Why run after best kodi addons and best kodi builds one by one, when you can have a best kodi wizard for that? We have lined up some of the best Kodi wizards 2020 for users relative to the mostly used platforms. Give them a look and do not forget to try them using the best VPN for Kodi.

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No Limits Is The Best Kodi Wizard For January 2020 As Per KodiVPN Survey Results

best kodi wizard for february 2018

Best Kodi Wizards of January 2020 ***Working List***

  1. SpinzTV Wizard
  2. Man Cave Wizard
  3. No Limits Wizard
  4. StreamHub Wizard
  5. Goodfellas Wizard
  6. Smash Wizard
  7. Echo Wizard
  8. Brettus Wizard
  9. CellarDoorTV Wizard
  10. Durex Wizard


1) SpinzTV Wizard

best kodi wizards

Download Link: You can download SpinzTV Wizard from here.

SpinzTV Wizard has all of its networks under one roof like SpinzTV Premium Lite, Hardnox, 4kids, SpinzFlix etc. SpinzTV is undeniably a highly recommended wizard and so are its spinz addons. It has some extra features such as APKs, emulators, games etc.

You can download SpinzTV through its own repository. However, keep in mind that this is not an official wizard and therefore you must consider using a Kodi VPN service.


2) Man Cave Wizard

Man cave kodi wizard

Download Link: Download Man Cave Wizard

Man cave Wizard is considered one of the best Kodi wizards. It is a program wizard and offers many features such as builds, tools etc. Despite all these features, it is normally referred to as the maintenance person of Kodi (See our detailed best kodi maintenance tools listed). The reason behind is its extraordinary use for cache and thumbnail clearing, while also creating backups etc.

Man Cave Wizard is something that every Kodi geek refers to keep in his library. It can also be called as one of the best Kodi wizards 2018.


3) No Limits Wizard

No limits kodi wizard

Click here to download No Limits Wizard.

If you have been looking for the best Kodi wizards 2018, then how could you miss No Limits wizard. No Limits Magic Wizard has an attractive interface which is also very fast in fulfilling commands. All of these wizards that come with it are totally updated and reliable. It has categories for everyone and everything whether it be Movies, TV shows or even adult content, No Limits wizard has everything.


4) StreamHub Wiz

Streamhub kodi wizard

Download StreamHub Wiz by clicking on this link.

StreamHub Wiz is amongst the best Kodi wizards. What makes it an excellent wizard is its wide range of program categories. You will find kodi addons for Sports, Live Shows, Movies, and Kids Shows etc. It has some great skins as well with an awe-inspiring interface.

Do not miss the best Kodi wizards 17.6.


5) GoodFellas Wizard

Goodfellas kodi wizard

You can download and install the latest version of GoodFellas from this link.

Goodfellas Kodi Wizard could be a little heavy in size yet it does not slow down the system. It has some of the most popular addons in it. You can have all the programs for Sports, IPTV, and Movies etc. GoodFellas is amongst the most popular Kodi Wizards.


6) Smash Wizard

Smash kodi wizard

Download it from here.

Smash Wizard has got it all, addons, maintenance tools, skins, builds and much more. It has some famous builds in its library like Skyllar, Colossus, Horizon, Rolling Steel etc.

Smash Wizard is must to have in your Kodi Library.


7) Echo Wizard

Echo kodi wizard

Click here to download Echo Wizard.

Echo wizard has a lot of cool addons, attractive themes and builds. You can easily install the addon that you desire and stream Movies, TV shows and sports events. Other than this feature, it has got some tools as well for maintaining your Kodi’s performance.


8) Brettus Wizard

brettus kodi wizard

Download Brettus Wizard

Brettus Wizard is highly recommended and appreciated by users because of the builds that it offers. Other than Kodi builds, it has a great variety of addon that are categorized for all gender and ages.


9) CellarDoorTV Wizard

cellardoor tv kodi wizard

Download CellarDoorTV Wizard

CellarDoorTV Wizard is a complete package for the best builds and skins. It is a quick and easy to use wizard that has many popular add-ons as well. The best thing about CellarDoorTV wizard is its compatibility with multiple platforms.


10) Durex Wizard

Durex kodi wizard

To download Durex Wizard click here.

Durex Wizard is actually a program addon that has the popular Durex addon and Durex build in it. It is one of the most reliable and recommended wizard amongst others. There is no doubt that it is one of the best Kodi Wizards.


Best Kodi Wizards for Fire Stick


11) Evolution Wizard

Best Kodi Wizards for Fire Stick

Download Evolution Wizard

It is one of the best Kodi wizards to have on Fire Stick as it enable users to install their favorite addons and builds. It has addons for streaming Live sports, News channels, Movies and Kids shows.

However, its prior focus is on family entertainment. Even its own evolution build is a nice build for family entertainment.

See our detailed guide on how to install kodi on firestick.


12) Halow TV Wizard

halow tv kodi wizard

Click here to Download Halow TV Wizard

Halow TV Wizard provides its own addon; Halow TV, which is one of the good addon for streaming sports events. You can also stream movies, TV shows with it, and you will not be disappointed because of its great streaming quality. And if you face any geo-restriction try using a Firestick VPN to install Halow TV Wizard.


13) HyperTT Wizard

hypertt tt kodi wizard

Download HyperTT Wizard for Kodi

HyperTT wizard provide its own HyperTT build that has all the popular and highly demanded addons like Bob Unleashed, Pyramid, UK Turk playlist etc. Now you get the idea that this wizard is an entertainment feast.


14) Kids Wizard

kids kodi wizard

Download Kids Wizard via SuperRepo

The name speaks for itself as it is an amazing wizard for Kids who love streaming their favorite shows and cartoons on Kodi. It has all the best kodi addons for Kids entertainment.


15) Kodi Build IL Wizard

IL Kodi Wizard

Download Kodi Build IL Wizard via Kodil Repo.

Kodi Senyor developed this Kodi wizard and it has all of the best tools, addons and builds to keep you on the go. Download and install this wizard and experience vast library of addons and best quality and reliable streams.


Best Kodi Wizards for Android

Setting up a Kodi wizard easier then setting up kodi on android. It is always suggested to go through a complete installation setup for kodi on android to avoid any hassle.


16) Tantrum APK Wizard

Tantrum TV Kodi wizard

Download Tantrum APK 

It is one of the most reliable and exciting wizard for android devices. It has everything you need, sports, movies, fitness etc. The best thing to notice about this wizard is that it regularly updates from time to time. That is the best thing to have while using Kodi.

You can download and install all of your favorite android applications through Tantrum wizard. Its library is full of applications for android. It is indeed one of the best Kodi setup Wizard.


17) Maverick Wizard

maverick kodi wizard

Maverick who gained a great reputation through Maverick addon has come up with Maverick Kodi Wizard.  It has made a firm ground for itself amongst the popular wizards. It is indeed amazing wizard having some of the best programs, builds and maintenance tools.


18) Metropolitan Wizard

metropolitan kodi wizard

Click here to Download Metropolitan Wizard

Bugatsinho developed this wizard, and it has many addons for streaming IPTV and news channels on android devices. It is rated amongst the best Kodi setup wizards.


19) Genie Wizard

genie tv kodi wizard

Download Genie TV Wizard

Another wizard amongst the best Kodi wizard is Genie TV Wizard. Genie wizard has been around for quite some time now and it has some nice addons, games and applications for android devices. This wizard is a reliable one and hasn’t disappeared despite the current situation of third party addons crack down.


20) Community Portal

community portal kodi wizard

Community portal is a great program addon that has most of the popular addons in its library. Another innovative thing about this wizard is that users can create their own custom builds with it. It has a nice maintenance section and some tutorials too. It can be installed through Noobs and Nerds repository.


Best Kodi Setup Wizards for Leia Version 18


21) KodiMaster Wizard

kodimaster kodi wizard

Download KodiMaster Wizard

The best thing about this wizard is its attractive interface; very organized and simple. It has addons categorized properly for Movies, TV shows, live TV, sports etc.


22) Mucky Duck Wizard

Mucky Duck Kodi wizard

Mucky Duck has been the most popular wizard as it is the home of the best plugins and builds for a long time now. Users have always trusted Mucky Duck due to the quality provided by it. There is no chance you can neglect it, it is highly recommended that you try it. It holds a firm position amongst the best Kodi wizards.


Final Words

Kodi Wizards 17.6 is a better option to choose rather than running after a single addon. The reason behind is that a Wizard provides a number of addon options in hand to choose from, saving time and effort. We have listed some of the best Kodi setup wizards for you guys, do not forget to check them out.