PureVPN Review 2019 – Is It Good for Kodi Streamers? Read Real USERS Opinions in Comments

An in-depth review of the only VPN provider offering a dedicated Kodi add-on, enabling binge-watchers a new level of security and online freedom.

This review is about the VPN service that claims to be the fastest Kodi VPN service of the world; That’s right, we’re talking about PureVPN. There is no doubt that it is one of the most popular and highly recommended VPN services, but does it stand by its claims?

PureVPN is based in Hong Kong that has 2000+ servers, providing 300,000+ IPs across 180+ countries; make it a top of the line VPN service.

In terms of customer support and satisfaction, PureVPN knows how to take care of it. They provide 24/7 live chat support and 30-day money back guarantee, which only a few other VPN services provide.

Providing security attributes like PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN & IKEv2 protocols with 5 simultaneous logins, PureVPN is surely a top of the line VPN to choose. It supports all the major OS (Operating systems) like Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, FireStick and FireTV, Roku, RaspberryPi etc.

Read this PureVpn review to uncover the updated specs.


PureVPN Kodi Review


Pros of PureVPNCons of PureVPN
You can have your own dedicated IP for streaming with KodiNo Free Trials, unlike Windscribe


2000+ Servers in 180+ countries having around 300,000+ IP addresses, you can have any of these and stream with freedomRigid Refund Policy


It has a dedicated Kodi Addon (Check other best kodi addons)
Internet Kill Switch and NAT Firewall to protect you in case of internet disconnection while streaming
7 days money back guarantee in case of any problem or dissatisfaction
24/7/365 Live Chat support always available
Zero Log Policy to protect your Kodi streaming privacy
5 Simultaneous Logins, so that you can enjoy streams with your friends
Compatible with Routers, so that you can protect your wireless connectivity
Largest collection of servers in the UK, US, and Canada P2P Optimized Servers for Kodi users


PureVPN Pricing Review

purevpn 5 year plan


PureVPN has three different packages, Monthly, Annual and Exclusive 2 Year package. The price for 1 month is $10.95 per month, whereas its annual package costs $1.65 per month. Above them all, the best price PureVPN offers is $1.65 month for a 5 Years package, which indeed is a great offer and much cheaper than expressvpn.

You do not come across such offerings and features at this low price. This is surely a great package and a major reason why PureVPN is being highly praised.


PureVPN Servers Review

purevpn servers worldwide

PureVPN has more than 750 servers around the globe; their continent-wise distribution is exhibited below:

purevpn servers review


PureVPN Lifetime

PureVPN offers lifetime package offer from time to time in the festive season, but currently, it is not offering any lifetime package. However, it is offering an exclusive 5 years discounted package at the price of 1-year package i.e. $1.65/month.

PureVPN Free

Unfortunately, PureVPN free is just a hoax because it does not offer any free package, which is why we have to call this ‘free thing’ a myth. Nevertheless, PureVPN does offer a 30-day money back guarantee, which almost stands for the same thing.

PureVPN Free Alternatives

Alas, if you are not planning to buy PureVPN for firestick and opting for a PureVPN free service then we must inform you that they are always vulnerable and not so reliable. Anyways, here are some of the top PureVPN free alternatives:

  1. Windscribe
  2. Betternet
  3. ZoogVPN
  4. Hide.me
  5. Goosevpn


PureVPN Trial

The 30-day money back guarantee is the paid trial, offered by PureVPN free to users. In case of any dissatisfaction or problem in usage, the user can easily have the refund. However, there is no such thing as free trial in PureVPN diction.


PureVPN Trial Alternatives

One of the best alternative for PureVPN is Celo VPN, which offers a 2-day trial. Just like other top-notch VPN services, it does not keep any logs either.


To Wrap-up

PureVPN is an excellent VPN service having many amazing features at a very reasonable price. In other words, we can call it an impressive digital protection as cheap as possible.

PureVPN covers almost all of the aspects a good VPN should have. In this PureVPN review, we discussed every aspect and features of PureVPN to make your purchase decision easier.

Arsalan Rathore
Arsalan Rathore

Arsalan Saif Uddin Rathore is a business graduate and an experienced marketing professional. He has worked with multiple research think-tanks, NGOs and global organizations. Arsalan has been writing on technology and miscellaneous topics since 2013 and likes to provide a neutral and worthy insight to his readers. Besides being a writer, Arsalan is a Football player, Hunting & Trekking lover and Online Streaming Geek.
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100 Responses to PureVPN Review 2019 – Is It Good for Kodi Streamers? Read Real USERS Opinions in Comments

  1. Alex Christopher says:

    PureVPN is a nice product , it offers multiple features, it can be used to remain anonymous on the internet, it can be used for banking purpose, it has servers mostly in all the countries worldwide, as compared to other products it is low in price and high in features, if you are using PureVPN you do need to worry about hacking attempts and other malicious activities as it will keep your system protected from all these hacking activities.

  2. Anderson says:

    Fastest VPN service available. Best speed, Best locations, best support , best reliability. What else do you need.

  3. Lamar says:

    Pure VPN is a nice software. It offers varitey of protocols, and options, it is good to unblock geoblock webpages, Has servers in almost all countries, sometimes i face connection issues but due to multiple servers in countries this is not a big issue. Also it is good to restrict webpages. Overall it is best among all other VPNs.

  4. Alan says:

    I have been using PureVPN for last two years, it offers a variety of option and features which no other provider offers, as compared to other VPN servers it has more servers, in terms of business it is best software as it will keep you secure from all network security threats. It has dedicated option which is good for those who use online banking. Configuration and setup is easy and software is easy to use.

  5. Alex says:

    PureVPN is getting better as expected 🙂 New Add ons and features does make something worthwhile to look forward to ! I recommend that you do give it a go. I’m sure you will not left disappointed with their on spot Customer Support that respond really quick.

    • admin says:

      Hello Alex,
      Thanks for your appreciation.

  6. O'Brien says:

    Have used PureVPN now for over 3 years and have had no problems, have always managed to access websites even where thay are blocked. PureVPN has also protected my computer from attacks. Am very happy with this software and can recommend it.

  7. Charlie says:

    I have used PureVPN for almost four years now and they are continuously providing reliable service, always available for tech and billing support, and constantly improving their services.

    • admin says:

      Hello Charlie,
      Did you notice how they completely revamp their App User interface?

  8. Veronica says:

    Chat support is Great! I will definitely recommend this service to my friends.

  9. Martin Van says:

    Used this service for several months without issue. Service has been excellent so i signed up for the 2 yearly plan . PureVPN is offering best service with fast speed and reliable connections .

    Keep up the Good Work 🙂

  10. Ivan lenhoff says:

    Customer service at PureVPN is outstanding. They are always willing and able to help you when you come accross a problem using the service. Highly reccomended

  11. Kervin Otero says:

    Love PureVPN. I’ve been using it for years. It’s a lot better these days. Great VPN, you can use it almost anywhere. Gives you security and privacy anywhere.

  12. Michiel Slater says:

    Have used PureVPN now for over 3 years and have had no problems, have always managed to access websites even where thay are blocked. PureVPN has also protected my computer from attacks. Am very happy with this software and can recommend it.

    • admin says:

      Hello Michiel,
      Dont forget to check their latest addons.

  13. Anna says:

    Very easy to use. The different options based on what I need to do online are very helpful. I can ping their servers to check latency, which is important when I am gaming. They recently added some new services that help protect me from viruses and malware coming through downloads, which is great. I love to see that the product continues to improve. I plan to keep using PUREVPN for a long time!

  14. Jason says:

    Very good VPN service for an affordable price, very good connection speeds, big choice of servers for different countries, different connection modes for different needs. Overal happy with it.

  15. Ankit says:

    For peace and security of mind this program is unbeatable. This is a very polite and unobtrusive web site unlike many others.

    Well done.

  16. Jose Luis says:

    Excellent! Great suite of options and servers to choose from. Meets all of my needs.

  17. Paul says:

    Always quick to load and speed is very good. Excellent number of servers in just about every corner of the globe.Great program, I know I can browse and use the internet with complete peace my privacy is safeguarded. Very easy to use, and starts up when I boot my PC. The customer service is also superb, the few times I’ve had problems I’ve gotten help right away.

  18. Kevin Morris says:

    Lots of servers, easy to use, fast, fast also with P2P (I tried torrent) and apparently safe VPN, at least as long as my IP remains hidden. I hope that the encryption used is reliable.

    Best VPN 🙂

    • admin says:

      Hello Kevin,
      Can you please let us know what latest movie you are going to watch on torrent 🙂

  19. Sahin says:

    Nice speed and nice customer service there was something wrong with my sub first but customer service compensate it.

  20. David Karchner says:

    Very good support with online chat.

  21. Peter says:

    Very fast response, friendly people, very good VPN. No problems at all

  22. Alex says:

    Very nice service! Question concerning updates of OpenVPN to 2.4.5 was solved AT THE MOMENT! Works very fine both with native client and routers running OpenWRT, LEDE, and Padavan! They have GREAT DEALS on BLACK FRIDAY and CYBER MONDAY, very nice offer!

  23. Reena says:

    Great Service. Love the speed and security provided by this service. 10/10

  24. Pete Bradbury says:

    I have been with PureVPN for 5 years now and it has only got better. My hard earned dollars being used to upgrade and make this (in my opinion) the best VPN. I am very computer literate and the rare times that I have had to use help desk they have been exemplary.
    I highly recommend them. Pete

    • J Shadrack says:

      Brilliant help service I spoke to a really good It man called Arthur and I couldnt praise him enough
      So pleased I went with PureVPN

  25. Duncan Jamieson says:

    I’ve never used a VPN before, but saw a excellent offer for this service, and jumped in. After a few wee issues (probably platform / software related), I got PureVPN up and running well, and have no regrets. I contacted support to ask a few questions, and got responses within less than a minute (thanks Zander!). Would recommend without hesitation. (Just if you are interested, I am running this software on a Raspberry Pi 3A with OSMC & Kodi, as well as a couple of Macs: I used OpenVNC and PureVPN from purevpn.com/Kodi-repo.

  26. kyle says:

    Great support staff awesome product

  27. Peter says:

    Very helpful and excellent customer service, and great VPN!

  28. Nessa says:

    I had an account on my tablet but wanted to use PureVPN also on the laptop. With help from Angelo I succeeded. Thanks!

  29. Steve says:

    Great product and great customer service .

  30. Cem says:

    Great service and support, I’ve never had any problems with them. Strongly recommend! 🙂

  31. Salience says:

    Excellent and user friendly product. Support team is great.

  32. Sarah says:

    The customer service is excellent! Very quick to respond and very friendly. Zander assisted me with my concerns and was very helpful and nice. Thanks!

  33. ben says:

    Awesome service. Was able to get everything I needed with these guys

  34. jim says:

    spent a lot of time with online chat, was frustrated at times, but with help from online assistants i have a working vpn.

  35. Paul H says:

    Very impressed with the support. Prompt, knowledgeable and got my problem fixed. The problem was an OpenVPN connection on a Synology NAS just not able to talk to the outside world once the connection was up. Vladimir sent me an updated list of servers and a new certificate and BINGO all was good. Would recommend

  36. Danial says:

    Flawless experience, offering barely discernible speed difference from bare ISP connection – wherever in the World one connects 😉 Worth every penny, for multiple device subscription. Thanks PureVPN Team!

  37. Carlos says:

    This is one of the Best VPN’s I have ever used. It is very User friendly and Do not need A lot of PC experience to use. It Has Several Platforms designed for different internet users-. One of great Thing about And VPN is their Speed. An PureVPN Provides that. The Other thing is Technical Support/or customer service. They have That too. I Highly recommend Pure VPN.

  38. Devcich says:

    I had to contact tech support for help installing on my firestick but they were very friendly and walked me through everything and my problem was resolved quickly. Everything is running smoothly and I feel my information is secure.

  39. Demain says:

    Have used PureVPN now for over 3 years and have had no problems, have always managed to access websites even where thay are blocked. PureVPN has also protected my computer from attacks. Am very happy with this software and can recommend it.

  40. Jose says:

    Very easy to use. The different options based on what I need to do online are very helpful. I can ping their servers to check latency, which is important when I am gaming. They recently added some new services that help protect me from viruses and malware coming through downloads, which is great. I love to see that the product continues to improve. I plan to keep using PUREVPN for a long time!

  41. Garry says:

    This vpn is fast. It’s better than others. I already try many vpn, it’s bad and slow. I like this vpn because it’s fast and many different ip address. Highly recommended. I already buy lifetime license. I love this vpn.

  42. Jimmy says:

    Very nice app on smartphone and good on the pc too, service is always working, the connection is stable on all the servers i used with PureVPN. The online Customer service of the website is really quick and professional, they easily helped me to configure the software in the beginning. Perfect job thank’s

  43. Rick says:

    The performance is top-notch. The cost is very reasonable with multiple options. Version 6.0.1 is a nice improvement. As long as I use the Internet I will use PureVPN. I comparison shopped and read multiple reviews for multiple products. I am very happy that I chose PureVPN.

  44. Andy says:

    I had experienced occasions when service was interrupted inexplicably. Since the start of my second service agreement, the issue has not repeated itself. Kudos to VPN!!!

  45. Janine says:

    Great customer service.
    Always there to help with any problems which might happen.

  46. JLA says:


    Fast and clear answers… pretty good staff!

  47. Customer says:

    Excellent customer service. Easy to reach help.

  48. Mike says:

    I’ve been using it for a couple of years on my phone and pc’c and it keeps on improving which is good. I’ve contacted customer support a couple of times and they have been very quick to respond and solve issues with ease. I’ve just extended my subscription by 6 years, that’s how confident I am in the product. Can’t go wrong.

  49. Gordon K. says:

    PureVpn has weather the ups and downs, now it is getting better with the Chrome extension. Kudos to the team who keep improving their service.

  50. Richard Nuttall says:

    I spent a lot of time looking at options and very glad I choose Pure.

    Very fast speeds and first class technical support

  51. Stuart says:

    I have been using PureVPN for over a year now. I have used just about every different mode and protocal. I also have the experience of using over a dozen VPNs.

    PureVPN is the absolute best I’ve used. Hands down. The interface is so easy to use, it’s a solid, fast app/program, to those who dont understand protocols it tells you everything you need to know without even having to click a question mark for information. If you do have a problem you will find their support centre easily and they respond to emails very quickly.

    In summary its fast its fluid its easy to use, it just WORKS. And if it doesnt, you will get help in no time flat. Every windows programmer could take advice from these guys.

  52. Karim says:


    For me, it’s the best vpn service. 24/7 chat is very useful also.
    Please, add proxy service !

    Thank you for all

  53. Marnix says:

    Great service. Fast and accurate 24×7 support

  54. Irwin J. Gordon says:

    Works great for me. Had a problem when I updated Windows 10 and their support worked with me and fixed the problem.

  55. Dado says:

    Excellent help desk, great services. I had a problem and support assistant O’Brien solved it in a minute, immediately. And the vpn work very well.

  56. James says:

    I have always had fast and dependable support from the support team. There is always some kind of problem using the VPN in China, however with updated access to many servers, there is always away to get on to website that are banned in China. I have the Highest Regard with PureVPN with the program and there support!!!

  57. miguelm75 says:

    great helpdesk, lot of servers, nice app, overall good service. highly reccomend.

  58. Thomas says:

    Just put it in seems ok time will tell but there surport is excellent

  59. Marcus says:

    The support from PureVPN is amazing. The support personnel really know their stuff and fixed my VPN issue within minutes after one single chat session. This is by far one of my best helpdesk experience from any service provider. Special mentioned – O’Brien – Keep up your good work!

  60. Efraim Gavrilovich says:

    Got an excellent support from Ryan. Helped me with my login problem. 10/10!

  61. Art says:

    Been using Purevpn for 3 years now and it is a great product with the absolute best customer service. They helped me connect in China and then back in the US as well. Flawless. Their technical help is something I haven’t experienced in many years – the are exceptional, professional and reliable.

  62. Tracey says:

    A HUGE thanks to Kayne in support!!! He had my issue sorted in no time… Highly recommend using pureVPN purely just for the technical support… Thanks again

  63. Lester says:

    This guy is on the ball! Amazing support given.

  64. Sridhar SARANGAPANI says:

    Jakub was really great and pretty quick to respond. I imagine every since person in customer service is equally kind. +1

  65. Martin says:

    Kayne was very helpful, and fast too 🙂

  66. Yohanes Baptista says:

    The technical support is very friendly and do the best effort to solve my problem (especially for Kayne). Thank you Kayne for you great support.

  67. Robert says:

    PureVPN has a really fast technical customer service, even for exotic configurations like OpenVPN on a Raspberry Pi.
    It’s fast, reliable and cheap. It is NOT blocked by Cloudflare like other competitors, and it provides static addresses (dynamic addresses are ok for browsing, but bad for other purposes).

  68. Orchid says:

    I have always have positive experiences with the technical support and they are always able to resolve the – minor, infrequent – issues I have.

  69. Davide says:

    Excellent level of customer service, thank you Jakub for your great support

  70. Ian says:

    Technical support is friendly and very efficient!

  71. Neil says:

    Great technical support – best I have ever experienced. On-line chat sorts all problems within minutes.
    Product generally works very well.

  72. Stig says:

    Rapid and accurate support. And all works perfect!

  73. Darin says:

    The best VPN ever, im so happy with this VPN and Support, thank u again 🙂

  74. Hy says:

    So far so good. Lots of mode i can choose to meet my purposes. Well done

  75. Sean says:

    Easy to use, consisten, and lets me watch any American streaming service (currently in Canada), with no problems! Mainly using Netflix US, and Hulu US. Great 24/7 support to, solved a few things so far that I had minor issues with.

    Highly recommended.

  76. Gregor says:

    Ivans support was very fast, helpful and excellent. Thanks

  77. Greg says:

    A billing issue was instantly dealt with in the most satisfactory and prompt manner by Ivan with no quibbles.
    That is great customer service.

  78. Vítor Sousa says:

    I was having big issues when trying to connect my RPi OSMC to purevpn (unfortunately OSMC is not yet supported by purevpn). Altough I searched many solutions and tried them all, I couldn’t fix it myself but PureVPN support team did it. Support Team was always very responsive (either via email or live chat) and very helpful. Mr Vladimir Nabov is the main hero here! He remotely assisted me (after labor hours – He was leaving his shift when I appeared online) and fixed my issue making it all work correctly and perfectly. A Huge Thank You to Mr Vladimir Nabov and to the entire Purevpn team. Cheers 🙂

  79. steve says:

    great support; very patient, and proactive

  80. Justin says:

    Quite simply the best support I have ever experienced, not qualified to comment on the tech side, but it does seem to work as promised, worth it for support alone

  81. Eric says:

    Great support, quick in responses and they handle your questions in a responsible manner.

  82. Paul says:

    I just contacted them to end my subcription for personal reasons and they handled my request very professionally and quickly. No negative comments whatsoever.

  83. Bobby Modderkolk says:

    Had the application for less then 1 hour. Had a question about the ip lookop option. Was helped the instant I started the online chat. And was helped with detailled information.

  84. Ann Caradonna says:

    I had Zander and one of the best techs I have ever encountered. The service took me from downloading the software to getting my login info in less than 1/2 an hour. Great service.

  85. Matt says:

    Excellent customer support! Could not be more helpful, i had an issue being in china and they fixed it right away. Always a good strong connection.

  86. Shaine says:

    Excellent price and customer support. Love the interface. Easy to navigate around.

  87. mic says:

    It the first time that I use the chat. The reply to my problem was almost immediate. It solved by problem in 5 minutes.
    And what to say more? That s great.

  88. have had purevpn for 3 years and have nothing but positive results in everything that i have requested from support to use of app,i highly recommend purevpn.

  89. Amy says:

    I downloaded the VPN but it didn’t work initially. I got on to the chat and they helped to sort the issue straight away. Simple and effective.

  90. Floyd says:

    PureVPN Support is awesome. I had an issue with Split Tunneling after upgrading my copy of Windows and they got a Dev to fix my issue remotely. No complaints here, love their service so far.

  91. sudhakaran kr says:

    Pure VPN is one of the best and become my favorite.
    I got on to the chat and they helped to sort the issue straight away. Highly recommended.

  92. sygadget says:

    i recently purchased purevpn at first not working always connecting. thanks to their support. thumbps up for jacub.
    now i can use it easy. thankyou

  93. Ben says:

    Just had an issue fixed by their support team and it was nothing short of professional. Fixed the issue.

    Fast and plentiful servers.
    Great service overall.

  94. Providian623 says:

    I have been using PureVpn for the past three years. Very happy with the product. It is fast and remains up. Plenty of servers to select from. I will continue to use it.

  95. e says:

    If you’re in China DON’T buy purevpn, it was very slow and unstable. After just 1-2 months it completely stopped to work and i’ve the impression it will never ever work again.

    Poor product.

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