Amazon FireStick is all about cord-cutting entertainment through a large variety of its applications. Devices like FireStick are the reason that cable TV is outdated now.

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Ever heard of Kodi CRACKDOWN? Yes, it is true & blocking millions from watching free content. Hence jail breaking FireStick to install Kodi results in copyright infringement and privacy notices. By using a VPN you can ensure your device security and ensure privacy protection.
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Amazon FireStick apps enable user to watch each and everything that they has access of on their TVs. Times are changing and people tend to opt for convenient solutions. FireStick apps provide high-end convenience, allowing users to customize their library according to their needs.

There are hundreds of FireStick apps for every type of content, be it music, movies, TV shows, Radio, Sports, Cartoons and so much more.

The best thing I like about FireStick is that you do not have to be a streaming or tech geek to use it. Anyone can easily use it because of its handy apps that allow users to watch their favorite content without needing any tweaks or hassling installation procedures.



Download Top 10 FireStick Apps For 2018

  1. HBO Now
  2. Hulu
  3. Crunchyroll
  4. Sling TV
  5. NBC Sports
  6. PureVPN
  7. SkyNews
  8. Twitch
  9. ES File Explorer
  10. BBC News

Why do I need Firestick Apps

FireStick apps are what make the streaming experience much better. Once you have bought Amazon FireStick, you will definitely have to explore the FireStick apps.

The best thing about these apps is that many of them are free to download, making FireStick more fun to use and customize.

For every type of content, there are different applications available on the Amazon App store.


10 Best FireStick Apps for Movies and TV

best firestick apps

#1. Kodi

Kodi is a free app that can be installed on multiple operating systems including the FireOS. It is available on Amazon App store and to install it on your FireStick, you can download it from the app store. No subscription fee is required for using Kodi on FireStick.kodi free app for fire stick

Kodi has hundreds of add-ons that can be easily installed to stream live TV Shows, Movies, Cartoons, and Sports etc. Kodi itself is a galaxy, allowing uses to explore beyond their imagination by keeping their entertainment needs fulfilled to the maximum extent.

If you install Kodi on FireStick, your need for streaming variety of content will be easily met with and you will not find the need for any other application. It has a very easy to use interface and can be easily understood in the first encounter.


#2. Netflix

Havent’t you heard the term; Netflix and Chill?

Yes, you can enjoy Netflix on your FireStick device very easily be downloading the Netflix app on your FireStick through the Amazon app store.netlix tv shows app for amazon fire tv

Once you have downloaded the Netflix app, subscribe to your desired package plan and start streaming the best content available.

The best thing about Netflix is the variety of TV shows and Movies it has. You can watch shows relating to a variety of genres, suiting your mood and taste.

There are numerous trending Netflix shows all around the globe like the Marvels series of Daredevil, Defenders, Jessica jones, The Punisher and many other TV shows like Stranger Things, Black Mirror, and House of Card etc.

Netflix is indeed one of the best apps for FireStick for streaming that is available online at a very reasonable price and that too in HD quality. You will never feel the need to switch to any other service because the service is simply marvelous.


#3. HBO Now

HBO is without a doubt one of the best and oldest player in the Hollywood entertainment. I do not think there would be an entertainment geek who has not watched HBO on cable TV in the earlier now fires tv stick app

I remember whenever I had to watch a movie; the best place to tune in was HBO. All the latest and legendary movies were on HBO and it was the greatest movie channel.

However, times have changed and we are in the digital age now!

Now, users can get the best of HBO on FireStick devices for watching their favorite movies. The HBO Now app is available on the Amazon app store and you can download it free. It has all the latest and Blockbuster movies, ready for streaming.


#4. Hulu

Hulu is another great streaming platform that run amazingly on the FireStick and FireTV devices. Hulu is an American over-the-top media service having numerous channels to watch TV shows and app for movies and tv shows

Hulu has its own original TV shows as well just like Netflix. Some of the most popular TV shows on Hulu are The Handmaid’s Tale, Castle Rock, Difficult People, Future Man, The Chance, The Mindy Project and The Looming Tower.

Other than these, some of the all-time popular movies are also available on Hulu, like The Pianist, I Tonya, American Psycho, Jackie Brown, and Shutter Island etc.

You can also watch your favorite sports live on Hulu and it has a Kids section as well, just in case your children are binge watchers of cartoons.


#5. Crackle

Crackle is a streaming app made by Sony and it is free on the Amazon app store. It has all the best Movies and TV shows that you wish to watch. Crackle has a vast library of movies of different genres like Action, Horror, and app crackle for firestick

Users can simply create their account and start accessing all the content available on Crackle app. The library keeps on updating on regular basis, adding the latest movies as well as some of the best blockbuster movies to have released.

Sony crackle offers good quality video streaming with seamless streaming speed. Simply install this FireStick app and start your entertainment tour.


#6. Pluto TV

Pluto TV is an online TV service that offers more than 100 global channels and thousands of movies and TV shows to stream online.pluto tv app for firestick

It has a variety of free channels for streaming Entertainment, Life Style, News, Sports, Games, Comedy, and Cartoons etc. Pluto TV also offers On-demand content, allowing you to watch your favorite movies whenever you want to.

Pluto TV works with multiple platforms and operating systems. It can be easily installed on FireStick by downloading the app from Amazon app store.


#7. Crunchyroll

Are you a fan of Anime, Cartoons or East Asian content?

If yes, Crunchyroll is the best streaming service for you.  It provides streams for all the best Asia content comprising over 200 Asian drama shows, more than 900 Anime and much app for fire stick

It is indeed one of the best and biggest American streaming service for watching Asian content. You can watch all the popular Anime like Dragon Ball Super, Attack on Titan, Naruto Shippuden, My Hero Academia, One Piece etc.

Crunchyroll also publishes all the latest news from the industry to keep you updated. Just like all other applications, Crunchyroll is also compatible with various platforms and operating systems.

There are not many apps available on the shelf that provides such a diverse content in great video quality. Crunchyroll is a must-to-try!


#8. Sling TV

Sling TV is one of the most popular online streaming service that has been highly appreciated and preferred by users all over the tv top app for amazon firestick

Despite being restricted to the US region only, Sling TV has a fan base from all across the globe. A large number of people use Sling TV to watch live broadcasts from outside the US region by using Kodi VPN.

Sling TV was the first online Live TV streaming service that appeared online and it instantly broke all the barriers and earned a great reputation. It is still considered as the cheapest service to stream the best content.

You can stream channels some of the most popular channels like  ESPN, CNN, FOX, NBC Sports, Bravo, National Geographic, Cartoon Network, History Channel, Fuse, Bet Star, FX, BBC America, TNT and many more.


#9. FreeFlix HQ

FreeFlix HQ is an amazing new service for streaming Movies, TV shows, Anime, Wrestling and Live TV on mobile flix apk app for firestick

It provides high quality video streaming with offline watching mode as well. You can simply download the movie you want to watch and stream it offline.

It has a very interactive user interface with very easy navigation. Users can also save their watching library by connecting to their Trakt account as it has integrated Trakt account feature.

Users who prefer watching movies with subtitles will surely love this application as its built-in player offers subtitles for everything you stream.

FreeFlix HQ can be used on Android mobile phones and TV as well as on FireStick and FireTV.


#10. TBN

If you are an online streamer looking to watch some religious content online, then TBN is the app that you should have on your FireStick.TBN fire tv app

TBN is the biggest Christian focused broadcasting network of the world that aims on gathering the Christian community from all around the world and spreading the message of Jesus and peace through live streaming shows.

TBN is a historical cannel that has been around for last 44 years and is still progressing well. TBN owns 35 large TV stations as well as 252 small TV stations that broadcast its content. Other than that, it has satellite-broadcasting service as well through 70 satellites.

TBN broadcasts content like gospel concerts, live Christian events, talk shows, fitness and health programs hosted by Christian doctors, children’s TV shows, modern Christian music videos, marriage enrichment series, holiday special TV shows, Christian dramas and full-length, family-oriented movies.


Best FireStick Apps for Sports

Best FireStick Apps for Sports

#11. Watch ESPN

ESPN is unarguably the most popular sports broadcasting network that has been around for almost 40 years now.watchespn sports app for firestick Having earned a great reputation amongst the sports loving audience, ESPN has always been highly preferred by people all around the world.

People no longer tend to rely on their cable TV and have started adopting the modern trend of online streaming. Streaming sports online is one of the best thing that every sports fan loves to do and there are very few top of the line apps that users can choose from.

Watch ESPN is an amazing online sports broadcasting website and application. Users who wish to watch Live sports on their FireStick devices can download and install Watch ESPN app from the app store.


#12. NBC Sports

NBC is one of the biggest sports broadcasting network that covers all the major sporting events like the NFL, Soccer, NHL, NBA, MMA, Tennis, Rugby, Boxing etc. nbc sports for amazon firestickSo if you are looking for an app that provides a variety of sports action to stream on your FireStick device in high quality then try the NBC Sports app.

With NBC Sports app, you can enjoy live streams, latest updates, match schedules and highlights, all in one place.

Therefore, if you are a fan of soccer and want to watch the English Premier League live or if you are looking forward to stream a UFC pay per view live then the NBC Sports app for FireStick should be an optimal choice for you.


Best FireStick Apps for Security

Best FireStick Apps for Security

#13. PureVPN

When we talk about streaming, our first concern should be on our security because nowadays, virtual threats are at large. purevpn security app for firestickTherefore, having a security app that provides protection form spying is a must thing to have, so that you can enjoy streaming hassle free.

Install PureVPN app on your FireStick device and stream without the issues of bandwidth drops or malware attacks. With a VPN on Firestick, you will able to access the streams, channels and programs that ae not available in your region.

Privacy has always been a great concern for many streamers and PureVPN provides high-end encryption to ensure that. Therefore, when streaming, use the PureVPN app and stream your favorite content without catching the eye of your ISP or authorities.

PureVPN has more than 2000 high-speed servers in more than 140 countries. You can also get dedicated streaming servers if you need.


#14. NordVPN

NordVPN is one of the most popular and reliable VPN for firestick amongst all. NordVPN has more than 5000 servers across the globe in 62 countries. It provides military grade encryption for secure internet usage.nordvpn security app for amazon fire stick

Keep your data protected and ensure your cybersecurity by streaming anonymously over the internet. Simply install the NordVPN FireStick app from the Amazon app store and enjoy your FireStick experience.

NordVPN focuses on providing quality security so that the users can surf the internet without worrying about spying. Cord cutters and streaming geeks prefer NordVPN because of its amazing security features that enable them to stay off the radar of hackers and malwares.

It allows users to connect their devices to public networks without having to worry about any security breaches.


Amazon Firestick Apps for News

Amazon Firestick Apps for News

#15. Sky News

Sky News is a UK based international news channel that delivers all the latest news from all around the world.skynews app for amazon fire stick Sky News is an award winning news channel that has been highly proficient in covering different news from all around the world with a display of responsible journalism.

Sky News is one of the few news channels that have been highly renowned and many people rely on its news. People trust the news delivered by Sky News because of its authentic sources.

Download and install the Sky News app from the Amazon app store and stay up to date with all the latest news updates from all around the world.


#16. BBC News

BBC News is another British news channel that covers major news from all around the world and is operational 24 hours. bbc news app for amazon fire tvIt is the world’s oldest national broadcasting network that has been around for more than 90 years now.

BBC headquarters are based in London and it has more than 35000 employees working in it. It has been known as the Europe’s most popular content-based site. There is no broadcasting network that can compete with BBC online, due to its large infrastructure and its financial strength.

You can find all the latest updates on the BBC News app relating to Sports, Entertainment, Politics, Social issues, Health, Weather and many other categories.


Best Fire TV Stick Apps for Music

Best Fire TV Stick Apps for Music

#17. YouTube

Who hasn’t heard of YouTube?

Whenever you have to search for any latest music video, the first option that pops in your mind is YouTube. youtube-fire-tv-appIt is indeed the most relied platform of millions of music lovers all around the world.

The best thing about YouTube is that you can find almost any music video new or old and create a playlist of your own to listen it whenever you want to, rather than searching for songs every time. Moreover, its recommended feature shows you all the latest and trending videos that might suit your taste.

Using YouTube on FireStick is very easy, simply download and install the YouTube app on your FireStick device from the Amazon app store and start browsing your favorite music videos in HD quality. Create your own playlist and explore more music as much as you want to because it is free.


#18. Spotify

Spotify is an amazing music streaming application that was launched 9 years ago by a Swedish company. spotify firestick music appSpotify is the home for millions of songs from a great variety of Artists from all around the world.

Spotify app can be installed on FireStick device to enjoy the musical groove. Simply create a Spotify account and start making your playlist with all your favorite songs.

Spotify is a free app for everyone that does not interrupt your musical grove with advertisements. You can also download your favorite songs from the app very easily.


#19. Twitch

Twitch itself is a subsidiary of Amazon, which allows users to stream their favorite music as well as contributing their own stuff.twitch music app for amazon fire stick

In last 7 years, Twitch has gained a lot of public attention and many user have turned to Twitch to earn money by live streaming their own content. Many users live stream their song covers, games and some other things on Twitch and earn by getting views.

It is indeed the leading social video platform of the world, which has an average of 9.7 daily users. Out of which, around 2 million-user stream their content live on Twitch.

Download the Twitch app on your FireStick device and dive right into the Twitch world to stream your favorite content now!


Best IPTV for Amazon Fire Stick

Best IPTV Amazon Firestick Apps

#20. MrMC

MrMC is an IPTV app available for FireStick at Amazon app store that can be availed for as low as CA$3.88. mrmc best amazon firestick app for iptvWith MrMC, you can enjoy lots of entertainment stuff like music and TV shows in 4K video quality.

MrMC can be connected to Plex, Emby, TV headend and many more services’ servers to catch live feed from. It has a very smart and attractive interface that is very user-friendly.

Download and install MrMC now and start watching live TV on FireStick device by using your internet protocol.


#21. TVMosaic Live

IPTV is a necessary thing to have on FireStick so that you can watch Live TV shows and programs over the internet. tvmosaic live best app for firestickDownload it free from the Amazon app store to enjoy the IPTV experience.

TVMosaic Live has a very interactive user-interface that is very user friendly, even a person using an IPTV service for the first time will not have any issue in operating it. It is compatible with mobile devices as well as FireStick and FireTV. Users can easily watch live TV in standard definition or Ultra HD definition, according to their own choice.

It supports all the IPTV signal protocols like http, https, hls, udp, rtp, rtsp streaming ad another great feature of this app is that user can turn on subtitles and change the audio tracks as well.


#22. Radiant IPTV

If you’re from Bangladesh, residing abroad or if you are a fan of the Bangla content, then Radiant IPTV app is the optimal choice for you in FireStick.radiant iptv app for amazon fire stick

Simply download and install the RadiantIPTV app to your FireStick and start watching live TV channels and movies without any hassle.

RadiantIPTV app is very small and it is available for free download on Amazon app store.



Utility Apps for FireStick

utility Firestick apps

There are numerous utility apps available in the FireStick apps list to choose form, but here are the best three FireStick apps to have.

#23. File Manager Fire TV Addition

One of the most important thing for any device is the File Management software that allows users to manage their downloaded item and other files. best utility app for firestickFile Manager is an app for FireStick that allows users to manage their FireStick in moving data from one place to another.

It has a very easy to use interface that allows users to manage their FireStick files very easily. It is a dedicated FireTV and FireStick app and it has all the basic functions like copy, paste, rename and delete.

You can easily access all the files on your FireStick device and another great feature of this app is that it has a built-in photo viewer.


#24. ES File Explorer

ES File explorer is one of the most commonly used FireStick Utility, mainly preferred by Streamers. best utility app for amazon fire stickOne the reason it is used is for installing Kodi on FireStick. Kodi cannot be installed directly on the FireStick, which is why users use the Jailbreak method, for which ES Explorer is necessary.

ES File Explorer is considered the best file management app for android devices. It allows users to manage their files, Unzip the transferred or downloaded files and install applications. ES File Explorer can be used for transferring files through FTP and to clear system cache and application processes.

It has more than 16 integrated languages like English, Russian, Japanese, German, and many more. You can easily keep a track of your storage capacity and manage your music and photos with it.


#25. Firefox for Fire TV

Mozilla Firefox is one of the best and popular web browser all around the world. mozilla firefox app for fire tvFirefox is widely used by people all around the world for personal web browsing as well as by web designers and programmers because of its smart features and its excellent design.

Unlike other web browsers, Firefox limits the run-time page-load to the specific tab and does not accumulate it to the overall browser. Meaning that, other browsers become slow if you open to many tabs but Firefox does not slow down and even if it does, you can easily close the tab to cut the browser lag.

Download Mozilla Firefox form the Amazon app store, start browsing seamlessly, and enjoy tons of useful browser plugins to enhance your web browsing experience.



Amazon FireStick is popular because of its potential of customization according to the user needs and preference. There are hundreds of applications available over the app store that can be installed in FireStick for customizing the device.

I have briefly introduced some of the most popular applications that you can install on your FireStick device to enhance your experience and to have everything within the palm of your hands. After trying these apps, you will not feel the urge of shifting to any other device. All of the apps discussed in this guide are best apps for Fire TV and FireStick.

All of the apps that I have discussed in this guide are readily available on the Amazon app store and hopefully you will not have any issue in finding and installing them. Make sure you try them all.