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Exodus Kodi add-on was one of the most popular Kodi addons due to its HD quality streaming links and latest content provision. This add-on has ruled the Kodi community for a long time until its developer announced that it would not be updated anymore.

Well, that was more than a year ago and ever since it stopped updating, users started going crazy over it.

Many Exodus Kodi forks started popping up, having similar interface and functionalities. However, none of these replicated Kodi addons have been able to replace or compete with Exodus Kodi addon.

Exodus Kodi addon was replaced by Covenant Kodi addon, which was said to be developed by the same team, and it had the same features, as it was also a fork. Nevertheless, this amazing Kodi addon along with its developer had to bite the dust due to legal notice from MPA.

Rebirth of Exodus Kodi Addon

Hallelujah! Exodus Kodi Addon has started working again and this return was not expected at all. Kodi Exodus appeared with an updated library and it is working quite well. The streams are of high quality and there are 4k quality streams too for some content titles.

This reemergence of Exodus Kodi add-on is unforeseen as no one in the community predicted it. Exodus forks have been appearing almost every week and shutting down by the same pace.

Therefore, everyone thought that Exodus Kodi add-on and its predecessor Covenant Kodi add-on have been gone for good.

Not any more!

Now that the Exodus Kodi is back in the game, you can download and install it through the same method that you use to install it previously. Refer to my “How to install Exodus Kodi” guide that has multiple options explained to install Exodus addon.

Errors and Fixes

Now that Exodus Kodi add-on is updated and it is running perfectly, you should not be hearing about this Kodi addon not working.

However, as it is a third party Kodi add-on, you might face some errors and blockades, but if you follow the aforementioned guide, it has Exodus Kodi errors and fixes discussed.

It should help you in keeping your Exodus Kodi running and getting rid of all those exodus Kodi not streaming issues.

Nevertheless, there are a few things that you should consider doing if you face any issues:

1. Update your Add-on

If you face any issues with the add-on streaming or being unable to find any latest streams, then simply update your add-on by following these steps:

  1. Boot Kodi on your device
    Update Exodus Kodi
  2. Go to the Add-ons menu
    Exodus Kodi Addon Not Working Update
  3. Click on the Video Add-ons tab
    Update Exodus Kodi
  4. Scroll down the list and right click on Exodus > Click Information > A new Window will open
    Exodus Kodi information
  5. Click Update and select the source repository > Wait for the Notification
    Exodus on Kodi update

2. Use a VPN

As Exodus Kodi is an add-on for streaming movies and TV shows, tits scrappers fetch links through various providers over the web. Many of the providers have geo-restricted streams, which can only be accessed from specific regions.

Kodi users cannot use those streams if they are not in those regions. Therefore, a VPN is required to bypass the geo-restrictions and gain access to numerous high quality streams.

You can choose the best VPN for Kodi and install it to enhance your streaming experience by maintaining your privacy as well. The best part about Kodi is that you can have a VPN connection integrated through VPN addons and VPN manager.

3. Clear Add-on Cache

If the add-on is slowing down or is not running streams despite showing it in the library, then follow these steps:

  1. Open Kodi > Click on the Add-ons tab
  2. Go to Video add-ons > Select Exodus > Click on Tools
  3. Now click on the Clear Providers option > Click Yes
  4. Now click on Clear Cache option > Click Yes

There you have your Cache cleared,   reboot Kodi and it should work smooth.


I believe that this guide would be helpful for you people as many of the Kodi users are still unware of the return of Exodus Kodi add-on. The link to the installation guide is already provided above so you do not have to worry how to install Exodus on Kodi.

You will find blogs online suggesting you to update your graphics card and other peripherals but trust me that is not helpful. These things have nothing to do with the add-on, so do not fall for them.

Make sure you try this Kodi add-on if you have not used it before. You will surely love this add-on because there is obviously a reason that this add-on has been respected and popular.