like, if you are using for unblocking Netflix library then choose from the features like online streaming, Anonymous browsing or anonymity or any similar feature. Some VPNs have designated Netflix Unblocking features, if the VPN you are using has this feature then go for this feature.
  6. Once you have connected to the US server, open browser and go to
  7. Login to your Netflix account and you will see the complete Netflix US library in front of you.

There you have the Netflix US library unblocked with a VPN. It is a very simple procedure as you can see that no hardware or software tweaks are required in this procedure.

Here is another example for you with respect to a VPN service that unblocks Netflix through a chrome browser extension rather than its desktop client.

PureVPN is one of the most popular VPN provider and it has been highly preferred by online streaming geeks due to its great’s service. However, the most interesting thing about PureVPN is that it can only bypass the Netflix restrictions through its browser extension.

Follow these steps to install and bypass Netflix restrictions if you are a PureVPN user:

  1. Register/Subscribe to any PureVPN subscription plan.
  2. Download PureVPN (Chrome or Firefox) browser extension.
  3. Once you have added it to you browser, login your PureVPN account and simply click connect. You will be connected to the optimal US server.
  4. Now open Netflix website and login to your Netflix account.
  5. Search for any movie or TV show that you wanted to watch but was not accessible in your region.



Netflix Blocks VPN

Netflix has a smart way of catching all the restriction intruders through its VPN blocker. When a user connects to a VPN server, the server IP address is masked, allowing it to bypass geo-restrictions.

However, some VPNs can change your IP address but not your DNS address, which allows the Netflix VPN blocker to detect that you are using a proxy or VPN for unblocking. Netflix VPN blocker checks and compares your IP and DNS address, and if they do not match, it restricts your access to the streams.

This problem is face mostly by proxy, free VPNs and mediocre VPN users because these providers might claim to offer complete anonymity but in reality, they have bugs that cause DNS leaks and many other issues. Using such services is always risky because such VPN services make you vulnerable to hack attacks and malwares.

The best VPN for Netflix will ensure that there are no IP leaks or DNS leaks so that you can enjoy streaming without any problems. That is why I always recommend people to use well renowned and trusted VPN providers rather than such VPN services, which can jeopardize your security and privacy.


How to Bypass Netflix VPN Ban?

Bypassing Netflix VPN ban is not an easy task anymore because Netflix blocks VPN access instantly and not only that, it also lists that particular server in its block list. Many VPN providers are still struggling in enhancing their services while the industry leading VPN providers have already made a strong ground for themselves by enhancing their services to be termed as the best VPN for Netflix.

If you are facing issues in bypassing Netflix VPN ban, then you really need to change your VPN provider!

Choose a VPN that really can bypass the Netflix VPN ban and has a variety of servers to choose from because when the servers are limited, the chance of getting banned are higher.

To ease your concerns, we have lined up the five VPN providers that you can use without any worries. We have also provided their speed test results to prove their credibility.


Best VPN For Netflix That Works in 2018

I have lined up the 5 VPN providers after testing their Netflix VPN ban bypassing capability and the streaming speed of their servers.

Surfshark – #1 VPN For Netflix

Surfshark is an amazing VPN provider having great features and a praiseworthy service. It runs smooth without any interruptions and it connects instantly to any server that you want, from any region. Its speed is the major factor that I would recommend it to anyone.

netflix cta


Fast Connectivity

Ads and trackers blocker integrated

500+ Servers across 50 countries

Chrome and Firefox browser extensions

Fast servers ensuring great streaming experience

No DNS or IP leaks

Strict No Logs policy


x No Kill Switch

Netflix US Library Unblocked

I connected to Surfshark US Server and tried accessing the US Netflix Library, the show that I searched for was “Penny Dreadful”, which is restricted to US region only and cannot be streamed outside US.

surf shark with netflix

The VPN connected to the server in blink of an eye and I was connected to Surfshark US Los Angeles server (as you can see in the image above). I was able to access this show without any hassle and the streaming quality was perfect. I encountered no buffering issues or crashes, nor did Netflix detect the VPN usage.

I enjoyed the whole episode in HD quality and yes, I was using a 20mbps internet connection. I ran a speed test while streaming the show on Netflix with SurfShark and I was shocked to see the results:

surf shark streaming speed with netflix


ExpressVPN – #2 Best Netflix VPN

ExpressVPN Netflix is always regarded as the best yet somewhat expensive VPN provider amongst all other providers. ExpressVPN features are outstanding and its performance is simply awesome. Here are some facts that qualify it as an optimal Netflix VPN:


It has more than 2000 servers in around 94 countries

Strict No Logs policy

Fast connectivity

3 simultaneous connection

No Bandwidth limitation

Kill switch feature included


Highly priced plans

ExpressVPN claims to be a top-notch VPN service and I have never came across any such issue, while using ExpressVPN, that I could think otherwise. However, while trying to access US Netflix Library with ExpressVPN, something unexpected happened:

ExpressVPN chicago server for netflix

ExpressVPN Chicago Server

Yes, you guessed it right!

ExpressVPN newyork server for netflix

ExpressVPN NewYork server

I tried accessing Netflix with two different ExpressVPN servers; New York and Chicago. Both of them bypassed the geo-restrictions and I was able to search for the show ‘Law and order” (geo-restricted show). However, they both failed to stream the show as they failed to bypass the Netflix VPN ban.

This is something that I never expected to happen but when I tried to access the stream through ExpressVPN Washington DC server, it worked!

The stream was running quite well and I did not face any issues with the speed or restrictions through this server. I watched the complete episode and I faced no buffering issues or interruptions at all.

ExpressVPN Netflix unblocked with Washington DC server

ExpressVPN Washington DC server

While streaming the show, I tested the ExpressVPN server (Washington DC) speed and the results were quite impressive.

Expressvpn streaming speed

This speed test show that ExpressVPN servers are quite fast as you can see for yourself. One thing that I realized after trying ExpressVPN with Netflix is that if you are using a good Netflix VPN and you face a VPN ban, you should not give up and keep shuffling through the servers.


PureVPN – #3 VPN That Works With Netflix

PureVPN is amongst the top VPN providers and it is highly popular because of its amazing features and top-quality. PureVPN has been a top choice of binge watchers and online streamers because of the great variety of server and their servers’ performance.


More than 2000 servers across 180 regions

Kill switch feature

Up to 5 simultaneous logins allowed

Split Tunneling feature

24 Hours chat support

No Logs policy


x Slow Connectivity

x Encountered Pings

To test whether PureVPN works with Netflix or Not, I tested the PureVPN service and tried accessing the show Criminal Minds from the US Netflix library because this show is not available in other Netflix libraries.

One thing to highlight over here is that PureVPN does bypass the Netflix VPN ban and geo-restrictions but not through its desktop client. You will have to install PureVPN browser extension in order to access Netflix.

Therefore, I installed PureVPN chrome browser extension and connected to a US Server. It took like 20 to 30 seconds to connect, which is not that quick as compared to SurfShark VPN. Anyhow, after connecting to the server, I tried accessing Netflix and I was successful in the first Go!

I searched for the show, found it and then started streaming it. The streaming was uninterrupted and to be honest, I did not face any buffering issues. Even the quality of stream was great as the picture quality was not pixelating, making it clear that PureVPN has fast servers.

PureVPN Netflix unblocked

I took a speed test while continuing streaming and the results were as follows:

pureVPN streaming speed for netflix

As you can see, the server downloading speed was very good provided that I was using a 20mbps connection. However, I was astonished to see the high number of pings detected by the testing tool and I was surprised at the same time because I did not face any buffering issues.


NordVPN – #4 VPN Which Works With Netflix

NordVPN is a tyrant in the VPN industry and one of the few VPN providers that have never let down their users because of the fact that they keep on improving their services time to time.


High-end encryption

Up to 6 simultaneous connections

Instant connectivity

5000+ Servers across 62 countries

Browser extension

No Logs Policy


x Subscription plans slightly overpriced

x Slow server speed for streaming

The performance of NordVPN Netflix has always been highly praised by users from all around the world and there is no doubt that it is one of the most reliable VPN providers. However, I had to make sure that it works with Netflix before recommending it to users that is why I tested NordVPN with Netflix for accessing the US Netflix library.

Bingo! It works.

NordVPN successfully passed the anonymity test by accessing the US Netflix library and not being detected by Netflix VPN blocker. So, the next thing was to stream a geo restricted show, so I chose to stream the amazing Ex-Machina movie. It is a geo-restricted movie and it is not available in other Netflix libraries.

Nordvpn with Netflix

The stream started well but I did face some latency in the server as it kept buffering on and off. Simply put I did not enjoy streaming Netflix with NordVPN because of the lag in streams. However, the speed kept fluctuating and the streaming was disturbed thrice.

netflix nordvpn

The speed test while streaming Netflix with NordVPN server shows that the speed offered by the server was very low.

nord vpn streaming speed

This server speed is the reason that streaming with NordVPN did not turn out to be a great experience. Nevertheless, this is not the case with every server, some servers tur out to be slow while others can provide great speed. The server I tried night not be able to offer good bandwidth but there will surely be servers that can offer better speed.


CyberGhost – #5 VPN For Netflix US

CyberGhost is another VPN provider that has been improving its service day by day and making a ground for itself among the best VPN providers. Here are some details why I recommend CyberGhost to Netflix VPN users.


More than 3000 servers in 61 countries

Dedicated Netflix Unblocking feature

More than 500 servers in US only

Kill Switch feature

45 days money-back guarantee

Up to 7 simultaneous connections

No Logs policy


Live support issues

Slow Servers

The best thing that you will notice about CyberGhost is that it has a dedicated Netflix unblocking feature in its client. However, when I tried accessing Netflix US library through its custom connection feature by connecting to a Dallas server, the Netflix VPN blocker detected it.

cyberghost netflix

So I thought about trying the dedicated Netflix feature that is available in the Unblock Websites section and it connected successfully. I was able to bypass the library geo-restriction and tried streaming the show “Fosters” (Which is available in the US Netflix Library only) and the streaming started without any issue.

cyberghost netflix fosters unblock

However, connectivity speed of CyberGhost is somewhat concerning because it takes around 3 to 4 minutes to connect to the service. CyberGhost should fill this gap as soon as possible.

As for the speed of stream, it was okay-ish because I did face buffering problems twice. I tested the server speed during streaming and it justifies why the stream was so slow.

cyberghost streaming speed

Other than its speed, the performance was good as I did not face nay VPN ban issues after that and one thing that I liked the most about is the interface of its client which is very simple.

Overall, it does qualify for being one of the top five Netflix VPN providers and if it improves its performance, it can go further.


Free VPN that works with Netflix

As I have discussed earlier that proxies and Free VPNs are not up to the par of bypassing the Netflix VPN ban that is why trying any free service is simply a waste of time. You will find a number of articles online, discussing free VPNs for accessing Netflix but not all the VPN providers they mention are actually free. They recommend users to try their trial periods rather than buying them and they claim these as free VPNs.

I do not aim to mislead my readers and that is why I say that if you really want to try free VPN for Netflix then either you can try the trial periods of the above-mentioned V PN providers or you can try these three VPN providers that also offer trial periods:

  1. HotSpot Shield
  2. Tunnel Bear
  3. Keenow

These are not reliable Netflix VPN provider but they can be used with Netflix up to some extent. However, I do not guarantee either these VPN providers will be able to bypass Netflix geo-restrictions and Netflix VPN blocker or not.


Worst VPN for Netflix – VPNs and Smart DNS that do not work with Netflix any more

If I were to name the worst VPN provider that does not work with Netflix at all, then it has to be Private Internet Access (PIA) because Netflix VPN blocker has blacklisted all of its servers that could be used to access Netflix. This VPN provider can no longer be used to access Netflix, hence taking PIA out of the Netflix equation. PIA provided Silicon Valley servers to users for accessing Netflix and all of them are now blocked by Netflix.

As for Smart DNS, it is something unreliable according to me because the service can bypass the restrictions sometimes but not every time. Despite the claims made by SmartDNS of providing access to US Netflix, its service is not quite consistent.

You might be able to access US Netflix library for a few days if you are lucky enough but this luck keeps running out time to time. This is why SmartDNS is not a recommended service form my side.


How to change your Netflix region or switch to your favorite library

There is no such feature available in Netflix system that allows you to change your library according to your choice. For doing so, you will need a VPN, that has servers of the specific region that you want to access the library of and it should be good enough to bypass the Netflix restrictions.

Simply put, you can change your Netflix region through a VPN!

I have already illustrated all the details, refer to them and you will find the procedure of connecting to your desired regions library.


Netflix VPN Reddit

This lad has shared his experience that he tried accessing Netflix with a PVN but the Netflix VPN blocker detected it. We do not know which VPN he has used for bypassing Netflix restrictions, because he has not mentioned anything about it. However, judging by the fact that his VPN is detected, it must be a free VPN or any mediocre VPN provider.

This user is trying to access Netflix through PureVPN but he has not been lucky. Well, as I have discussed earlier, PureVPN is an excellent choice for bypassing Netflix geo-restrictions but you can do so with the help of its browser extension only.



Netflix is an entertainment giant nowadays but many people do not know the fact that Netflix is not something that started a few years ago. It has been around for last 21 years as it started in the year 1997, when there was no sign or idea of digital entertainment.

It started as an online movie rental service then and now it is the reigning king of digital entertainment industry. Netflix really has reshaped the entertainment industry through its high standards.

Not only that, Netflix has also took bold steps in maintaining its integrity like blocking the access of VPN and proxies as well as segregating the content libraries region wise. On one hand, this is something discouraging for the users but the content quality of Netflix has also drove users to stick to it.

Users have become so obsessed with Netflix that they try to find all the possible workarounds for bypassing the Netflix restrictions, just to access the best of Netflix. This drive in users has given a great push to the VPN industry and has created a competition within the VPN industry itself.

Only a few VPN providers have been able to reach to the standard of bypassing Netflix VPN ban and providing access to geo-restricted content to users. Netflix blocks VPN access not because it has something against the user but due to the pressure, it faces from the content distributors.