PureVPN Review 2018 – Is It Good for Kodi Streamers?

This review is about the VPN service that claims to be the fastest Kodi VPN service of the world; That’s right, we’re talking about PureVPN. There is no doubt that it is one of the most popular and highly recommended VPN service, but does it stand by its claims? PureVPN is based in Hong Kong that has 750+ servers, providing 80,000+ IPs across 140+ countries; make it a top of the line VPN service.

In terms of customer support and satisfaction, PureVPN knows how to take care of it. They provide 24/7 live chat support and 7-day money back guarantee, which only a few other VPN services provide. Providing security attributes like PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN & IKEv2 protocols with 5 simultaneous logins, PureVPN is surely a top of the line VPN to choose from. Read this purevpn review to uncover the updated specs.


PureVPN Kodi Review


Pros of PureVPNCons of PureVPN
You can have your own dedicated IP for streaming with KodiNo Free Trials, unlike Windscribe


790+ Servers in 141 countries having around 80,000+ IP addresses, you can have any of these and stream with freedomRigid Refund Policy


It has a dedicated Kodi Addon (Check other best kodi addons)
Internet Kill Switch and NAT Firewall to protect you in case of internet disconnection while streaming
7 days money back guarantee in case of any problem or dissatisfaction
24/7/365 Live Chat support always available
Zero Log Policy to protect your Kodi streaming privacy
5 Simultaneous Logins, so that you can enjoy streams with your friends
Compatible with Routers, so that you can protect your wireless connectivity
Largest collection of servers in the UK, US, and Canada P2P Optimized Servers for Kodi users


PureVPN Pricing Review

purevpn pricing review


PureVPN has three different packages, Monthly, Semiannual and Yearly. The price of 1 month is $9.95 per month, whereas its semiannual package costs $7.95 per month. Above them all, the best price PureVPN offers is $1.91 per month for a 3 Years package, which indeed is a great offer.

You do not come across such offerings and features at this low price. This is surely a great package and a major reason why PureVPN is being highly praised.


PureVPN Servers Review

purevpn servers worldwide

PureVPN has more than 750 servers around the globe; their continent-wise distribution is exhibited below:

purevpn servers review


PureVPN Lifetime

PureVPN offers lifetime package offer from time to time in festive season, but currently it is not offering any lifetime package. However, it is offering an exclusive 3 years discounted package at the price of 1-year package i.e. $1.91 per month.

PureVPN lifetime package is what has been highly preferred by users, and they keep on searching for it. Here is the graph depicting its real searches over the last year:

purevpn lifetime


PureVPN Free

Unfortunately, PureVPN free is just a hoax because it does not offer any free package, which is why we have to call this ‘free thing’ a myth. Nevertheless, PureVPN does offer a 7-day money back guarantee, which almost stands for the same thing.


PureVPN Free Alternatives

Alas, if you are not planning to buy PureVPN and opting for a PureVPN free service then we must inform you that they are always vulnerable and not so reliable. Anyways, here are some of the top PureVPN free alternatives:

  1. Windscribe
  2. Betternet
  3. ZoogVPN
  4. Hide.me
  5. Goosevpn


PureVPN Trial

The 7-day money back guarantee is the paid trial, offered by PureVPN free to users. In case of any dissatisfaction or problem in usage, the user can easily have the refund. However, there is no such thing as free trial in PureVPN diction.


PureVPN Trial Alternatives

One of the best alternative for PureVPN is Celo VPN, which offers a 2-day trial. Just like other top-notch VPN services, it does not keep any logs either.


To Wrap-up

PureVPN is an excellent VPN service having many amazing features at a very reasonable price. In other words, we can call it an impressive digital protection as cheap as possible. PureVPN covers almost all of the aspects a good VPN should have. In this PureVPN review, we discussed every aspect and features of PureVPN to make your purchase decision easier.

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  1. Alex Christopher says:

    PureVPN is a nice product , it offers multiple features, it can be used to remain anonymous on the internet, it can be used for banking purpose, it has servers mostly in all the countries worldwide, as compared to other products it is low in price and high in features, if you are using PureVPN you do need to worry about hacking attempts and other malicious activities as it will keep your system protected from all these hacking activities.

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