Why Kodi Users Should Worry About Net Neutrality Rule Roll Back

Obama-era net neutrality rule is under inspection by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai who wants to roll back the net neutrality rule and to replace with a new rule instead.

The net neutrality rule prevents Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to prioritize web traffic and slowing down content. The supporters of net neutrality believes this rule developed an equal playing field, but broadband companies perceives as an over-regulation.

Rolling back net neutrality would change the internet landscape in terms of how customers access the internet, the services and plans offered by broadband companies, and the way internet companies reach their consumers.

The rollback of net neutrality rule will greatly impact Kodi users as the new proposed rule would restrict them using free content and slow down in their internet speeds.

If Pai makes a move against net neutrality then there would be four ways the internet will change:

Free Data Plans

Broadband providers would allow consumers to access certain content without counting them against data limits. For example, Verizon consumers are allowed to stream some of the NFL games with data charges.

Even though free data plans would seem a popular idea amongst low income consumers as they would get to see more of the free content, but as former FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler places argument, it will make it harder for smaller content creators to gain attention.

Kodi users on the other hand are the users of the free content who may have to face restrictions in viewing every content that is available on Kodi. Internet companies such as Netflix and HBO will pay a huge sum of money for faster internet speeds, while Kodi users will have to stream on lower internet speeds.

Internet Fast Lanes

Broadband companies will have the power to provide faster internet speeds to companies that pays a higher amount while it will slow down the internet speeds for companies that could not afford.

It is known as paid prioritization where video-streaming giants like Netflix would have to pay big bucks for ensuring strong downloading speeds.

Increase in Challenges for Small Companies

Abandoning net neutrality will favor dominant companies such as Google, Verizon, and Comcast. As a result, hundreds of investors and startups have written a letter to Pai and advising him on the damages that his proposal will have on the industry.

The letter addresses the issue that without net neutrality rule, the internet providers will have the power to pick winners and losers of the industry. ISPs will then prefer those users who are able to pay for the paid content or its premium users. Kodi offers third-party add-ons which will remain under limelight of ISPs. The result would lead to limited content use by Kodi users.

New Regulation for Telecom Companies

Broadband companies will no longer be controlled by FCC but it would be controlled by Federal Trade Commission FTC which do not have confidence to regulate telecommunication companies.

Critics have mentioned that the FTC do not have the desired authority to make changes in rules, neither it has the capacity to handle large quantity of data.

Final Thoughts

For now, FCC has yet to come up with a proposal against net neutrality that would bring the matter officially up for debate. But despite of these speculations, no one knows what will happen once FCC proposes a step against net neutrality.

Kodi users will in fact be on a radar once the net neutrality rules are abandoned by the FCC. Their only hope is the presence of big internet companies on their side who also is threatened by the new regulations that will be set in place.

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