Are you constantly stuck in a state of what to watch next? Then worry no more! We know what is best for you on Netflix and we have lined up everything in detail for you. Go through our guide thoroughly and you will not ask yourself what show should I watch anymore and if you are facing any problem while accessing Netflix, use the best vpn for Netflix.



What is Netflix?

Netflix is the reigning King of online entertainment and streaming services around the globe. The diversity and quality of the content on Netflix has really set new standards and no one can match the mighty Netflix. It is an online streaming service that has a number of seasons of shows from all around the globe. There are different Netflix libraries for different regions, which can be accessed with expressvpn netflix or with nordvpn netflix.

Netflix is the revolution in the digital entertainment industry that has made watching TV an outdated option. Nowadays, people have started to opt for streaming their favorite shows online rather than sitting watching it on cable. The major credit of bringing people towards online streaming goes to Netflix.

Another great thing about Netflix is that for every region, it has a specific library. Users from different regions can only access the content that is available on their region. This is actually restriction imposed on content due to the copyright and content handling regulations of content providers.


Netflix New Releases August 2018

The summer is about to end as August has started but the carousel of entertainment has just begun. Netflix has just announced some amazing eye-candy TV shows and movie releases for the month of August and has left all the Netflix users and streaming fans all over the world in awe. A total of 38 new Netflix orignals and 9 Netflix Films will be released this month.

Here is a glimpse of the releases for the month of August:

SwitchedMagic for Humans
Cocaine CoastPinky Malinky
Dinotrux Supercharged: Season 3Spirit Riding Free: Season 6
Marching OrdersUltraviolet
Flavors of Youth: International VersionThe Investigator: A British Crime Story: Season 2
Mr. Sunshine (Streaming Every Saturday)Deadwind
On ChildrenFollow This
72 Dangerous Animals: AsiaAsk the StoryBots: Season 2
AfflictedBert Kreischer: Secret Time
All About the WashingtonsGhoul
Demetri Martin: The OverthinkerThe Innocents
InsatiableTrolls: The Beat Goes On!: Season 3
La casa de las floresInside the Criminal Mind
Million Pound MenuOzark: Season 2
The Ponysitters ClubParadise PD
Voltron: Legendary Defender: Season 7The Comedy Lineup: Part 2
ZionUltimate Beastmaster: Survival of the Fittest
DisenchantmentUndercover Law


Netflix Films

  1. Brij Mohan Amar Rahe
  2. Like Father
  3. Perdida
  4. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
  5. The Package
  6. The Motive
  7. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before
  8. The After Party
  9. The Laws of Thermodynamics


What Netflix Show Should I Watch ?

What to Watch on Netflix UK ?

  1. Like FatherWhat Netflix Show Should I Watch in august 2018

Like Father is a comedy movie starring Kristen Bell, Kelsey Grammer and Seth Rogen. The movie revolves around the awkward situation that arises when the newlywed bride accidentally takes her father; who she has not met in year, on her honeymoon after being drunk. The family experiences moments of Joy and emotions as the father and daughter spend some time together. It is a great emotional and drama movie to watch.

  1. All About the WashingtonsWhat to Watch on Netflix UK ?

A story about a newly retired rapper ho takes the responsibility of becoming a family man and looking after his 4 Kids, while her wife capitalizes his retirement to indulge into a business venture of her own.

  1. Insatiablenetflix new releases in august 2018

Patty, a teenager bullied by her high-school peers over her weight, consults to Bob a Beauty-pageant coach. As her body takes a 360 transformation, she plans to take revenge from all the people who have bullied her. Starring in this movie are Debby Ryan, Alyssa Milano and Dallas Roberts. Insatiable is a great comedy movie to watch with your family.

  1. Ghoultop netflix shows

Ghoul is a story of horrific revelations of a military covert detention center where the terrorists are held and interrogated. As Nida Rahim, a newly recruited military interrogator enters this captive center, she finds out that her assigned target is not a normal human being but rather something else from somewhere else. This tale has a lot of twists and turns in it and viewers will have their jaws dropped after watching  the amazing cinematography.

  1. The InnocentsNetflix UK

The innocents is a powerful story of two teenagers entwined by love but their super-natural powers trying to divide them. This thriller and drama series is a must watch serial as you will witness an emotion packed punch.

  1. Ozark (Season 2)ozark season on netflix UK

A money laundering gone wrong and a family lost, Ozark Season 2 will be a thrilling season to watch.             Marty has to pay-off a heavy debt due to the deal that went wrong to a Mexican Drug Lord. Witness the family reunion under harsh circumstances in this season of Ozark.

What to Watch on Netflix Canada ?

  1. Follow ThisWhat to Watch on Netflix Canada ?

A short yet informative series of stories covered by Buzzfeed Journalists. The amazing thing about this short series is that it will have every episode of 15 minutes only.

  1. House of Deadly Secretshouse of deadly secrets on netflix canada

A tale of terror about a mother and daughter that just moved into a new house to tart their life from scratch again but the house has a past and a lot terrifying secrets. Watch this horror tale on Netflix this August.

  1. Outlander Season Threeoutlander is the show to watch on netflix canada

Outlander is a story of love, heartbreak and the wounds of time that cannot be healed that easily. The story revolves around Claire who has two different lives and two different love stories running parallel to her heart in parallel times.

  1. How to Get Away With Murder – Season Fourhow to get away with murder season 4 on netflix canada

A group of 4 law students along with their professor, group up in digging deep into murder cases that are deep and not so dry. The twisting story of murders and revelations is one to look out for.


What to Watch on Netflix Australia?

  1. La Casa De Las FloresWhat to Watch on Netflix Australia?

If you are a comedy fan that loves flower, then this Spanish TV series is a treat for you. The story revolves around a rich Mexican family that owns a flower shop but has too little control over their own dysfunctionality.

  1. Marlon: Season 2marlonn season 2 on netflix australia

The story revolves around the real life of Marlon Wayans as he tries to balance his life between his kids, friends and his ex-wife. The best thing about Marlon is that the comedy star is playing himself and one can only expect the natural and original feel that this TV series would have. The focus of this season is around the fluctuations of Marlon life as the family is growing up and the times are getting tough.

  1. Great Newsgreat news on netflix australia

Great news is the story of a cable producer and her mother working together on the same cable television, daughter being the news producer and her mother coming in as an intern.

  1. Paradise PDParadise PD on netflix australia

Paradise PD is an animated series for adults premiering on Netflix. The story circles around a police department from a very small town and the prime focus is on the stupidity of the police officers as they stroll around the city to fight crime. This series has graphical content and adult humor that is why we recommend you to watch it alone.

  1. The Ultimate Beastmaster Australia: Survival of the FittestThe Ultimate Beastmaster Australia: Survival of the Fittest

An extreme competition event hosting more than 100 competitors from nine different countries around the globe comprising   France United States., Germany United Kingdom., Australia, South Korea, Brazil, Italy and Mexico. Every episode features a set of unique obstacles that the competitors have to face and conquer. A winner is named at the end of each episode.


What Netflix Movie Should I Watch ?

Some amazing Blockbuster movies are coming to Netflix this August and you cannot afford to miss them. Here are a few recommendations of movies for you:

Tower HeistThe House Bunny
Bring It On: In It to Win ItStar Trek Beyond
Ouija: Origin of EvilPride & Prejudice
Get HardCharlie St. Cloud
Who Gets the Dog?Sully
Adventures in Public SchoolThe Thirteenth Floor
The BodyguardLakeview Terrace
City of AngelsMidnight Express
My Sister’s KeeperThe Stepfather
American HoneyAttack on Wall Street
Dirty HarryThe Departed
GoodFellasHot Fuzz


What to Watch on Netflix Quiz

A surprising thing that you will get to see on many entertainment blogs is the quiz they are hosting regarding Netflix movies and TV shows. This helps websites and marketers to gauge user preferences and their taste. Users take part in these polls as these quizzes are based on genres and they can pick the shows that they love to watch from these genres.

Another great thing about such quizzes is that they help users to get to know more about other shows that are available. Engaging in these quizzes helps binge watchers in removing the confusion as to What Netflix show should I watch on Netflix or what TV series to watch?

These quizzes can also be based on your favorite celebrity or your dream vacation etc, just to incite the feeling of what to watch next, these quizzes can go to any extent.

Following are the websites that are hosting such quizzes and polls:

  1. BuzzFeed
  2. BrainFall
  3. PopBuzz
  4. Seventeen
  5. Sporcle

One thing is for sure that after participating in such quizzes, you will not be asking yourself what should I binge watch next and you will not be bothering to look at the Netflix suggestion box either.


Final Words

Questions like What Netflix show should I watch on Netflix and what TV series to watch are very common amongst all Netflix lovers and Binge watchers all around the globe. If you are a binge watcher of an extreme level then you might take this question to a newer level like what should I binge watch next, and we do not blame you for being this way.

Netflix is such an addictive thing that it just gets under your skin too well that you cannot live without it, one you have tried it. Last year, we say a large number of people searching for what Netflix show should I watch 2017, and the queries were on every blog site.

After seeing such a tremendous inflow, blog sites starting coming up with great recommendations for people asking what Netflix show should I watch 2017?

Same scenario has been witnessed this year and users have flooded the social media asking what Netflix show should I watch 2018? Therefore, we thought about guiding you elaborate enough to let you know what Netflix show should I watch 2018. We hop after going through this guide of ours; you will not be asking What Netflix show should I watch on Netflix.