In this guide, I will be discussing the best Kodi Skins that you should use to Improve the Kodi interface.

Kodi Skin changes the way how your Kodi looks. Kodi skins give your Kodi a new look and feel where you can change colors, themes, the position of the menu, and so forth.

In short, using Kodi Skin you can bring a new spark to your Kodi version with sparkling colors and a tremendous amount of customizable options.

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Top 10 Best Kodi Skins for 2020

Here are the list of top Kodi Skins:

  1. Aeon Nox
  2. Arctic Zephyr
  3. Titan
  4. Black Glass Nova
  5. Pellucid
  6. Aeon MQ5
  7. Amber
  8. Back Row
  9. AppTV
  10. Xperience 1080

24 Best Kodi Skins Overall

1. Aeon Nox


Aeon Nox tops the list in our best Kodi Skins for 2020. The major reason being its wide range of customized settings that you can perform, including colors, skin themes, and even fonts.

Changing the main menu look is what appeals to most Kodi users in the Kodi Skin. This is probably the best Skin for both new and experienced Kodi users.

2. Black Glass Nova


When you look at the Kodi Skin Black Glass Nova, it would remind you of Windows Vista because of its glass windows.

You will find that there are two modes available i.e. the Black Glass mode where the Kodi theme turns into black glass.

The second mode is called the Black glass Nova mode where the tiles are a lot smaller.

3. Box


Box Kodi Skin has a variety of customizable main menu, sub-menus, and many different widgets for selection.

It further changes the color accents of the Kodi Skins which makes the theme even more attractive.

This skin can be used on many devices because it provides touch support as well. It is an advanced Kodi Skin and is most likely that you may find it in this category.

4. Omni


In many cases, the true feature for any product or service is hidden behind its name. Similarly, the main feature of this Kodi Skin largely rests over its omnipresent menus.

However, at first, you may find a contrasting similarity with Mimic Kodi Skin. It does not have many customized setting options than it has for Mimic.

Its main menu and sub-menu can be accessible from every window which is a newly added feature.

5. Pellucid


Pellucid is a simple, yet an elegant Kodi Skin. The Kodi Home menu of this skin has posters located at the bottom of the screen and fades with an animation.

For people that often use Kodi for the purpose of watching live IPTV Kodi channels must try this skin as you will find it most amusing. Kodi Jarvis users must have to wait because Pellucid is only available in Kodi Krypton.

6. Unity


Unity Kodi kin is somewhat the same as Confluence Kodi skin except for its interface media.

It has a very simple horizontal menu but it still looks great due to the movie posters coming up on the home screen. Users who prefer to have very decent skin; this one is highly recommended for them.

Skin are used for enhancing the general Kodi interface and this skin has taken a step further in providing some ease with it too.

Best Kodi Leia Skins

7. Aeon Nox: Silvo


There are only a few Kodi Skins that go well with Kodi Leia and Aeon Nox Silvo is one of them.

Kodi Leia is still in its Beta version and is undergoing different experimentation, but Aeon Nox Silvo is a simple Kodi Skin that will go perfectly well with either the new or the latest version.

It has powers to modify each and every part of the Skin which is why it is a detailed Kodi Skin as you can make a lot of changes.

8. Grid


There are not many Kodi skins that run on Kodi Leia Alpha 1 as it is a new version and not much development has been made for it.

However, Grid Kodi skin is one of the best Kodi skin for styling the interface of Kodi Leia 18 and enhancing its look. It has a very attractive and classy user interface that makes the Kodi experience much more exciting.

Despite having a limited number of features, the developers of Grid have worked well on the quality of its functionality than the number of its features.

9. Rapier


It is often said that this Kodi Skin is often the complete version of the skin that you will ever find.

The feature that makes it so complete is its wide range of sports configuration options that are spread across your screen, but you will not find these options cluttered.

It is amongst the oldest Kodi Skin available and goes well with almost any Kodi version.

10. FTV


Have you ever imagined of integrating Kodi and Amazon Fire TV? Then experience the touch of Fire TV users interface on Kodi Leia 18 now with the FTV Kodi Skin that provides the look and feel of Fire TV on Kodi.

The Skin is available in the official Kodi add-on repository and hence no excess download is required.

Best Kodi Jarvis Skins Version 16 or Below

11. Chroma


Chroma Kodi Skin adjusts the colors of its theme according to the elements that are present on-screen.

Some Kodi skins use the same transparencies in their background, as a result, some of the elements are not clearly visual. Chroma, therefore, adjusts background colors and is also soothing to your eyes.

12. Mimic


Mimic is available in almost every device, which is of lighter weight and is fast on streaming.

It has an additional feature that lets you customize some of the colors and edit the homepage using fan art. Amongst its many features, Mimic Skin has built-in support for touchscreen devices.

13. Transparency


Transparency is a fan art skin, which means it can be customized according to the desire of Kodi users.

It supports every new feature that Kodi Jarvis offers and very easy to customize. New Kodi Jarvis users who are not familiar with Kodi Skins can also use Transparency Kodi Skin.

Best Kodi Skins for Amazon Fire Stick

14. Nebula


The nebula is the Kodi Skin that was built mainly for Smart TV as it has touch support. The music center is what makes this Skin stands out because it will provide all the random and recommended options for your music taste.

It further offers customize-able options for your Firestick device.

15. Xperience 1080


This Kodi Skin was designed for HD viewing. Whichever Kodi addon that you have installed on your device, it will collect all the HD viewing links and present it to you on your Kodi Home.

It is also very light skin which will make all your add-ons go lighter.

Best Kodi Skins for iOS/Mac Devices

16. SiO2


This Kodi Skin is the exact replica of the Apple TV interface and this why it suits best for iOS.

Further, it offers a similar functionality because its developers have ensured that there must be a few amounts of clicks between the content that you want to watch.

It takes almost no time to watch your favorite content on Kodi. It may not have many customizations to offer, but it was made to make it easier to use for Kodi users.

17. AppTV

Apptv kodi skin

AppTV is another recommended Kodi Skin for Apple users which have been specifically been designed considering the use of the particular user’s needs.

Even the icon style and its layout is similar to the Apple TV GUI. The feature that amazes every Kodi user is its fast interface. It can further be customized to Apple users’ liking.

Best Kodi Skins for Android Devices

Before you can setup Skins on your Kodi, you will need to set up Kodi on android. By installing Kodi, you will then be allowed to stream content with the ease of a few clicks.

18. Confluence


Confluence may be the default skin for Kodi but it sure is the preferred Kodi skin when it comes to your Android devices.

Confluence is the reason why many people still love Kodi Jarvis and that is because of its simple, yet effective interface.

19. Revolve


Revolve Kodi Skin is full of colors, yet it is informative. Considering the media files, it provides a detailed sketch of the streaming content.

Therefore, it allows you to pick a movie or TV show according to your interest. It is perfect for Android devices because of its simple user interface.

20. Embuary


Embuary is not the newest Kodi Skin but it sure works on any Android device.

It works for every video add-ons, program add-ons, and music add-ons. It brings you a great experience when it comes to streaming videos and music.

Best Kodi Skins for TV Streaming Boxes

21. Quartz


Quartz is certainly not different from the Estuary Kodi Krypton Skin, which is the default skin for Kodi Krypton. However, upon installing Quartz on your Kodi boxes, you will notice a lighter effect very soon.

Another feature that will absolutely want to fall in love with Amber is its interface and choice of colors that are soothing to eyes.

22. Andromeda


Andromeda Kodi Skin is for all movie fanatics, which has the ability to present your media files in an elegant manner.

It won’t present you with many customizable options but still is far better than Estuary Kodi Krypton’s default skin. It is highly recommended because of its simplicity.

23. Aeon Tajo


In the first look, you may feel that the interface a bit similar to iOS and OS X, but it sure is available for all the streaming boxes.

Android Boxes users might find this Skin unique due to its home cinema experience.

24. Adonic


For Kodi users who wish to customize their user interface but want to keep it simple and hassle-free, this skin is a must-to-try for them.

Adonic is a very light-sized and smooth skin that provides a very easy to use the dashboard to the users. Adonic Kodi skin has been highly recommended by many Kodi users and we suggest it to all the users because it is a good option.

How to Change Kodi Skins

To change Kodi Skins, you need to follow below steps:

  1. Open Kodi > Go to Settings (gear-shaped icon) > Click on Interface Settings.
  2. On the left-side menu, click on Skin > Now on the right side select Skin options under Look and Feel category.
  3. A box will appear with two options i.e. Estouchy and Estuary. These are the two default Kodi Skins. To get more Kodi Skins to click on Get More option on the right.
  4. Click on whichever Kodi Skin you like and it will change.

What is the Difference Between Skins and Builds?

Kodi Builds are a collection of add-ons, while a Kodi skin changes the interface and layout of Kodi software. Various add-ons are automatically installed on your Kodi box when you install a Kodi Build.

Kodi Skins changes the menu, Kodi wallpaper, and Kodi themes which will be impossible to recognize if it’s your old Kodi software. If you want to change how Kodi looks, you better get Kodi Skin.

However, if you want new best Kodi repositories you should get yourself a Kodi Build.

Wrapping it All Up

Kodi Skins gives your Kodi a completely new look with all new themes, vibrant colors, and amazing menu placements.

It makes your Kodi easily accessible by bringing your media content to Kodi Home. In this guide, we explained each of the listed best Kodi Skin in detail for Kodi users to enjoy the best streaming experience.