Kodi fans still using older versions of the famed Open Source media center due to Krypton v.17’s many redundancies, will be saddened to know that updating to the final release of the latest version just became a necessity.

As more and more websites move to HTTPS (something versions below Kodi v.17 Krypton don’t support) users must upgrade to the newest version to enjoy the same high speed HD video streaming experience. The good thing is that Krypton has now completed its testing phases and is now available with full support from the huge Kodi community.

Upgrading to the latest version of Kodi is quite simple and straight forward, since the best kodi wizards does everything on your behalf. To update from older versions to the new Kodi Krypton media center, here is what to do:

  1. Go to kodi.tv
  2. Scroll down and go to the downloads section
  3. Choose your desired Operating System and download the Kodi Krypton installer
  4. Launch the installation file
  5. Follow the Wizard
  6. It will first remove the older version of Kodi then upgrade to the latest Krypton version


Those of you hooked on the amazing media streaming app will have noticed that many of the HD streaming links have stopped working on Kodi Jarvis & below. Kodi Add-on developers TVAddons.ag has already established that in case streaming links or add-ons are not working on older versions, it is not necessarily an issue with the add-on itself but the version of Kodi you are using.

In the near future, all Kodi streaming sources will move on to the safer HTTPS protocol and hence render links in Jarvis & older versions unplayable. After upgrading to Krypton v.17 I can conclusively say that all links that I was experiencing errors with including those in SportsDevil, ZemTV, MetalKettle and others are working absolutely fine.

Kodi Krypton is powered by the new GUI, beautiful Estuary Skin, more streaming sources, gaming joystick control, improved video deliver and much more you can read about on the official Kodi Krypton wiki. Update today and continue streaming your favorite movies, TV shows, and music on Kodi in HD.