Kickass Torrents – 7 Best KAT Mirror and Proxy Sites (100% Working)

Kickass Torrents also known as KAT was once renowned as the biggest and most visited torrent site. Having earned a great reputation online, Kickass Torrents movies categories was the most preferred category by users worldwide.

Other than that, a great rise in Kickass Torrents music download was seen as it had magnet links to some of the latest and most popular music albums of some mainstream artists. Kickass had over 8 million torrent files for users; imagine the variety users had access to.

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Kickass free download variety helped it to establish a strong online community and a global fan base. Authorities noticed this popularity and soon problems started to grow for Kickass torrents and many Kickass torrents proxy sites started popping online.


  1. What is KAT/Kickass Torrents?
  2. Is Kickass Torrents Down Right Now?
  3. KAT/Kickass Torrents Proxy and Mirror/Similar to Sites Working List (Updated 2018)
  4. Is KAT Torrents Safe?
  5. Most Downloaded Movies in This Week of December 2018
  6. Kickass Torrent Browser Overview


What is KAT/Kickass Torrents?

KAT was the abbreviated form of Kickass Torrent. You will find people using the word KAT on many forums rather than Kickass Torrents because this acronym got famous.

KAT featured millions of downloads for Movies, Music, TV shows, Software, Adult Content and so much more. Kickass Torrents started operating online in the year 2008 and in just a sort time span of 6 years; it became the most visited torrent site.

This boost in site’s traffic made it a bigger torrent site than the infamous The Piratebay, which was the industry leader back then. However, this accomplishment for KAT brought many problems along with it.

Kickass torrents started facing issues within the starting 3 years of its launch, when US Dept. of Justice took down the official domain and the KAT team had to migrate the site to a Philippines domain. Anticipating the future circumstances, KAT made it a practice of migrating the domain to a new kickass torrents site after every 6 months.

However, the year 2013 and 2014 turned out be heavy for Kickass Torrents as during these two years they had to face the following:

  1. Blocked by ISPs n UK on order of the High Court of London.
  2. Removed from Googles listings upon the request of Motion Pictures Association of America.
  3. Were blocked by ISPs in Belgium.
  4. Irish ISPs started blocking the site throughout the Ireland region.
  5. Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission got KAT blocked in Malaysia because of copyright infringement issues.

Nevertheless, things did not stop there as issues kept growing year after year, getting blocked and defamed. In the year 2015, fake Kickass torrent sites were found by Google which were later confirmed malwares.

One of the biggest blow for KAT came in the ending of the year 2015, when Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox restricted the access to Kickass Torrents.

The US Government brought down Kickass Torrent site in 2016 and this shut down was followed by closing of the KAT proxy servers by the KAT team itself.

The kickass Torrents staff remained invisible for 4 months after the shut down and after 4 months, they reappeared and rebuilt the KAT community.

All of these vicissitudes made KAT both notorious and famous at the same time!

Another shocking thing that happened was the arrest of the owner of Kickass torrents; Artem Vaulin. He was arrested in Poland after FBI cross-referenced some IP addresses from his online shopping details. Multiple charges were placed on the 30-year old Ukrainian.

His bail was turned down by Polish court in November 2016. Since them, he has been in jail.


Is Kickass Torrents Down Right Now?

Kickass Torrents is still kicking it hard with its original domain “” but the site might not be accessible in some regions due to ISP restrictions.

Here is the proof to debunk the that Kickass torrents down myth:

Is kickass Torrents Down Right Now?


KAT/Kickass Torrents Proxy and Mirror/Similar to Sites Working List (Updated 2018)

Mirror sites are the replicas of the official torrent sites and when it comes to torrent sites, there are always numerous mirror sites because they are profitable due to the large number of potential visitor acquisition.

Here are a few of Kickass torrents mirrors:

Site Type Status Mirror Online Mirror Online Mirror Online Mirror Online Mirror Online Mirror Online Mirror Online Mirror Online Mirror Online

There are more than 50 kickass torrent proxy and mirror sites available online but not all of them are online and even if many are, they do not have good server speed and are not safe to browse. This is why I have listed the top 7 mirror sites that can be accessed.


Is Kickass Torrents Safe?

A lot of malware handling site allegations has been put upon Kickass torrents. I have taken a safety test to validate this through

Is kickass Torrents Safe?

The results show that the site is safe to browse, as there are no malware found on the page. There might have been malicious content on KAT site in the past but it seems to be all right now.


Most Downloaded Movies in This Week of December 2018

We provide data for most popular movie based upon number of downloads over the week. The following top 10 movies chart is updated weekly to provide updated stats with IMDB rating and trailer of the top 2 movies.

10 Most Pirated Movies For The Week 27th December 2018


IMDB Rating

Top Most Downloaded 
Johnny English Strikes Again 6.4  

johnny english

Watch Trailer

Aquaman 7.7
First Man 7.6
Venom 7.0
A Simple Favor 7.0  


Watch Trailer

Halloween 6.9
Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle 6.8
Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald 6.9
The Predator 5.6
Night School 5.5


Kickass Torrent Browser Overview

The Kickass Torrents browser has a tradition bit-torrent interface, having a small search bar right in the header and all the latest torrent links lined up front. Users can easily search for any type of torrent they want to download.

kickass torrents browser overview

KAT community forum is available on the right hand of the page. This allows movie download lovers to get to know more about available latest torrents.


Kickass Torrent Alternates

Kickass Torrents is currently online and working but you can never be certain as to when the site might go offline. The torrenting industry is quite unpredictable and Kickass Torrents is itself vulnerable due to its past issues. Therefore, in case the site goes down or you are unable to access the site, try these Kickass Torrents replacement:

  1. Yify Torrents
  2. Limetorrents
  3. Extratorrents
  4. 1337x
  5. SevenTorrents

However, one thing to keep in mind is your online security while using Kickass torrents alternative sites. These sites might be gateways for spying eyes and that is why I recommend you to use the best VPN for torrenting. A VPN will help you have kickass torrents unblocked by bypassing geo-restrictions, so that you can access kickass download menu.



Kickass torrents has had one hell of a roller coaster ride throughout its time but at  the end of the day it is still alive and users are still accessing it, which really is a commendable thing. Kickass torrents has earned great reputation amongst the torrent users and it has enjoyed profits in millions but the authorities had something against this charade and this caused the turbulence for them.

Millions of users used to download movies online from KAT. Even after its shut down, users tried to access it through KAT proxy sites. However, KAT proxy sites are not that fast and that is why they fail to provide quality torrenting experience.

Anyhow, such things are common in this industry and there is always a lesson to learn in every instance.

Numerous Kickass torrents alternative sites are available and I have mentioned them already above.


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