UltraSurf VPN is not such a popular VPN provider but it is certainly a reasonable option while choosing a VPN for Kodi. Tough we cannot categorize it as the best VPN for Kodi, yet UltraSurf is a reasonable VPN for Kodi. It is a free VPN, meaning that no subscription is required to use this service.

Follow this guide to learn more about UltraSurf VPN and its compatibility with Kodi and FireStick devices.


How to Install UltraSurf VPN for Kodi

UltraSurf VPN had a beta version Kodi add-on that could be installed directly on Kodi just like PureVPN Kodi add-on. It was available in the Kobra Repository but as it was recently shutdown, there are no traces of UltraSurf Kodi add-on in any other repository, for now.

Therefore, the best way to use this service is by installing its desktop client for Windows and then running Kodi. You can download the UltraSurf Windows Client and install it on your system.

Once you have installed it, simply register yourself. Then login and connect to any of your desired secure server. Once you are connected to the secure server, open Kodi and start streaming with any Kodi add-on. One of the most important benefit of having a VPN is that you can enjoy streaming with IPTV Kodi add-ons, as they are geo-restricted.

How to Install UltraSurf VPN for FireStick

FireStick is becoming the first choice of binge watchers all around the world because of its accessibilities and features. Having a large variety of apps, it allows users to stream almost anything they wish to watch. However, knowing the fact that many people love free streaming, Kodi on FireStick has become a trend.

Having a VPN on FireStick is very important, even if you are not using Kodi because many of the apps and the content available over them is geo-restricted. Many users face issues while streaming their favorite movies, TV shows etc. because either they are geo-restricted or blocked by their ISP.

Hence, if you wish to enjoy hassle free online streaming experience then follow these steps to install UltraSurf VPN on FireStick:

  1. Boot your FireStick > Click on the search option from the main menu.
  2. Type Downloader and click search.
  3. From the search result, click on Downloader app and click Get.
  4. Once you have installed the Downloader app on your FireStick, open the application.
  5. Now enter this URL in the app’s search bar: https://bitly/2lSyySP > Click Go.
  6. When the download completes, click Next.
  7. Click install when the dialog box appears and wait for the app to be installed.
  8. After the app is installed, click Open.
  9. When the app opens, you will see a switch button appearing upfront. Click on it to connect to a secure server.

This installation process will hardly take 5 minutes and you will be ready for secure streaming. However, if you wish to stream free content on FireStick, then you will have to install Kodi on FireStick first.

Is UltraSurf VPN Safe?

This is the primary concern of every user because the reason people opt for a VPN is to protect their privacy. Almost every VPN provider claims to be the best and most secure service provider but lately, many of the providers have failed to be true to their claims. DNS leaks and failed IP masking are common things noticed with free VPN providers.

Their security protocols are not so strong that they can provide complete security like the premium VPN providers. This is why many users have trust issues related to free VPN providers. UltraSurf VPN being one of the free service provider, has been questioned by many people over many forums. As far as my opinion goes, if you are using UltraSurf for streaming purpose, then it is a safe to use service like any other.

UltraSurf VPN Reviews

UltraSurf VPN has been around the industry for some time and users who are familiar with the VPN industry know about it. To provide you a better picture of what others think about it, I have included a few Reddit threads:

This user has provided a positive feedback regarding UltraSurf VPN. However, one of the most important thing to notice is that he has also mentioned it that he has used it to unblock YouTube. This means that if you are using UltraSurf VPN just for bypassing the restrictions, then it’s a good option.

This user has clearly addressed that UltraSurf VPN cannot be used for anything else than site unblocking. The reason he has mentioned is legit that the security protocol offered by UltraSurf VPN is questionable and so are their practices. Then again, this is the case with every other free VPN service.


Concluding this review, I would say that UltraSurf VPN is a reasonable service for online streamers. Reason being that it unblocks almost every restricted site and the fact that UltraSurf Kodi experience is also satisfactory. Nevertheless, I would not recommend users to opt for this VPN if they are looking for top-notch privacy.