Magic Dragon Kodi emerged as one of the best Kodi addons for streaming Movies and TV shows. The add-on became popular among Kodi users for streaming latest movies and TV shows. It was hosted by the Supremacy repository but lately some users have started complaining about Magic Dragon Kodi Not Working.

Some users have claimed that the developer of Magic Dragon Kodi add-on is on vacations and he does not have time to update the add-on. This is the reason why the add-on is not being updated but this reason accounts for the updating part only.

What about the errors that are popping up?

Well, I have dug some errors and tried resolving them, worked for me and this might work for you as well. Therefore, here are some of the most common errors that have been reported recently along with their fixes:

Streaming Error

One of the most important thing that many users are unaware of is the nature of content streams’ providers. Many of the streams available for the content are geo-restricted and they cannot be accessed from anywhere in the world. However, many Kodi add-ons provide easily accessible streams but Magic Dragon Kodi is not one of them.


Using a VPN for Kodi is the perfect solution in such instances as you will be able to access the geo-restricted streams without any issues. Usually, a VPN is necessary with an IPTV Kodi add-on that provides live channels. However, things have changed now and it turns out that a VPN is required with almost every Kodi add-on to enjoy seamless streaming.

Dependency Error

Magic Dragon dependency errors have started increasing because many users have used the Supremacy repository for installing this add-on. However, the add-on is not working at all after being installed from this repository. This might be due to update issues or the repository might have removed it.


You can install this add-on from the Maverick repository, which is indeed an amazing repository. Like other Kodi geeks, I tried installing the add-on from Maverick repository and it is now working perfectly.

Installation Error

If you are facing errors while installing the add-on, then you need to make sure that the source you are using is online and has the updated version of the add-on. Moreover, it has been reported that the add-on developer is on vacations and the add-on is not updated lately, this might be another reason behind the installation errors.


Try installing the add-on through the direct download method as it works much better than adding the repository source and all. Secondly, as mentioned earlier, the repository of the add-on needs to be checked. Install Magic Dragon Kodi through Maverick repository, as it is the only reliable source as of now.

Error Code 404

Possibilities are that you might be seeing a Magic Dragon Kodi 404 error and that is because the add-on seems to be removed from the Supremacy repository. This is something that many users realized and shared in the community but it can be resolved by installing the add-on from a different repository.

As I discussed earlier, you can use the Maverick repository for installing the add-on. You can also use the EzzerMacs Repository to install Magic Dragon on Kodi but I cannot assure you that this repository has an updated version or not.

Magic Dragon Kodi Alternatives

In case you are looking for some other Magic Dragon Kodi alternatives, then you can try some of the best Kodi addons like these:

  1. Exodus
  2. Yoda
  3. Scrubs V2
  4. Movie Theater Butter
  5. ODIN Kodi add-on