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Conor McGregor is all upbeat to knockout Khabib Nurmagomedov. Speaking to Ariel Helwani’s show he announced he will never retire from MMA. “I’m going to maul him,” McGregor, 30, said.

A lot of questions, predictions and rumors have been in the air, ever since Conor McGregor halted his UFC career to fight Floyd Mayweather. He has been away from the Octagon for last two years and people were just wondering if he would return, and if he does; whom would he be facing?

The feud between the “Russian Eagle”; Khabib Nurmagomedov and the “Notorious Irish”; Conor McGregor had been in the perspective for a long time as both of the superstars kept trash talking about each other on different occasions.

However, in a recent quarrel between Khabib and Conor’s training partner, Conor made a bold move and attacked the bus having Khabib Nurmagomedov, his team and several other UFC fighters onboard by throwing a metal sack barrow through the glass window.

Two fighters and a few officials were injured by this attack and as a result, arrest warrants were issued against Conor and his fellow attackers. This incident raised the existing hype and the picture of King’s return to the octagon became more questionable!

The hype was put to rest as Dana White announced an official match between Khabib and McGregor at UFC 229 during the UFC 25th Anniversary press conference. This might have been shocking for some UFC fans but many sports analysts saw it coming.


UFC 229 Fight location and date

The Notorious Conor McGregor will make his long-awaited return to the octagon this Saturday to face Khabib Nurmagomedov and settle this rivalry for the last time.

6th October 2018, T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas

The talks and predictions are in the air as always. This is indeed one of the biggest fights in the history of UFC as well as combat sports.

Khabib is renowned as the best striker in his division right now, whereas McGregor is a superstar and he is famous for his unique left-hook strength all over the world.

This bout is indeed a clash of titans that no combat sports fan would afford to miss!


Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Conor McGregor UFC 229 Fight Time in Different Zones

CityTime ZoneTime
New YorkET10:00 PM
ChicagoCT9:00 PM
DenverMT8:00 PM
Las VegasPT7:00 PM
Los AngelesPT7:00 PM
HonoluluHAST4:00 PM
SydneyAET1:00:00 PM (Sunday)
TokyoJST11:00:00 AM (Sunday)
MoscowMSK5:00:00 AM (Sunday)
ParisCEST4:00:00 AM (Sunday)
LondonBST3:00:00 AM (Sunday)


How to Watch UFC 229 McGregor VS. Khabib Live Online Without Cable

It is Saturday Night, you are planning to watch the greatest fight of all time, but how exactly are you planning to watch it?

On TV?

I don’t think that will be a good idea!

Why opt for TV when you can watch the match live online!

Sitting in front of the TV seems to be very outdated now, it is better to watch live sports online through different channels. You might be wondering how online streaming is better than conventional TV.

Well, one word answer for this is Convenience!

You can get access to a variety of channels online and stream everything you want to in HD quality. Cord cutting is the trend of today and you need to adapt it because it is fun. Stream whatever you want and wherever you want without looking for a cable connection, sounds great, doesn’t it.


How to watch UFC 229 Khabib vs Conor McGregor in US live stream

Not everyone living in US will be lucky enough to watch the game live in T-Mobile Arena, which is why I recommend you to stream it live on your device by subscribing to the online streaming service present in your region.


Fox Sports 1 is the official broadcaster of UFC for US region. You can watch the game live on your cable TV or stream it live online through FS1. The best online streaming service to choose for watching UFC 229 live on FS1 is DirecTV Now.


How to watch UFC 229 in Canada live stream

Canadians can enjoy their Saturday night by streaming the UFC 229 Pay-per-view live through the following channels:


The Sports Network is a Canadian sports channel that is one of the two broadcasters for Canada region. You can easily live stream the game live on these channels by subscribing to an online streaming service that offers TSN.

Note: The Sports Network (TSN) is only available in Canada, in order to access TSN outside Canada for UFC, you will need to use a VPN. 

tsn cta


SportsNet is a Canada based sports broadcasting network that is renowned  globally because of its broadcasting quality. SportsNet is the second broadcaster of UFC in Canada and you can easily watch UFC live streams in Canada by going to “https://www.sportsnet.ca/ufc-live/”.


How to stream UFC 229 Mcgregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov Australia live stream

Aussies love combat sports like UFC and for all the fans who are looking to watch the UFC 229 can live stream the game on FOX Sports.

FOX Sports is an Australian network of sports channels that cover different sporting events like UFC, Soccer, NASCAR, MLB, NFL. FOX Sports is the official broadcaster of UFC in Australia.


Watch UFC 229 McGregor vs Khabib Live UK Stream

BT Sport is the official UFC broadcaster for UK region until the end of this year. However, this spot might go out to Eleven Sports or Sky Sports next year, not yet sure.

For now, to stream the UFC 229 action live, simply go to the BT Sports Live website or download their application and start live streaming.

Note: BT Sports is only available in UK, in order to access BT Sports outside UK for UFC, you will need to use a VPN. 

unblock cta


Cheapest way to watch UFC 229 Conor McGregor vs Khabib

While purchasing pay-per-view package, keep one thing in mind that every region is priced differently.

US region users have to pay some additional tax upon the purchase of the UFC PPV package.

cheapest way to watch ufc 229

This is a very hefty price and I know that it is not reasonable for everyone to pay for it. That is why; I have a hack for you!

get vpn cta

Simply install a VPN service, buy a good package plan and connect to a Philippines server. The price of UFC Pay-per-view for Philippine region is:


watch ufc 229 for free

In Philippine the package is of ₱ 920, which rounds up to $17 when converted.

There you have the cheapest way to watch UFC 229 Conor McGregor vs Khabib

Good hack, right?

ppv cta

UFC 229 Tickets

Watch this fight of a lifetime live in T-Mobile Arena, buy your tickets now from: UFC tickets page.

Here’s a preview of the UFC Tickets page:

buy ufc 229 tickets

You can aslo buy tickets from the official T-Mobile Arena website.

buy tickets for ufc 229 through t arena


UFC 229 Fight Cards

UFC 229 will be featuring the following fights:

ufc 229 main fight card

  1. Ferguson vs Pettis
  2. Saint Preux vs Reyes
  3. Lewis vs Volkov
  4. Waterson vs Herrig

Main event:

  1. Nurmagomedov vs McGregor

Make sure you do not miss any fight!


How to Watch UFC on Kodi

You can stream the UFC 229 live on Kodi free, and enjoy every bout on the fight card. Use the Kodi planet MMA add-on and enjoy high quality streams. Follow the steps below to install the add-on:

  1. Open Kodi > Click on Settings.
  1. Open File Manager.
  2. Double click ‘Add Source’ > click where it says ‘No>ne’.
  3. Enter this URLhttp://supremacy.org.uk/zip/repo/ > click
  4. Give a name to this URL ‘Supremacy’ > Click OK.
  5. Return to Home Screen > Go to Add-ons
  6. Click on the Box icon.
  7. Select‘Install from zip file’.
  8. Select Supremacy > Click on supremacy-x.x > Wait for the notification.
  9. Now select Install from repository > Select supremacy > Go to Video add-ons.
  10. Select Planet MMA.
  11. Hit Install and wait for the notification.


How to watch UFC 229 on Amazon FireStick

Streaming UFC online with Amazon FireStick is always a great option because it has some of the best channels for streaming live sports. Amazon FireStick is popular because of its high quality content provision and that is why I recommend users to try it out!

There are numerous channels that will be broadcasting the UFC 229 event live worldwide but if you want the one reliable channel then try streaming with Fox Sports GO.

Follow these steps to watch UFC 229 live on FireStick via Fox Sports Go app:

  1. Plug in your FireStick Device on your Smart TV.
  2. Go to your FireStick Home screen and open Google chrome.
  3. Search for Fox Sports Go app on Amazon app store.
  4. You will see an Amazon.com search result, click on it.
  5. Download the app and sign-in to proceed further.
  6. Once you have signed in, you will have to buy a subscription plan. Choose the plan that fits your need and then return to the Home screen.
  7. Now click on Settings and head to Applications menu.
  8. Click on Manage Installed Apps, here you will see a list of all the apps you have installed don your device.
  9. Now select Fox Sports GO and start streaming UFC 229 live on your FireStick.

Fox Sports Go streams might be geo-restricted. Therefore, get a VPN service for connecting to a US server without disturbing your bandwidth with a proxy server.

On second thought, if you are not willing to pay for streaming UFC 229 live and you want to watch UFC online without any subscriptions or sign-ups, then the best option is to stream it with Kodi.

Now the next question in your mind will be that how can you watch UFC on Kodi with your FireStick device, well that is quite simple.

Install Kodi on FireStick by following our guide, “ How to Install Kodi on FireStick”, and you will get all the answers.

I have already explained the installation procedure of the Kodi add-on that you can use to watch UFC online.


Watch UFC 229 Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Conor McGregor on Roku

Roku is one of the best streaming device ever produced. Its seamless streaming speed and variety of channels are what makes it a class apart.

You can easily stream the UFC 229 Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Conor McGregor Fight on Roku through its official UFC channel.

Yes! It has a dedicated UFC channel that broadcasts all the UFC events live. Simply go to the Roku Channel store and add UFC channel to your device and start streaming the UFC 229 Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Conor McGregor fight on Roku.

You will have to subscribe to the UFC channel after adding it to your Roku library. If the streams are not available in your region, buy a VPN service package and connect to a US server to bypass the geo-restrictions.

For streaming UFC on Roku without paying any fees, install Kodi on Roku and stream UFC on Kodi.


Watch UFC online free

watch ufc 229 for free

To watch UFC online free in HD quality with all the best features and without paying a penny, simply go to UFC Fight Pass page and start a 7-day free trial.

Start your trial one day before the fight so that you can easily get to know about the features and quality of the Fight Pass.

Other than that, you can also stream the event live through http://streamtv24.live/ufc/.



Heads will bounce of the canvas this Saturday for sure, as we head to UFC 229. This event will surely be one to witness because two of the most promising and decorated fighters in UFC’s history will be taking on each other. McGregor has been away from the octagon for last two years and this return fight against Khabib is something that has been called a naïve move from him. Only time will tell how the night ends, let us hope that we get to see some good show!