One thing that keeps Kodi ahead of other online streaming platforms is the variety of its add-ons. Kodi add-ons are of various types, which allow users to stream almost everything on it. However, the problem that many users face is that some Kodi add-ons that used to work great, start crashing or popping errors. This stimulates users to look for something better and they keep dwelling site to site in search for new Kodi addons.

Worry no more; we have listed some of the best new Kodi addons for you, so that you do not face the hassle of browsing multiple sites.

Kodi add-ons are of different types and nature. By types, I mean that they can be for streaming movies, TV shows, Live TV, Music, Documentaries etc. or they can be utility add-ons for maintenance and support.

One thing to understand over here is that I am referring to unofficial Kodi add-ons, which are free to use. Installing or using such add-ons is considered illegal in many regions therefore I recommend you guys to use a streaming VPN.


13 Latest Kodi addons for 2019

1. Fladnag

Fladnag Kodi add-on is a treat for all the Kodi users who love streaming TV shows. IT has a variety of TV shows from all around the world and all of them organized into different categories. These categories are trending, TMDB Top rated, Action and Adventure, Popular shows etc.

fladnag movies kodi addon

You can download and install this add-on from the T2K repository, which has recently shifted to a new domain. I have personally tried this add-on and I faced no error while installing it. The add-on installed under one minute and it runs smoothly without any lags or crashes.

2.  DIY Fix Kodi Addon

If you are a frequent Kodi user who does not like searching for fixes and things over the web as you hate browsing, then this add-on is for you. DIY Fix Kodi add-on is a unique Kodi add-on that provides solutions for normal life issue like gardening, electronics repair, pets, Auto repair etc. DIY Fix Kodi addon is available in the Butter Fingers Repository.


Having this add-on will make your life much easier as you will have a guide for solving your normal life problems in one place. You will no longer have to search for such things over the net or YouTube; you can simply use this add-on for help. We can say that Kodi is not only making online streaming better but it is also providing ease in our daily life.

3. Modus Operandi

Modus Operandi is an all-new Kodi sports add-on that provides streaming options for wrestling, combat Sports, basketball and racing events. This Kodi add-on might be a new entrant in the industry but it surely has a lot of potential.


Users can try the streaming links provided for their desired sports event as it provides numerous streaming links for a single event. If any of the provided streaming link does not work, then users can use the search feature for finding new links. Download and install Modus Operandi Kodi add-on from iTzMe Repository.

4. Seren Kodi Add-On

Seren is one of the best Kodi add-ons for all the streaming geeks who have a Real Debrid or Trakt account. An amazing Kodi add-on that has all the latest movies available as it scraps links through torrent sites.

This addon is available in Nix gates repository and you can easily download and install it from there. You can refer to our guide” How to install Seren Kodi Addon“, to learn more about this addon.

seren new kodi addon

5. WatchNixToons2

WatchNixToons2 is a new Kodi add-on that has all the latest movies, TV shows, cartoons, anime content and much more. This add-on has content titles well categorized into different sections.

nixtoons kodi addon

The interface of this add-on is quite simple and the add-on itself is very small sized. This is why installing and using this add-on is not a hassle at all. This add-on is available in the Doko Repository.

6. Venom

Venom is a new fork of the legendary Exodus Kodi add-on, having a similar layout but improved quality. It has better and updated scrappers that provide better streaming links. Previously, we have seen many Exodus forks on the industry but not all of them had the potential to provide quality experience.

venom new kodi addon

Venom on the other hand, is an excellent fork that works quite well and does not provide broken streaming links. You can download and install Venom Kodi add-on from its dedicated Venom repository.

7. 13Clowns

13 Clowns Kodi add-ons is a one for all Kodi add-on for IPTV, Movies, TV shows, YouTube videos, sports etc. 13 clowns was recently s by TVA and it has returned with a new domain but better scrappers and streams. 13 clowns has Civitas Scrapers, which are a new package if scrappers, far better than the old lambda scrappers.


It is actually a fork of Exodus Redux Kodi add-on but I have tried it personally and realized that it is better. It has a search engine feature, allowing users to search for their favorite content titles that are not present in its library. The add-on is available for downloading and installation in 13 clowns repository.

8. Overeasy

Another Exodus Kodi fork, released with some updates and tweaks for enhancing the experience. It is a good Kodi add-on for streaming movies and TV shows and it has some useful Kodi tools as well.

overeasy kodi addon

This add-on is available in the Eggman Repository.

9. Kodi MUZIC

Kodi Muzic is an all new Kodi music add-on that provides all the latest music streams available over YouTube. The scrappers in Kodi Muzic add-on pulls streaming links from YouTube, allowing users to search and play with a single click. Not only that, users can also watch the latest music videos and concerts as well.

muzic kodi addon

The interface of this new Kodi add-on is very well organized into different categories like Musicals and plays Live Stream Radio, Music concerts, documentaries etc. You can download and install this amazing Kodi add-on from the Butter Fingers Repository.


Kodzi is an all new and unique Kodi utility add-on that you would have never even imagined. It is developed in such a way that users will no longer have to go through all the lengthy steps of installing a repository. Kodzi allows users to simply enter the URL of the repository source link in it and it will pull and install the repository itself. Meaning, the users can now relax and install any Kodi repository without having to follow any guide.

kodzi new kodi addon

With Kodzi add-on, users will not have to crowd up their file manager anymore as this add-on is the ultimate time and effort saver. You can easily install this add-on from the MrKodz repository.

11. Tempest

Enough of all the forks of Exodus Kodi add-on, this one of the fork of the popular Covenant Kodi add-on which itself was a fork of Exodus. This fiasco of forks over forks just does not come to an end and the best thing is that the forks are developed better than their predecessors.


Tempest Kodi add-on is an all new fork of the Covenant Kodi add-on but with better scrappers and high quality streaming links up to 4K quality. The interface however is similar to the Covenant Kodi add-on. I have personally tried this add-on and trust me it works amazingly well. You can try this add-on by downloading and installing it from Tempest Repository.

12. Grid Iron Legends

Are you a fan of American Football? If yes, then this add-on is surely a treat for you. Grid Iron Legends is a dedicated Kodi add-on for America’s biggest sport as you can stream live matches, replays, documentaries, and much more.

gridiron kodi addon

Not just that, you can also stream other College Football divisions as well. This Kodi add-on is available in the Planet Universe Repository.

13. Destiny

Destiny is a Kodi add-on that provides streams for almost everything a user wishes to watch on Kodi. Users can watch movies, TV shows, Kids content, live sports and so much more through this add-on. Another great thing about Destiny Kodi add-on is that it has Acestream updated, allowing users to enjoy entertainment with high quality streaming link.

Destiny-Addon-Kodi addon

One of the greatest new feature you will find in Destiny Kodi add-on is of Torrent streaming, which works without the need of any proxy or VPN. This add-on is available in the Eggman Repository and you can download and install it from there.


New Kodi add-ons keep on releasing day by day as the Kodi community is developing with a great pace. Users like to try something better and new that could enhance their experience or that could provide them better entertainment. However, one thing to understand over here is that new Kodi add-ons do release but on the other hand, many Kodi add-ons die time to time. These newly released Kodi add-ons take the place of those fallen Kodi add-ons and the cycle continues.

The Kodi add-ons that are mentioned in this guide are all unofficial Kodi add-ons. These Kodi new addons are free to install and stream and such nature of streaming is considered illegal in many regions. Therefore, I recommend you to choose a reliable VPN for Kodi that could help you in bypassing the geo restrictions and help you maintain anonymity.