How to Install Kodi No Limits Magic Build on Leia, Krypton And Jarvis Version

Take a stroll through ts guide and see how you can install the No Limits Magic Magic build, which is known for its add-ons collection and performance. Do not forget to protect your privacy with a reliable VPN for Kodi.

Installing every add-on one by one causes, a great deal of trouble and consumes a lot of time. More than that, you have to look for the working repositories of all the kodi addons you want, one by one.

To save yourself from this hassle, try installing the best Kodi builds and stay care free of spending too much time and effort.

Installation procedures are explained below, follow them and enjoy streaming with Kodi right away. However, do make sure that you are using a Kodi VPN to stay safe from the spying eyes while you stream.

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Kodi No Limits Magic Build is one of the finest and reliable build out of all. It has all the great add-ons that you wish to have for streaming movies, TV Shows, Live TV and sports.


Kodi No Limits Magic Build Repositories

There are two different repository source links for installing No Limits Magic Build.


Both of these are working links but the second one can sometimes stop working. Therefore I prefer using “”  to install the No Limits Magic Build.


How to Install No Limits Magic Build on Kodi Krypton Version 17.6 or Lower

No Limits Magic build is one of the best thing to try on Kodi Krypton version 17.6 and to experience the greatness of his build, follow these steps:

  1. Open Kodi > Click on Settings (gear icon).kodi no limits magic build
  2. Open File Manager > Click on Add Source from the left-hand to install no limits magic build on kodi
  3. Now enter this URL in the address bar in the dialogue box: > Click OK > Name this media source as “No Limits” > Click Ok > Check the URL and Name again and Click OK to close the dialogue to install no limits magic build on kodi krypton version 17.6 or lower
  4. Return to Kodi main menu > Click on Add-ons to install no limits magic build on kodi jarvis version 16 or higher
  5. Now click on the box icon (Add-on browser) from the top left to install no limits magic build on kodi firestick
  6. Click Install from Zip File option > Select “No Limits” from the list.kodi no limits magic build download
  7. Click > Wait for the notification.kodi no limits magic build reviews
  8. Now go the Add-ons menu from the main menu to access the No Limits Magic Build. You can find it in the Program Add-ons menu. If the build does not start, restart your Kodi.

how to install Kodi no limits magic build on leia 18 version


How to Install No Limits Magic Build on Kodi Jarvis Version 16 or Higher

New versions of Kodi are available online but many users still prefer using the Kodi Jarvis version because of its simplicity. If you are one of those users and want to install No Limits Build on your Kodi Jarvis version 16, then follow these steps:

  1. Open Kodi.
  2. Click System.
  3. Open File Manager.
  4. Click Add Source > A dialog box will open.
  5. Type this URL in the address bar in the dialogue box: > Click Done.
  6. Name this media source “No Limits” > Click Done > Click OK.
  7. Go back to Kodi home screen > Click Add-ons.
  8. Click the box icon.
  9. Select Install from Zip File option.
  10. Click on “No Limits” from the list.
  11. Select > Wait for the notification.
  12. Access the build from the Add-ons menu > Program Add-ons > No Limits Wizard.


How to install No Limits Magic Build on Kodi FireStick

FireStick is an amazing device for streaming online and when you collaborate it with Kodi, the entertainment level gets much better.

Kodi on FireStick sounds great and it really is but you cannot install Kodi directly on FireStick device. Therefore, the best way to get Kodi on FireStick device is through Jailbreaking the FireStick device.

In case you do not want to Jailbreak FireStick, you can still stream great quality content on your device through the amazing FireStick Apps.

Streaming is supposed to be fun but make sure you protect your privacy while streaming with a VPN for FireStick.

  1. Install Kodi on your Fire Stick device.
  2. Open Developer Options > Turn ON ADB Debugging and Apps from Unknown Sources.

After that, follow the procedure explained above for installing No Limits Magic Build on Kodi Krypton Version 17.6. There is no difference in the installation procedure.


How to Install Kodi No Limits Magic Build on Leia Version 18

As Kodi has launched its version 18 Leia, if you are using it then follow the procedure stated below for installing No Limits Build:

  1. Open Kodi > Click on the gear icon (Settings) > You will see a new menu.
  2. Click on File Manager from the available options > Double Click on Add Source.
  3. Type this URL: > Click Ok > Give a name to this URL like “No Limits” > Click Ok > See if the URL and Name are entered correctly and Click OK > The dialogue box will close.
  4. Head back to Kodi main menu > Open Add-ons menu.
  5. Now click on the box icon (Add-on browser) from the top left corner.
  6. Select Install from Zip File option from the list > Scroll and select “No Limits”.
  7. Click > Wait for the notification to appear.
  8. Go to the Add-ons menu > Click on Program Add-ons and click on No Limits Wizard.


Kodi No limits Magic Build Download

If you want to save your time and effort, then you can follow this direct downloading procedure for installing this build:

  1. Download the No Limits Build Zip File.
  2. Click on Add-ons > Click the box icon.
  3. Install from Zip File option > Browse and open the downloaded Zip File > Wait for the notification.
  4. Add-ons menu > Program Add-ons menu.


Kodi No Limits Magic Build Alternatives

Every Build has pre-installed add-ons and it is not necessary that you like all the add-ons that it has. Therefore, if you feel the need of installing any other build than No Limits Magic Build, then here are a few suggestions:

  1. Wookie Build
  2. Durex
  3. SpinzTV Fury Build
  4. Schism TV
  5. Hyper TT Fire Stick Edition
  6. Fire TV Guru Build
  7. Dominus Build
  8. Nymeria Build
  9. BK Links Build
  10. 4K Build

All of these Kodi builds are known as top Kodi builds and they are worth a shot!


Kodi No Limits Magic Build Reviews

No Limits Magic Build has been highly praised by Kodi users all over the world. Due to its seamless speed and its amazing interface, no criticism has been seen regarding it either in Twitter or on Reddit.

no limits magic build errors/issues/not working

Mr. Mario seems to be loving the No Limits Magic build and his tweet is a proof of it. I love the way he has ended his tweet calling it smooth in a cheeky way. Shows how much he loves it!

no limits magic build

This fellow took it a Reddit thread to give his feedback regarding Kodi No Limits and he praised it. He has even recommended other to give it a chance!



How to use No Limits Magic build

Simply go the Add-ons menu by clicking on the Add-ons tab from the main menu. Once you are in the Add-ons menu, go to Program Add-ons and select No Limits Magic Wizard. Over there you will see a list of various No Limits builds, choose the one that suits your need. The build will be downloaded and you will be able to access it easily.

Is No Limits build down

No, Kodi No Limits is not down!

The news that surfaced on the social media platforms was false. It was actually this source link of No Limits build that went down: ‘’.

Kodi No Limits Magic Build is still active with the repository sources that are mentioned in the beginning if this guide.

No Limits Magic vs No Limits FireStick lite

There is no major difference between the two builds. No Limits FireStick Lite was made specifically for users who want to use No Limits build on Kodi. Kodi No Limits FireStick Lite is smaller and has less add-ons than Kodi No Limits Build.



Kodi No Limits Magic Build is an amazing Kodi build that provides all of the best Kodi add-ons within the palm of your hand and allows you to save plenty of effort. However, many users still believe that it is better to install the add-ons one by one rather than installing a build. The reason behind is the excess add-on that comes with build which many users do not like to have.

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15 Responses to How to Install Kodi No Limits Magic Build on Leia, Krypton And Jarvis Version

  1. Dean Savage says:

    Hi, I have just updated my fire stick , kodi 18 rc5, but it hasn’t upgraded the skin, it’s stuck on estuary, how can I get the other skin back?

    • Sher says:

      Having the same issue…

  2. Kisha says:

    having issues downloading no limits firestick lite keeps guving me an error message, tried the first 2 servers now on 3rd one hopefully third time is the charm and it works, getting frustrated.

    • admin says:

      Hi Kisha,
      Can you please be a bit specific? I’m unable to understand whether the issue is with the downloading or with your device connectivity.
      Have you tried re-installing Kodi and then the No limits wizard on it?
      I have checked the source link for downloading and its working just fine. Make sure your device is working properly and connected to a stable internet connection.

      • Wolfred says:

        I have same issue, my kodi version just got updated today and removed No Limits, when trying to downloading from any servers I keep receiving an error indicating the version could not be satisfied.
        Any advice?

        • admin says:

          Hello Wolfred,
          I have looked into this matter and I found out that many people are facing this issue. Seems like No limits devs have locked downloading or the servers are down. Lets wait and see when this issue get resolved.
          I’ll update the blog as soon as this problem is fixed. Till then, stay tight.

  3. tom Blewitt says:

    I have the same problem. I add the source without a problem and the no limits wizard appears in the add ons. When I start the download I then get a message that the dependency can’t be satisfied or the URL can’t be recognised and I should check the log. I do that but can’t understand the log anyway. I can download Maverick but would prefer no limits which I have used for the last three years.

    • admin says:

      Hi Tom
      The servers are down, due to which you are facing these issues. The developer has not posted any updates regarding it yet. We’ll update you as soon as we find a fix for this problem.

  4. Paul says:

    I just loaded No Limits Magic build to my Kodi v.18.. Everything is working well, however, I have directions to add a subtitles add on. The problem is that I can’t get No Limits Magic to go back to the Estuary screen so I can install the add on. I do NOT want to get rid of the No Limits Magic skin. I just need a temporarily go to Estuary.

    • admin says:

      Hi Paul,
      To get back to Estuary skin, you will have to uninstall the No limits build/skin. This issue has been faced by many users and unlike other skins, switching between skins with No limits is not so successful.

  5. Josh says:

    Hi, same problem as Tom, dependency can’t be satisfied, any solutions on this yet?

    • admin says:

      Hello Josh,
      As I mentioned earlier, the servers of No Limits are down right now, due to which you might be facing dependency errors.

  6. Ken Russell says:

    Installed many times on sony bravia and get error cannot install add on from zip file. All typing correct so it’s not that

  7. Jason jay says:

    Just installed no limits and nothing is working

    • admin says:

      Hi Jason,
      Its a build and you will need a VPN to access its geo-restricted services. Secondly, try clearing your cache and trying again.

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