Planet MMA Kodi add-on is one of the best Kodi add-on for streaming live combat sports action. This Kodi add-on gained popularity because it features the best content form UFC, which is the most popular combat sports event globally.

Recently, I came across numerous social media threads and Kodi users complaining about Planet MMA Kodi not working and showing various errors. So, I thought about discussing all the existing issues with this add-on and their fixes to help others. Take a stroll through this guide to learn more about the issues related to Planet MMA Kodi add-on.

Planet MMA Kodi Installation Failed

While trying to install Planet MMA Kodi add-on, you might encounter the “installation failed” error. The main reason behind this error is the obsolete repository or an outdated add-on version. Many users, who have One Nation repository installed, tried installing Planet MMA Kodi add-on but failed because the repository does not have an updated add-on version.

This is one of the most common mistakes made by every Kodi and one cannot be blamed for it. The reason is that third-party Kodi add-ons and repositories keep shutting down every now and then and it is hard to keep a track of them. Users have repositories installed already on their Kodi and when they try to install the add-ons from these repositories (without knowing that they are obsolete), the add-on installation fails. Hence, this is what causes a great outrage online.

Planet MMA Kodi Web Request Failed

Kodi provides streaming links to user through its URL resolver, which scrapes streams from the online providers. If the connection between the URL Resolver fails to establish connection with the content hosting server, it shows “Web Request Failed” error.

There are only two reasons because of which the connection might fail:

1.      Server Overload

Possibilities are that the server that URL Resolver is trying to connect has a high traffic load, which is why it is failing to connect. One more reason for this connection failure might be the captchas used by the providers to limit the access to humans only.

2.      Geo Restricted Content

Many of the hosting sites available online provide geo-restricted content that cannot be accessed from anywhere else then the region it is hosted from. Users trying to access such content get the web request failed error because the streams fail to play in other regions.

This is why I always recommend users to opt for the best VPN for Kodi because it helps in bypassing the geo-restrictions. Moreover, it allows users to access sites that have been blocked by their own ISP.

Planet MMA Kodi Check Log Error

You will encounter a Check Log error while trying to stream content or opening an add-on, if Kodi Cache is full. This is a common error and can be dealt with quite easily. Simply clear your Kodi cache by following our guide. “How to Clear/Remove Video Cache in Kodi” and stream any content title without any hassle.

Planet MMA Kodi Failed to Install a Dependency

You will get a “failed to install a dependency” error if you try to install an add-on from an obsolete Kodi repository. As for Planet MMA, if you are trying to install this add-on from Supremacy repository, then you will definitely get this error. It is the case for 13 clowns repository as well because it has also been shut down recently. Therefore, choose a reliable repository like Kodi Israel Repository, which is itself online and has an updated version.


There you have all the issues addressed, I have tried to keep it simple so that you guys can understand it better. Planet MMA Kodi is an excellent Kodi add-on and all the fans of UFC and MMA vouch for this add-on over every other Kodi add-on for sports.

Lately, there have been reports about Planet MMA Kodi servers being irresponsive but honestly, I have not encountered any such issue. This is why I did not address it in the guide. Make sure you opt for a reliable Kodi VPN to protect yourself from the spying eyes, which is the last issue you would like to face, trust me!