The crackdown against copyright infringement took a new toll when the UK government introduced ‘Digital Economy Act’ which restricts internet users to share illegal files and leads up to 10 years imprisonment.

The new bill is aimed at stopping the distribution of illegal content resulting in an increased jail term from 2 years to a maximum of 10 years. But one needs to ask if Kodi users could get in to trouble for streaming videos or is kodi really illegal?.

The CEO of Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) referring to Kodi device said that the consumers need to be aware that such devices that charges a premium pay for TV channels but does not offer a legitimate subscription, is illegal.

Kodi Users Could Face 10 Years in Prison

Upon asking the same question, the FACT chief replied, “Although end users are not the prime targets, but they could as well be swept in to our operations and will indefinitely become a part of criminal investigations that may lead to plausible prosecution”

His statement reflects lack of clarity if Kodi end users are likely or unlikely to face prosecution. However, in the light of the Digital Economy Act, Kodi users are extremely unlikely to be prosecuted because of the fact that the law is a crackdown to stop illegally distributed content.

Kodi boxes have become extremely popular over the past few years as it allows Kodi users to stream copyright content straight to their TVs. A research from YouGov suggests that in a span of few years Kodi has sold over five million boxes and as a result becoming a potential threat to Sky TV, Amazon, and Netflix.

Kodi users have a nag of appearing on the news for all the good and bad reasons. Few days ago the European Court of Justice ruled the streaming of copyrighted material for free as illegal, pointing out towards Kodi boxes.

new uk kodi law may 2017

The new copyright infringement Act has emerged at a time when UK consumers were shifting their preference from pay TV channels to Kodi boxes. While subscription to pay TV channels may cost UK consumers around £100 per month, downloading illegal content was their affordable choice.

Kodi users may not be on the radar for now, but the CEO of FACT have suggested that accessing of illegal content may have a change in the law as well, by counting them as equally responsible.