Looking for the best ways for watching UFC 235 live online, take a trip through this guide and I assure you that you will find the best ways of streaming this PPV event. We have covered a variety of ways for streaming this event because every user has his own preference.

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How to Watch UFC 235 in Lowest Price on Pay Per View

UFC offers its dedicated UFC PPV service, which can be easily availed from anywhere in the world.

However, there’s a twist in this tale!

UFC PPV subscription fee is different in every region, like inn US, you have to pay $64.99 and $91.96 for a 6-months plan.

ufc ppv US

Whereas, if you are in Philippines, you will have to pay ₱920.00, which when converted, cost up to $17.52 only. And with a VPN it would only cost you $28.47 to watch UFC 235 PPV, which is the cheapest option to watch UFC 235 live online.


Get a vpn

The difference is clear, make the smart move!

Now, you would be wondering how you could avail this amazing discount. Well, the simple way to avail UFC PPV at a discount is by using a VPN provider that has Philippines server. Connect to the Philippines server through VPN and start streaming UFC 235 at such a low rate.


How to Watch UFC 235 on Amazon Prime

UFC 235 Pay Per View on amazon prime video

Amazon Prime is the Video on demand streaming service, operated by Amazon itself. The service has been receiving great praise from the online streaming community lately. However, since UFC and Amazon signed a deal to stream the UFC Pay per view events, fans all around the world have appreciated this move.

Amazon prime offers great quality streaming service, which is why many people tend to opt for it. Especially, when you have the option for streaming UFC pay per view on it, exquisite quality entertainment is guaranteed.

UFC 235 will surely be a great because of the amazing fight cards lined up and the whole world is looking forward to this event. Now that the event is so special, streaming it on Amazon Prime will definitely be fun. This deal between Amazon and UFC has really lightened up the moods of Amazon Prime users who love UFC, as they do not have to subscribe to any other service.

Users can order the fights before the event or they can purchase the event after 4 hours. Another great thing about streaming UFC live with Amazon Prime is that users can rewind the action while streaming it live.


How to Watch UFC 235 on Sling TV

how to watch ufc 235 on sling tv

Sling TV is one of the best online streaming service providing access to a large variety of channels and pay-per-view events. UFC fans can watch UFC 235 on Sling TV by pre-ordering the event.

Sling TV offers high quality streams of live events and when it comes to a UFC event and that too if such magnitude, you cannot afford to compromise on the quality of streams. Make the purchase before the event and on the day of event, your purchased pay per view event will be appearing on the top of every channel in your list.

Sling TV I considered to be a top spot for sports streaming and especially for PPV events. One thing about Sling TV that you should keep in mind is that Sling TV is a geo-restricted service that is only accessible in USA. Therefore, if you are anywhere outside US and wish to access Sling TV, then you will need a VPN provider to bypass the geo-restrictions.

Get a vpn

How to Watch UFC 235 on PS4 Live For Free

watch ufc 235 on ps4 jones vs smith

If you have a PS4 and you wish to stream the UFC event live, then you can do so without paying a penny. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to PlayStation Vue app
  2. Sign-up for a free trial
  3. Go to Sports section.
  4. Search for ESPN channel in the available channels list (Sign-up for free trial of ESPN as well).
  5. The event will be streamed on ESPN because it is the only official broadcaster of this PPV event.


How to Watch UFC 235 for Free Live Online

Many people like to search free streams because they do not like to subscribe to the premium services. If you are one of those people, then try the following ways of streaming UFC 235 for free live online:


Fight Live is a MMA evets dedicated site, providing free live streams for all the latest MMA events from UFC, Bellator, Boxing and WWE. Simply visit Fight Live website and you will see a list of live and available matches on the front page and you can stream them live with a single click.

UFC 235 on Kodi

When it comes to high quality streaming and that without paying any fee, Kodi is one of the best available option. It has numerous PPV Kodi addons for streaming live events in HD quality without any interruptions. You can stream UFC 235 on Kodi without any issue as it has dedicated UFC add-ons that provide free streams of live events.

Free online streaming links

One of the most common practice of many users is hunting free online streams. There are numerous sites that provide free streaming links but the problem that users face with these sites is that they are bombarded with pop-ups and advertisements. However, if you still wish to stream the event through those links then you can try this link, it will be providing free HD streaming.




UFC 235 is going to be one of the best events of all times as some great names are on fight-cards and the fact that two title bouts are lined up on a single night. The hype of this event is visible on social media platforms as supporters of competing fighters are showing their support and the discussions are heated up. There are numerous ways of streaming UFC 235 online but many people are unaware of them. This is why, we thought about enlightening users about the ways that are available.

However, some of the ways mentioned above require using a VPN, including the free streaming options. Not only because it will help in bypassing the geo-restrictions but if you are streaming the event live, it will encrypt your traffic and protect you from authorities and hackers spying on you. So, keep yourself save and use a VPN where you should!