When it comes to video streaming, Kodi puts every other platform to shame! Whether you want to watch live matches of UFC, NFL or anything, be it TV shows or play games, Kodi sports addons have got you covered!

Kodi Sports

Being a sports fan, discovering Kodi was like finding a precious gem because, unfortunately, a lot of sport events are restricted to specific geographical locations.

What’s better is that on Kodi you get the choice to select the quality of your stream. This may be very helpful especially if your internet speed is unstable.

It also helps you watch exclusive matches on premium channels, so if you want to watch cricket, soccer, Formula 1, golf or any other sports, Kodi is the place to go.

So how Kodi manages to bring you such content?

It used different add-ons for Kodi, which include free and paid.

⚠️Streaming free content through third party Kodi builds and addons is very risky and it sometimes get users in trouble with the law. This is due to streaming the pirated, copyrighted, or censored content through these addons. So, it is a wise choice to use a VPN Service with Kodi.

A Kodi VPN helps you be anonymous online from hackers, phishers, spammers, and even from ISPs and let you stream geo-restricted content even through torrent links.

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Best Kodi Sports Addons

1. SportsDevil

Install SportsDevil

If you’re looking to watch free sports on Kodi, SportsDevil is the well known addon for streaming free sports on Kodi. You can watch popular matches and the most recent events happening in the world. It is one of the most reliable and users’ favorite addon which has a great history of satisfying its users with quality streams and the most recent content. This addon also lets you stream live sports events depending upon the location you’re in.

2. Sportowa TV

Sportowa TV Installation Wizard

Another winner in the list of best Kodi Sports addons is Sportowa TV. If you’re a little low on patience and prefer watching live sports events instead of recorded, then this is a must-have addon for you. The live channels you can stream on Sportowa TV addon are ESPNFox SportsNFL Red ZoneNFL NetworkNHL NetwrokNBA TVMLB NetworkWWE NetworkShowtimeUSA NetworkFox Soccer PlusUFC NetworkNESN Plus, etc.

Best Kodi Official Sports Addons

3. Fox Sports Go


FOX SPORTS GO is the best choice for sports fans who wish to stream MLS Soccer, MLB Baseball, UFC, NBA, and Supercross. It is one of the leading sports coverage channels in the United States of America.

With minimal buffering and HD streaming, it is one of the top choices to watch pretty much any sport coverage.

4. Sportsnet Now


The Canadian platform offers a variety of sports coverage. A monthly subscription costs only US$25 a month, which lets you view a huge load of great sports content. The add-on is available through the Official Kodi Add-on repository.

It’s another great choice is you’re into MLB, NHL, NBA, and NFL matches.

5. ORF TVthek


If you live outside Austria, you will need to connect to a VPN, as ORF TV is geo restricted. The good part, however, is that a great number of free TV stations in Austria are available.

ORF TVthek is among the many online streaming options that offer live TV and a satisfactory number of on-demand options. You can easily access all of it through the Kodi add-on, including a great number of sports programming available through the channel.

6. Xumo


Available through the official Kodi add-on repository, XUMO.TV is a free Kodi add-on. Xumo has sports-related channels readily available for Kodi users. With above par streaming quality, it’s a great choice for soccer, lacrosse, surfing, fishing, MMA, football, and even more.

7. Pluto TV


Just like Xumo, Pluto TV also provides a long list of free TV channels. Being a free service you won’t be able to find the most recent or popular content, however, it does offer large choice of news, entertainment, and sports channels.

You will need to make a free account and signup unlike other Kodi add-ons.

8. CBC


CBC is a totally free TV service in Canada and features great on demand and live content such as the Olympics and Hockey Night. If you do not live in Canada, don’t worry, you can still unblock CBC’s broadcast easily using a VPN and connecting it to a Canadian server.

The add-on works like a charm and has never failed to work during our testing process.

9. iTV


iTV is UK streaming service that is almost free, but sadly it is restricted to the UK. A good load of channels are available on the platform. However, as per the laws in the UK, you need to have a TV License but it does not verify it in any way.

The channel broadcasts a wide range of sports broadcasts including some soccer matches as well. If you’re outside the UK, you will be needing a VPN.

10. Tablo


This option on our list is a little different than the others. The addon acts as a front end for over-the-air TV signals.

Over-the-air TV is an immensely popular option, taking into consideration the fact that today the market for OTA TV is increasing. They often obtain and live stream sports content.

Tablo is also a DVR that enables you to save your live streams and access them later on your Tablo device.

11.  SVT Play


If you can let go of language barriers or understand Swedish, SVT Play is a very feasible option to watch sports. SVT Play is the live streaming and on-demand option the of The Swedish TV network. It is completely free, and you can find a large pool of sports broadcasting through SVT Play all year round.

Like some of the above-mentioned add-ons, you will be needing a VPN as the streams provided by this add-on are restricted to Sweden only.

12. SR Mediathek


SR Mediathek is a German TV network from among the many options available in the country. What sets it apart is that it is a great functional Kodi add-on and offers both live and on-demand sports content available on SR Mediathek.

It’s also geo-restricted, so you will be needing a VPN for this one too!

13. NHL TV


NHL TV’s streaming service is probably one of your best options to watch ice hockey.

After signing up, you can stream it through Kodi as it will optimize the process for you by offering a simple navigating option for the content. It also offers some free content, such as key moments and highlights of different matches.

Again, this add-on is also geo blocked and you will be need a VPN, also take note that it requires US payment information.

14. ESPN 3


A big name in the sports entertainment industry, ESPN offers:

  1. International Soccer
  2. European Club Soccer
  3. MLB Baseball
  4. NBA Basketball
  5. Cricket
  6. Golf
  7. College Sports

With the unofficial ESPN add-on for the Kodi media center, you can access premium content directly from ESPN on Kodi. ESPN is also available on various platforms including Android TV, Apple TV, etc.

15. Sparkle


One of my favorite add-on, as far as unofficial add-ons are concerned. Sparkle Kodi add-on scrapes Reddit for Acestreams links. Acestreams offers live sports from various regions and reddit is the best place to find active links.

But instead of you manually searching for Acestreams links, Sparkle addon does the job for you. Just select the link to your favorite sporting event and watch live action.

16. Sportie


Best known for soccer and rugby, Sportie also includes content from NFL and other sources, making it a great choice with various other sport events.

You can find this add-on from lazykodi in the ANDROIDABA repository. Premier League may be available here too though depending upon the country you are in. Well whatever the situation, a VPN is our golden card to lift geo-restrictions.

17. Zattoo Live TV add-on


Zattoo Live TV add-on is yet another un-official add-on that is a great choice for sports lovers as it offers more than 190 channels in total. You can easily find streams of different sports like soccer, golf or wrestling.

18. NBA League Pass Kodi Addon


Dedicated totally to NBA, the add-on covers all the NBA events. It offers live streams, archives and NBA TV. However, this is an official addon and you will be needing a subscription for it.

In case you face geo-restrictions, make sure to switch on a VPN service and connect to a US server. This way you can access any content on NBA League Pass Kodi addon without hassle.



If you’re a sports fan, just like me who stacks up more pop corns than food in his basket, than these are the best add-ons you can find for Kodi online.

If it wasn’t for KOD, I seriously don’t know what I would be doing with my life. Well thanks to the love netizens spread to find better and better solutions, Kodi is a blessing.

I am able to watch any sporting event live online, no matter where I am located. And if geo-restrictions are a problem, I resort to a VPN service.

Drop us a Comment if you’ve tried any of these add-ons and let us know your valuable opinion.

Using a secure VPN service with the Kodi addons is highly recommended for safe unrestricted entertainment. It keeps your identity hidden from online threats and even from your ISP and helps you access geo-restricted content in your country even through torrent links.