How to Setup LibreELEC OpenVPN on Kodi/Raspberry Pi/Amazon Fire TV

Being a fork of Kodi, LibreELEC is used for all devices including Raspberry Pi and Amazon Fire TV Stick where you can easily install LibreELEC VPN to secure your device from external threats. LibreELEC OpenVPN will also hide your IP address and will let you surf the internet with freedom.

LibreElec Kodi

  1. Libreelec VPN Raspberry Pi Setup
  2. Libreelec VPN Fire TV Setup
  3. Libreelec VPN Setup


Best LibreELEC VPN Providers of 2017

After extensive research we have picked the best VPNs for LibreELEC. Our analysis was based upon log policy, double data encryption, number of servers and other factors. And most of all the ease with which each of these best VPN for streaming could connect to LibreELEC.

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How to Setup LibreELEC VPN on Raspberry Pi in 5 Steps

  1. Connect to LibreELEC Device via SSH

In the first step, we need to configure file for the VPN to your LibreELEC device and for that we need to download configuration files. There are two ways in doing this. Either you could download the files and then use a USB device to copy the files onto the device, while there is also an easy step where directly download the file onto your device through the help of Secure Shell (SSH). 

To directly download the file onto your device via SSH, you may need to Open Kodi > Go to Settings > Select System Information > and click on Network

Write down your IP address for your LibreELEC device somewhere and SSH in to the device by using a SSH client. We recommend PuTTY.

Libreelec openvpn

Install PuTTY onto your device and enter IP address into the field where it says ‘Host Name’ and then click Open.

Now, you will be prompted to enter login and password. You can use credentials as following:

Username: root

Password: libreelec

  1. Downloading the Files

Now download the two files to your directory by clicking on the links below:

For Service VPN Manager Add-on click Here

For MPN OpenVPN Configuration file click Here

  1. Editing LibreELEC OpenVPN Configuration Files

Got to Storage/MPNVPN.ovpn

Now you would be able to see the content of the configuration file as below:

1 client
3 remote-cert-eku ‘TLS Web Server Authentication’
4 dev tun
5 proto udp
6 port 1194
7 resolv-retry infinite
8 nobind
9 route-delay 2
10 mute-replay-warnings


Now you have to replace the word ‘SERVERNAME’ with the name of the server you are trying to connect i.e.

You can refer to the full list of server names here.

  1. Installation of VPN Manager Add-on

Now open Kodi > Click Add-ons > Package Installer icon > Install from zip file > Now locate the file which you downloaded in the second step.

  1. Connecting to the LibreELEC VPN

Once the add-on is installed, a box will appear that will read Settings- VPN Manager for OpenVPN.

libreelec openvpn setup

Select your Libreelec VPN provider from the list and enter username and password, and click YES to continue.

Now got Install from zip file option > Navigate the configuration file from your device i.e. MPNVPN.ovpn

If it asks you to update the .ovpn file the click Yes and proceed. But if it asks you to rename the file, click NO.

Now click on VPN Connections tab > First VPN Connection > Select MPNVPN profile. The connection will start automatically when you connect to the device the next time.

You will see the following screen once the connection validation is completed. Select OK and return to the Home Screen. Now you will be able to access the media content from your device.

libreelec vpn raspberry pi


How to Install LibreELEC VPN on Amazon Fire TV in 7 Steps

For installing LibreELEC VPN on Amazon Fire TV, you need to have a router. Without a router you could not install on FireTV device. Follow the below steps:

  1. Open web browser > Type the gateway address to your router (e.g. 192.168.XX.XX).
  2. Now go to Settings or Advanced Settings > Click on WAN.Librelec VPN on Amazon Fire TV
  3. Select PPTP in WAN Connection Type.
  4. In the WAN DNS Settings below, ask your provider for SmartDNS settings.libreelec vpn advanced settings
  5. Enter your Username and Password from your provider.setup libreelec vpn amazon fire tv
  6. Now scroll down to ‘Special Requirement from ISP’ option and enter the server address for any country along with the name.libreelec amazon fire tv settings
  7. Click Apply once you are done and Enjoy!


How to Setup LibreELEC VPN on Kodi Krypton 17 and Jarvis 16 or below in 6 Steps

Setting up LibreELEC VPN on Kodi Krypton and Jarvis is similar to the steps which have been outlined when setting up LibreELEC VPN on Raspberry Pi. The first step in the installation process will remain the same, while in the second step copy the following links onto your browser and download the file.

  1. Download Hide.ME Openvpn Zip File
  2. Download Github Zomboided Zip File
  3. Open Kodi > Go to Add-ons > Click Package Installer icon > Install from zip file > Navigate the file > Now wait for the add-on to install and enable.
  4. Repeat the process, but this time navigate the file
  5. Now go to Add-ons > Program Add-ons > VPN Manager for OpenVPN > Now select your provider from the list > Enter Username and Password > Set protocol filter to UDP.
  6. Click OK once you are done > Enjoy!


To Wrap Things Up

LibreELEC uses the tagline ‘Just enough OS for Kodi’ and is the fork of Kodi with which you can use OpenVPN service to connect with the internet from anywhere around the world. In this guide we provided a detailed process on how to setup LibreELEC VPN on Raspberry Pi, Amazon FireTV, and Kodi. So, follow the above outlined steps and enjoy.

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