Trying to access the best content on Netflix and not being able to do so? Try combining the best VPN service with the best streaming service. That is right, try ExpressVPN Netflix combination and access complete Netflix US or any country’s library in your country.

Take a tour through our guide and see how you can enjoy streaming with ExpressVPN or complete Netflix VPN options.

nordvpn netflix
Looking forward to stream Netflix? ExpressVPN unblocks Netflix geo-restriction.  In order to access Netflix US, UK or any other country’s library. We recommend you use a VPN and change your location to the desired country to stream everything available on Netflix.expressvpn cta



Netflix Geo Restriction Libraries

Netflix is not popular just because of its content quality, but it also provides variety of content.

American Netflix has the biggest Movies and TV Shows library with 4,593 Movies and 1,157 TV Shows, and counting.

However, despite having content from all around the globe, US Netflix library is geo-restricted and can only be fully accessed in US and you can find out what show should you watch on netflix.

Each country where Netflix operates has different library due to copyright issues. Regions like major Asian countries and other European countries get only 5%-25% access to the complete library. The main reason behind this geo-restriction is the difference in the copyright policies and regulations that vary from region to region. Previously private internet access Netflix servers easily by-passed this restriction. But things have changed and ExpressVPN is doing quite well being the best Netflix VPN.


Expressvpn Netflix Working Servers

Many VPN services claim to bypass restrictions of Netflix but these claims are not always quite true and many a times turn out to be fallacious. Users who are new to the streaming world are caught in such misleading claims and end up buying the VPN services that are not capable enough of bypassing the Netflix library restrictions.

To confirm the accessing capability of ExpressVPN servers we contacted their life support and they ensured us that their servers are working.

Expressvpn netflix servers

nordvpn netflix
Looking forward to stream Netflix? ExpressVPN unblocks Netflix geo-restriction.  In order to access Netflix US, UK or any other country’s library. We recommend you use a VPN and change your location to the desired country to stream everything available on Netflix.expressvpn cta

Does ExpressVPN Bypass Netflix Geo restriction? Real Testing

We decided to test claims made by ExpressVPN that their servers could access Netflix geo-restrictions and provide access to Netflix US library. Hence, we purchased an ExpressVPN package plan, connected to a US server and accessed and we were able to access the US library of Netflix.

If you want to access Thor Ragnarok or any of your favorite movie from USA library from outside US, you will receive following message.

Does ExpressVPN Bypass Netflix Geo restriction? Real Testing

This image, shown below, signifies the popular movie “Thor Ragnarok“, which is only available in the US, unblocked from another region through a top VPN.

Expressvpn Netflix errors/issues


ExpressVPN Netflix errors

There are certain errors that you might face while trying to access Netflix with ExpressVPN. Here is a list of ExpressVPN Netflix errors:


1. IP Address conflict

Chances are that you might face this error despite being connected to a VPN server. Sometimes your IP does not change after connecting to the server. A common error occurs with almost every VPN service due to some bugs and technical failures. In such case, when you IP is not masked or changed and you try to access Netflix, you are not given the access.


2. DNS issue

Sometimes the site that you try to access retrieve your DNS from your ISP as it is left in the cache of your device and hence creates a hassle for you. Netflix firewall and servers are very smart and they detect your DNS and IP loops very easily. Therefore, such errors cannot let you bypass the Netflix restrictions.


3. Improper Proxy Configuration

Your browser proxy configuration might not be up to date or it might be mis-configured causing you problems. If your proxy is not configured properly, you will not be able to access the Netflix US library.


4. ExpressVPN Servers Not Working/ Not Responding

A common issue with all VPN services is the irresponsiveness if the servers that might happen anytime. The fact that Netflix started blocking VPNs and proxies, created a great issue for many VPN services. Only a few VPN services have been able to bypass the restrictions and in such circumstances when servers do not work, the user has to suffer.


ExpressVPN Netflix Not Working Fixes

1. IP Address conflict

It is a common error and can be easily fixed. Just restart your ExpressVPN App and try reconnecting to your desired VPN. Then check, your IP will be changed.


2. DNS issue

If you are using Windows, then you can fix this error by following steps:

  1. Go to your PC’s Start menu > Click on All Programs > Click on Accessories.
  2. Select the Run feature from here or if you are using usinf Window 8 or 10, then simply press the keys “Windows Key + R” to open the Run feature.
  3. Now, type “cmd” in the command field of the dialogue box.
  4. When command prompt opens, type “ipconfig/flushdns” and press Enter.

Your DNS will now be flushed and you will be able to access the Netflix US library.


3. Improper Proxy Configuration

Configuring proxy and connection settings of browser are a bit tricky and complex. Therefore, every browser has a complete troubleshooting procedure for such cases in their help guide. If you are facing any such issue, then click         on your respective browser for the solution:

  1. Mozilla Firefox
  2. Google Chrome
  3. Safari


4. ExpressVPN Servers Not Working/ Not Responding

If you face such an issue, where connecting to a server fails, contact ExpressVPN live support right away. If that does not help, then try reconnecting to the DNS sever manually. We have provided the link to ExpressVPN DNS server configuration below, click on it to explore more:

  1. DNS Server Configuration for Windows
  2. DNS Server Configuration for Mac
  3. DNS Server Configuration for Linux


Netflix ExpressVPN Reddit Reviews

Binge watchers all over the world have been using ExpressVPN for streaming on Netflix and it seems like they are having a great time with it. The reason we have used the word “seems” is because of the user reviews that are available on Reddit. Here, look:

This thread was a question about the working servers and the user has replied in detail and has complimented ExpressVPN support.

Here is another thread, the person who started this thread seems to be very romantic and it feels as if he has taken the term “Netflix and chill” to a completely new level. Anyhow, the question he asked was answered very precisely and the person has praised ExpressVPN for Netflix.


Expressvpn Netflix Blocked in 2018

Netflix detected a large number of users accessing the US library through VPN services and proxy servers. This obviously raised a great concern for Netflix and hence they started planning to block these VPN and proxy service.

Netflix has implemented a unique VPN detection system that blocks the traffic coming through VPN servers.

This is the reason why many users who try to access Netflix with VP services fail.

In the beginning, many leading VPN services including ExpressVPN failed to access Netflix US but the best thing about ExpressVPN is that it found a way around to access Netflix and now its servers in US are able to bypass the implemented restrictions very easily.

However, this cat and mouse chase would keep going n and Netflix might again try to bring ExpressVPN down but that is yet to see. In case it happens, either users might have to wait for some time till the VPN servers start working again or they should opt for any other VPN service that might allow them to access Netflix.


How to Buy ExpressVPN for Netflix from Anywhere

Buying ExpressVPN for Netflix is a very easy procedure and you can buy ExpressVPN from any region around the world by simply following these steps:

  1. Go to the ExpressVPN website and Click “Get ExpressVPN” tab.
  2. A new page will open, displaying all the package plans.
  3. Choose your desired package plan.
  4. Provide your Email address for registration.
  5. Select your mode of payment.
  6. Type in your details, information, and click “Join Now”.
  7. After clicking “Join Now”, you will receive an email containing your login credentials.
  8. Now download the ExpressVPN application and install it on your device. Configure the application and login to the app with the provided credentials.
  9. Choose a preferred US server for connection and open

There you have it, easy!


Does ExpressVPN works with Netflix?

Yes, ExpressVPN works with Netflix and other users and the service provider have confirmed it as well. We have also tested it to make sure that the claims made by the service provider are true.


Final Words

Netflix is the leading streaming service globally in the entertainment industry and similarly, ExpressVPN is the leading VPN service provider. Combining these two services for binge watching is surely a thing of beauty as it provides you access to the complete Netflix library that you cannot have if you are from any other region than US. We have provided you a complete insight of the ExpressVPN Netflix combination and we hope that you would not have any issues now. Keep streaming and stay safe!