Maintaining your Kodi player has never been so easy with Kodi maintenance tools. These kodi add-ons would manage your Kodi in an efficient manner so that it saves you from a lot of trouble. It would clean all your cache, manage Kodi libraries, and will also help with kodi not working.

In this guide, we discussed 10 best Kodi maintenance tools that will make your life easier with Kodi software.

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10 Best Kodi Maintenance Tools for August

Maintenance tool will manage your Kodi efficiently. Here are the list of 10 best Kodi maintenance tool for November:

  1. Fresh Start
  2. Backup
  3. Merlin Wizard
  4. Ares Wizard
  5. Security Shield
  6. cdART Manager
  7. Community Portal
  8. Kodi Portal
  9. VPN Manager for OpenVPN
  10. Log Viewer for Kodi


1. Fresh Start

Fresh Start maintenance tool Kodi Krypton is the easiest way to factory reset your Kodi player. If you’ve got all the Kodi addons mixed-up that needs discarding, then this is your go-to add-on. It will uninstall everything and brings you a whole new Kodi.

best kodi maintenance tools


How to Install Fresh Start on Kodi

  1. Open Kodi > Click on Settings icon on top menu > Choose File Manager > Now double click Add Source.
  2. Here you need to paste the URL after you click on ‘None’ option > Select OK > Type the repository name i.e. Cyphers Lockers > Select OK.
  3. Roll back to Kodi Main Menu > Then Add-ons > Box-icon > Install from Zip File option.
  4. Find and select Cyphers Lockers > Then click on
  5. Select Install from Repository > Cyphers Lockers > Program Add-ons > Choose Fresh Start > Press Install.


2. Backup

Kodi users worry that when they install a newer version of Kodi, every addon that they have installed, will be gone as well. Kodi realized the need and introduced a maintenance tool Kodi Krypton add-on that will save the entire Kodi data including the add-ons and repositories.

Backup Kodi Maintenance Tool


How to Install Backup on Kodi

  1. Open Kodi > Select Add-ons on the left-side menu > Click on Box-shaped icon on top-left corner.
  2. Select an option Install from Repository > Then find and click on Add-on Repository.
  3. Choose Program Add-ons > Then click on Backup from the long list of add-ons > Install.
  4. Open Backup Kodi addon > Click on Backup.


3. Merlin Wizard

Merlin Wizard is yet another maintenance tool Kodi Krypton that helps you clear cache to improve video buffering. As the time goes by, Kodi player develops slack and that is the reason why you face Kodi buffering issues.

Merlin Wizard Kodi Maintenance Tool

Merlin Wizard is a perfect maintenance tool to fasten your video streaming and enjoy long entertainment hours. View the complete installation guide for Merlin Wizard. It can be considered as an alternate to Xunity Maintenance Tool. It further has Kodi maintenance tool purge packages that cleans up unnecessary packages.


4. Ares Wizard (Not Working)

Ares Wizard has everything from addons to kodi repositories, to Kodi Builds and Kodi Skins. It further has a maintenance section that allows Kodi users to clear cache, delete packages, and delete thumbnails. Its features doesn’t end up here, it further analyzes your Kodi and recommends a particular settings that allows you to stop Kodi buffering.

Ares Wizard Kodi Maintenance Tool

View the installation guide for Ares Wizard. After you install Ares Wizard, open Ares Wizard > Go to Maintenance tab and delete cache. To follow the recommended settings, open Ares Wizard > Go to Tweaks option > Follow the process.


5. Security Shield

Security Shield is a maintenance tool addon that scans your system for viruses and bugs. One of its features tells you which repository is currently failing to install add-ons. You can remain updated regarding which repository you need to install and which you need to avoid.

Security Shield Kodi Maintenance Tool

Security Shield can be found in Noobs and Nerds Repository, view the installation guide for Noobs and Nerds. Once you install the repository, go to Program Add-ons > Select Security Shield > Press Install.


6. cdART Manager

If you’re a big music fan, then is the perfect add-on for you. cdART Manager will let you manage your music library and sorting it according to your music taste. If Kodi users have music library flowing with a lot of music, then cdART Manager will manage it for you.

cdart Manager Kodi Maintenance tool


How To Install cdART Manager on Kodi

  1. Download cdART Manager Plugin File > Save on your system.
  2. Open Kodi > Select Add-ons > Then Box-icon > Install from Zip File.
  3. Upload or Navigate the plugin file that you downloaded in Step 1.
  4. cdART Manager is now installed.


7. Community Portal

Community Portal is an informative maintenance tool Kodi Krypton as it provides you information on the newest add-ons. Also, it further educates Kodi users on the popular add-ons along with the number of downloads.

Community Portal Kodi Maintenance Tool

View the installation guide for Noobs and Nerds repository. Once you install Noobs and Nerds, open the repository > Go to Program Add-ons > Select Community Portal from the list > Hit Install.


8. Kodi Portal

Kodi Portal is a Program addon where you can install many popular add-ons alongside clear cache at the same time. It is like a Kodi Wizard where you can get Kodi Skins and Kodi extensions according to your likings. Browse different best kodi wizards.

Kodi Portal Maintenance Tool

View the installation guide for Ares Project repository. After you done installing Ares Project, go to Program Add-ons > Select Kodi Portal > Hit Install.


9. VPN Manager for OpenVPN

VPN Manager for OpenVPN secures your online privacy with help of a Kodi VPN. With this maintenance tool Kodi Krypton, you will be able to connect with a VPN that will hide your online activity on Kodi. View the installation guide for VPN Manager for OpenVPN.

Further, Live IPTV add-ons are geo-restricted. This means, you will require a VPN to surpass restrictions and able to stream channels from around the world. With VPN Manager for OpenVPN, you can have freedom using Kodi.


10. Log Viewer for Kodi

This maintenance tool Kodi allows you to view logs. It so happened that Kodi users face Error Check Log while installing add-ons or even repositories. This addon will let you know what kind of error you are facing, or what files are missing.

Log Viewer for Kodi Maintenance Tool


How to Install Log Viewer on Kodi

Launch Kodi > Select Add-ons menu > Click on Package Installer icon on top.

Choose Install from Repository > Find Kodi add-ons repository from the list.

Go to Program Add-ons > Search and select Log Viewer on Kodi > Hit Install.


11. Xunity Maintenance Tool

Xunity maintenance tool was once a big hit add-on, but it failed to prolong its life and disappeared in thin air. Xunity Maintenance tool would do anything from clearing cache to managing your library. It had its own repository that could be downloaded to Kodi player.

Xunity maintenance tool was a complete maintenance tool until it was shut down by its developers. However, since then only a few add-ons were able to meet its set of features.


The Wrap Up

Kodi maintenance tools simplifies Kodi in all respects. It helps Kodi users to manage their add-ons, their libraries, and clear all the unnecessary files consumed by your Kodi. With our guide, you can fasten up your Kodi player with 11 best maintenance tool add-ons.